ROMBLON BUDGET TRAVEL GUIDE 2019: DIY Itinerary, Things To Do, Hotels and Resorts, Budget, Expenses and More!)

NEW UPDATED Budget Travel Guide Romblon
Romblon Budget Travel Guide

Located in MIMAROPA Region, the Province of Romblon is composed of 3 main islands - namely Tablas, Sibuyan and Romblon Islands. Known for its marble industry, the island of Romblon is where the capital town (also named "Romblon") of the province is located. In this Romblon Budget Travel Guide, I will guide you on how to plan your trip by providing information on how to get there, where to stay (Hotels and Resorts), DIY itinerary, things to do, where to eat, budget, expenses, and more.

Romblon Island Travel Guide 2019 for First-Timers

How to get to Romblon
Aboard Montenegro Shipping Lines

How to get to Romblon?

The province of Romblon is a group of several islands located south of mainland Luzon and can be accessed by air from Manila or by RORO from Batangas City Port. You'll have to spend ample amount of time or visit it several times for you to really experience what the province has to offer. Knowing how to get there and how to save on travel time is very important.

How to Get to Romblon from Manila?

Below is a detailed travel guide on how to get to Romblon island from Metro Manila.

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Hotels and Beach Resorts in Romblon
San Pedro Beach Resort

Hotels and Resorts in Romblon Island

Romblon, as the capital town of the province of Romblon has several affordable and budget-friendly hotels, guest/pension houses and inns for you to stay in. If you wish to explore and have a tour around Romblon island, the town is the most convenient and strategic place to stay.

For tourists and travelers whether for business or leisure travels, there are many hotels, inns, hostels, pension houses in Romblon that will fit your specific needs and budget requirements. So if you're looking for hotels and resorts in Romblon, check out these accommodation options that I've personally tried during my trip in Romblon.

Where to Stay in Romblon?

For the full review and room rates of the above hotels and resorts in Romblon, visit ROMBLON ACCOMMODATIONS: Cheap Lodges, Rooms, Homestay, Pension Houses, Hotels and Resorts

[ Click here to SEARCH for other Hotels & Resorts in Romblon ]

Romblon Tourist Spots and Attractions

Things to Do in Romblon

There are many things to do in Romblon that every traveler will surely enjoy. Touring Romblon Island, you'll need about 3 days to visit and fully enjoy most of the tourist spots and attractions on the island. If you want to visit Romblon one of these days, here are the Top 10 Things to Do in Romblon.

  1. Visit the Romblon Cathedral
  2. Chill and relax at the harbor
  3. Visit Romblon Provincial Capitol Building
  4. Eat Siopao from Boknoy's Bakeshop
  5. Hike Fort San Andres
  6. See how Marbles are processed at the Marble Factories
  7. Food Trip
  8. Check out the old houses around town
  9. Visit the lovely beaches of Romblon Island
  10. Shop for Souvenirs and Pasalubong

For more information and details on "Things to do in Romblon," visit TOP PICKS: 10 THINGS TO DO IN ROMBLON (Tourist Spots, Attractions and Things To Do and Experience).

Top Best Things to do in Romblon

Romblon DIY Itinerary

Below is our 5-days / 4 nights DIY Itinerary.

11:00 AM- Travel by bus from Manila to Batangas City Port
01:00 PM - Arrive in Batangas City Port, buy tickets, check-in
04:00 PM - Boarding, take the RORO
05:00 PM - Travel from Batangas City to Romblon via Montenegro Shipping Lines

06:00 AM - Arrive in Romblon, Check-in at Parc Bay Mansion
07:00 AM - Breakfast
09:00 AM - Explore the town
12:00 NN - Lunch
03:00 NN - Explore the Harbor
05:00 PM - Watch the Sunset
07:00 PM - Dinner
09:00 PM - Sleep

08:00 AM - Breakfast
10:00 AM - Prepare for check-out
11:00 AM - Check-out and rent a tricycle to Talipasak Beach
12:00 NN - Travel to Talipasak Beach
01:00 PM - Check-in at San Pedro Beach Resort
03:00 PM - Swimming, explore Talipasak Beach
05:00 PM - Watch the Sunset
07:00 PM - Dinner at San Pedro Beach Resort
10:00 PM - Sleep

08:00 AM - Breakfast at San Pedro Beach Resort
09:00 AM - Swimming, Beach Bumming, Sun Bathing
11:00 AM - Prepare for check-out
12:00 NN - Check-out, Lunch at San Pedro Beach Resort
01:00 PM - Travel back to to Romblon town proper
02:00 PM - Arrive in Romblon town proper
02:30 PM - Check-in at Romblon Plaza Hotel
03:00 PM - Explore Romblon town proper
07:00 PM - Dinner
09:00 PM - Sleep

08:00 AM - Breakfast
09:00 AM - Go to the Pasalubong Center and buy some souvenirs
10:00 AM - Prepare for check-out
11:00 AM - Lunch
12:00 NN - Check-out from Romblon Plaza Hotel
12:30 PM - Travel to Tiamban Beach
01:00 PM - Arrive at Tiamban Beach
01:30 PM - Explore the Beