UPDATED BATANES TRAVEL GUIDE: "How To Plan A Trip To Batanes" (Budget, Itinerary, How to Get There, Where to Stay, Expenses, Where to Eat and More!)

Batanes Travel Guide

The Budget Travel Guide to BATANES, Philippines

Planning my Batanes trip is one of the hardest I had so far. I planned it 3 months in advance by reading blogs and asking friends who've been there. Working on a set budget, it wasn't easy to decide whether to get a packaged tour or exploring it in "do-it-yourself (DIY)" way, where to stay, what to eat and outlining the itinerary. So, I'm sharing to you some information I gathered before and during the trip. Hope this will guide you on your Batanes trip soon!

Basco Airport Terminal


How To Get To Batanes?

Philippine Airlines, Air Swift, and Skyjet Airlines fly directly to Basco, Batanes from Manila and vice versa. Airfare ranges from 8,000 to 12,000 pesos (as of January 2016) round trip. There are also small airlines (Sky Pasada and North Sky) that fly to Basco from Tuguegarao. You may check their website for the fares and schedules.

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View from Alapad in Uyugan

Airfare would take the big chunk on your budget. Be sure to plan ahead and take advantage of Batanes seat sale from airline companies. I was able to buy a promo round trip ticket from Philippine Airlines (PAL Express) last February 2013 which I used to fly to Batanes on May 2013. Getting cheap flights saved me a lot on budget.

If you're wondering if you can get to Batanes by land or ship, the answer is no. You can only get there by plane from Manila or Tuguegarao.

Batanes Philippines
San Carlos Borromeo Church in Mahatao, a "National Cultural Treasure"

When is the Best Time to Visit Batanes?

I've been to Batanes in May 2013, January 2014, December 2014 and April 2016. For me, any time of the year is a good time to visit Batanes. Summer in Batanes (March-June) is a good time to visit Batanes since there are minimal rains and it's sunny in Batanes most of the time. But if you wish to experience winter in Batanes, you may schedule your trip from December to February when the weather in Batanes is very cold.

Best Batanes Itinerary

Since our booked ticket is only for 4 whole days in Batanes, our planned itinerary is composed of a 3-day tour covering Batan North (1st day), Sabtang Island (2nd day) and Batan South (3rd day). The 4th day is a free day where we just roamed around Basco. If you wish to visit Itbayat Island, I suggest that you add another 2 days on your itinerary to spend at least a night in the island.

Batan and Sabtang Islands - at least 4 days
Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat Islands - at least 7 days

Batanes Philippines
Honesty Coffee Shop in Ivana

Batanes Tourist Spots and Attractions

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Places to Visit, Tourist Spots and Attractions in Basco (North Batan Tour)

  1. Tukon Church
  2. Basco PAGASA Weather Station
  3. Fundacion Pacita
  4. Basco Idjang
  5. Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel
  6. Valugan Boulder Beach
  7. Vayang Rolling Hills
  8. Naidi Hills, Basco Lighthouse and Bunker's Cafe
  9. Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral

Places to Visit, Tourist Spots and Attractions in Sabtang Island

  1. Sabtang Church
  2. Savidug Village
  3. St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel and Old Beaterio
  4. Chamantad Cove and Tinyan Viewpoint
  5. Chavayan Village
  6. Sabtang Weavers Association
  7. Chavayan Chapel
  8. Morong Beach, Mayahaw Arch and Nakabuang Cave
  9. Sabtang Lighthouse

Places to Visit, Tourist Spots and Attractions in Mahatao, Uyugan and Ivana (South Batan Tour)

  1. Mahatao Idjang and Boat Shelter Port
  2. Mahatao Church (San Carlos Borromeo Church)
  3. Maywang A Libro Du Vatan (Batanes Blank Book Archive)
  4. Spanish Lighthouse
  5. Old Beaterio
  6. Mahatao Town
  7. Mahatao Wind Turbines
  8. Tayid (Mahatao) Lighthouse
  9. Diura Fishing Village
  10. Racuh a Payaman (Marlboro Country)
  11. Imnajbu Village, Uyugan
  12. San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel in Imnajbu
  13. LORAN Station
  14. Alapad Hill and Rock Formations
  15. Old House in Uyugan Town
  16. Song-Song Ruins
  17. Honesty Coffee Shop
  18. Ivana Church (San Jose de Obrero Church)
  19. House of Dakay
  20. Old Spanish Bridge
  21. White Beach
  22. Chawa View Deck

GUIDE TO BATANES: Affordable Tour Packages (Highly Recommended!)

For our trip, since we were only 2, we opted to join a group for us not to miss any tourist spot. We contacted a local tour guide Ryan Cardona (Contact Numbers: 0998-9885898 (Smart) / 0915-8034582 (Globe) / 0919-2795963) and asked if he can accommodate us to join his group tour on our travel dates. Fortunately, he has a group tour and he let us join his tour.

Batanes Philippines
Rakuh a Payaman (Marlboro Country) in Mahatao

He quoted us a packaged 3-day tour for 4,000 pesos each (Rate as of May 2013, check updated rates below). It includes tours in Batan (North and South) and Sabtang islands, 3 lunches, permits/fees, van/jeep, guide, land transfers, boat ride (Batan to Sabtang and vice versa) and water while on tours. It is important that you get an accredited tourist guide that will not just show you the tourist spots but will also share information about the place. That way, you don't just enjoy the sights but also learn as the tour goes by.

DAY 1: Batan North (Requires at least 5 hours)
DAY 2: Sabtang Island (Requires at least 1 full day)
DAY 3: Batan South (Requires at least 8 hours)

If you wish to visit Itbayat Island, here's How to Get to Itbayat from Basco and to Basco from Itbayat by Boat and by Plane.

Batan North and Batan South tours should be on 2 separate days. If you get a packaged tour with both tours in just one day, it would be a compressed tour wherein you won't be able to visit some of the tourist spots.

Batanes Philippines
With Ryan, our tour guide

Where To Get Best Affordable Batanes Tour Packages for 2017?

To date, I've been to Batanes 4 times. And all of those trips, I always get the service of Mr. Ryan Cardona of BISUMI Tours and Services in Basco, Batanes. Ryan and his tour services team is my most-trusted and highly-recommended Batanes tour guide. No wonder, his team is also the most recommended of almost all the top travel bloggers and travelers who have visited Batanes. READ MORE HERE: Best Affordable Batanes Tour Packages for 2017

For your hassle-free Batanes Tour Packages, please contact my highly recommended guide in Batanes:


  • Contact Numbers: 0998-9885898 (Smart) / 0915-8034582 (Globe) / 0919-2795963
  • Email Address: ryan.batanes@gmail.com
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/bisumitours
  • Instagram: @batanestravelguide / @bisumitours

DIY BATANES: Visiting Batanes On A Budget

While eating in a restaurant in Basco, I had a chance to talk to a freelance tour guide. He gave me the following DIY Rates (please note that these rates are as of May 2013). This could be your guide if you plan to tour on DIY:

Tricycle Rental (Batan) - 200/hour, maximum of 2 persons per tricycle
Van Rental (Batan) - 250/hour
Tricycle Rental (Sabtang) - 800 pesos/day
Tricycle Rental (Basco-Ivana Port-Basco) - 600 pesos/2-way
Van Rental (Basco-Ivana Port-Basco) - 1,200 pesos/2-way
Guide Fee (Batan North) - 500 pesos/group
Guide Fee (Batan South) - 1,000 pesos/group
Guide Fee (Sabtang) - 1,000 pesos/group
Pre-ordered Lunch (Sabtang) - 350/head
Pre-ordered Lunch(Batan South) - 350/head

Batanes Philippines
Vayang Rolling Hills in Basco


YES, Batanes can be explored on DIY (Do-It-Yourself). BUT it's BETTER to hire a local guide. WHY? Because it's a way of helping the community by giving jobs to the locals.

With a local guide, you don't just see Batanes, but also experience their culture. You also LEARN from the stories shared by the local guides. Those are the insights you don't read on BLOGS.

Always, remember that traveling is NOT just being there and seeing the place.

Traveling is LEARNING, not just sightseeing.

Here's a sample computation if we had it DIY:

Tricycle Rental (5 hours @ 200/hour)
Guide Fee
Lunch (2 persons @ 250 each)

2-way Tricycle Transfer (Basco-Ivana Port)
Environmental Fee (200 each)
2-way Boat Fare (2 persons @ 75 each/way)
Tricycle Rental (1 day)
Guide Fee
Lunch ( 2 persons @ 350 each)

Tricycle Rental (8 hours)
Guide Fee
Lunch (2 persons @ 350 each)


NOTE: Rates are correct as of May 2013. They are subject to change without prior notice. Thank you.

How to Travel Cheaply in Batanes?

It's really up to you whether you get a packaged tour or explore Batanes on a "Do-it-yourself" way - whatever suits your needs and preferences. Please note that you could get cheaper rates if you travel on a bigger group. For me, since we're just a group of 2, joining a packaged tour is our best option.

Where To Get Affordable Batanes Tour Packages

For your hassle-free Batanes Tour Package needs, you may contact:

BISUMI Tours and Services

  • Contact Numbers: 0919-2795963 (Smart) / 0915-8034582 (Globe)
  • Email Address: ryan.batanes@gmail.com
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/bisumitours
  • Instagram: @bisumitours

Batanes Philippines
Ivatan House in Savidug Barrio in Sabtang

Budget Accommodation / Hotels In Batanes

There are several hotels, lodges, inns and home-stay facilities in Basco. Rates start at 1,200 pesos per night. Lodges and inns range from 200 to 600 pesos per night. We stayed at Marfel's Lodge (0908-8931475), a home-stay facility near the airport. An air-conditioned room costs 1,000 pesos per night good for 3 persons. We got it for 700 pesos per night for a fan room. Update: As of May 20, 2013, WIFI is now available at the home stay.

For the full review on Marfel's Lodge, click here.

For your Affordable Batanes accommodation needs, please contact:

Marfel's Lodge [ BOOK HERE! ]

  • Address: Reyes Street Kayvaluganan, 3900 Basco, Batanes
  • Contact Number: 0908-8931475
  • Email Address: marfellodge@gmail.com
  • Facebook: Marfel's Lodge
  • Instagram: @marfel_lodge

Batanes Philippines
Ivatan Platter from Pension Ivatan Restaurant in Basco

Restaurants in Batanes

The best part of staying in a home stay facility is that they have a kitchen where you could cook your meals. That could save you on your budget instead of dining in the restaurants during breakfast and dinner. But I still suggest dining at the restaurants such as Bunker's Cafe and Pension Ivatan for you to have a taste of different Ivatan dishes. In Basco, meals cost around 200-300 pesos.

Where To Eat in Batanes

During tours, meals are pre-ordered; especially in Sabtang and Batan South. If you're on DIY, you have to coordinate this with your guide before the tour. If you're on a packaged tour, this should be already included in the tour package.

Batanes Philippines
Chawa View Deck in Mahatao

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I hope this will help you plan your next ultimate adventure in Batanes! Dios Mamajes! (Thank You!)

Complete Batanes Travel GuideWhere to Eat in Batanes

North Batan TourSouth Batan Tour

Sabtang Island TourItbayat Island Tour

Where to Stay in BatanesWhat to Buy in Batanes

"All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them." ~Walt Disney

More photos on Pinoy AdvenTurista's Facebook Page, click here.

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment below if you have questions.

NOTE: Some rates are correct as of May 2013. They are subject to change without prior notice. Thank you.


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Hedgerows are those reeds planted in between private fields. you can see them while you are in the airplane or in radar tukon or in mahatao...

ramon jerry cabalce said...

I am from batanes... the hedgerows are located in mahatao hills, they are reeds planted in between the fields to serve as wind control and erosion control and as boundary. you can see the hedgerows while you are in the airplane landing or in high places like tukon or in mahatao

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Ryan Cardona said...

Batanes hedgerows,

- we call it "liveng" in our language,you can see/visit this in Batan island, in Basco and from southern part of Mahatao, traditionally this comprises of trees such as "vutalao" and reeds or "viawu" that are planted to separate farms that serves as windbreaks,property demarcation, erosion control mechanism and perhaps a habitat corridors. While in Itbayat, pile of stones/corals are being use as markers. These hedges are part of the sustainable agriculture system of the Province.


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Salamat sa post mo! I did what you suggested. I went to the Philippine Travel Mart to avail of flight discounts and was able to book my flight to Batanes for P6,000 roundtrip. I've contacted my preferred accommodation and booked with them too. I've recently contacted your tour guide Ryan regarding the 3-day day tours. Here's hoping that he also gives me a great price! I'll be traveling in February 2014, I gave myself plenty of time to plan this!

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Hi guys! Marc here.. I'll be visiting Batanes on the last week of January 2014. I got my roundtrip airfare all-in for less than 2k via promo fare. Anyone out there who might have booked on the same period? Tara! Kita kits sa Batanes! Godbless and more power to Pinoy Adventurista!

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We'll try to stay longer.. and opt for DIY trip.

Budget na lang ang kulang. haha.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have the contact detail for the DIY Tour? Iisang tao lang ba yung tryke driver at freelance tour guide?

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have the contact detail for the DIY Tour? Iisang tao lang ba yung tryke driver at freelance tour guide?

Anonymous said...

kelan nagsale yung PAL?

Unknown said...

Hi! anyone travelling to Batanes on March 16-20? can we explore the place and make our trip cheaper? Tara na!!!

Unknown said...

Hi! Anyone going to Batanes on March 16-20? Can we explore the place together and make our trip cheaper? Thanks!

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Wonderful views, thanks for sharing. Very helpful.

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nice place ang batanes, sarap balikan ,,, a place for photo enthusiast....

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Ariel Montero Catindig said...

Thanks for the tips. God bless

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levie paa jr. said...

less than 2k? roundtrip? swerte mo naman dre. kelan nagsale ung PAL?

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The Van Rental at 250/hr can you send me their contact number, please =) --joy

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Travel on June 4-8!

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Anonymous said...

Will be there 15-17march..

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I Plan to visit Batanes on October 2015, I might go there alone,
Any advice for a wonderful solo trip?

Anonymous said...

Since ABS-CBN has been going around featuring and giving some sort of award to people whom they have found to be of impeccable honesty (I guess as a promo for their teleserye "Honesto") no one deserves it more than the owners of the honesty cafes and stores found on the Batanes islands, probably even the entire province and its people. What d'yall think?

Batanes Travel Guide said...

We are looking forward to your visit here in Batanes! ... Yes, it is expensive to go to Batanes, make sure you get the most of your vacation by having a reputable travel guide.

Anonymous said...

Booked my ticket for batanes via pal express for only 1450 roundtrip this coming october 2014,hopefully maganda ang weather doon pagpumunta ako.

cheena said...
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hi! ano po advisable na first day ng tour? on a weekday, say Friday? or Saturday? we need to arrange our work sched din kc. thanks

Pinoy Adventurista said...

Any day po would be fine.. but iwould avoid weekends para less ang tourists...enjoy Batanes...

cheena said...

booked flight falls from Saturday to Tuesday. fingers crossed sana less lang tourist ng schedule namin. thank you.

cheena said...

thank you, sir! :)

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Hi! I just want to ask how much did U pay for your roundtrip fare, sale ba or regular promo fare? Upon checking, only flypal has flights from Manila which cost P12k plus RT(April).

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Hello, i just to ask when did u go, i mean mga what month poh kau nag punta? Planning to visit batanes one time pero not sure sa weather eh. Any tip? Thanks!

Flash Drive said...

One of my dream destination. But this dream is seems to be elusive *atm hahaha.. how I wish one day I could visit this place with my loved ones.. ;)

Flash Drive said...

One of my dream destination. But this dream seems to be elusive for now..hahah How I wish someday some time I could visit this place with my loved ones.. :)))

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This is a very helpful post. Thank you! We're going to Batanes in July and we're taking the same tour.

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are there frequent flight cancellation during december?
are there typhoon during this month?

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This is the most comprehensive Batanes blog post ever. It's unbelievable. Galing mo Mervs! Bookmarked already as i'm reserving the province for a very special trip.

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Hi! Nice blog! Andito na lahat ng hinahanap ko :) Sir, kung pupunta ako ng Batanes for 5days (5th day return flight to MNL), possible ba na makapunta sa Itbayat Island?

Anonymous said...

Hi, great blog. May I ask who to contact for DIY? Thanks!

Ryan Cardona said...

5d4n with Itbayat Island Tour? possible! but you have to compressed either your Batan or Sabtang ISland Tours :) need help for organized tours? contact BISUMI Tour and Services :)

Gel said...

Hi po..I would like to ask regarding the over all expenses sa mga nakapunta na po doon?

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going on May 25. booked my flight already. looking forward to join in an open group tour. see you batanes!

Pia Raimonda Maranan said...

Hi. Great blog post. However, I'd like to point out that most of the Basco-based tour operators don't pay anything to the communities in Sabtang which is, you'll agree, quite unfair. So please go the extra mile and ask the tour guides how the communities are benefitting ('we bring potential customers' is not enough!), and as always, be respectful and responsible guests, everyone. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi. What's the best month to visit Batanes?
Btw, nice blog. Very helpful.

Beb A said...

wow!this is the place that I wanted to visit soon! Thanks for sharing. galeng galeng mo po :)

Anonymous said...

Operating na ba ang Boat from Currimao Port Ilocos Norte to Batanes?

Ruby Miranda said...

Your blog is a very big help for people who love to travel! Like you, I and my family love to see places, and reading your blogs make us prepare a better plans from what to bring up to the expenses allowance prior to our tours! We will be in Batanes this June. I'll follow your itinerary Ruby Miranda

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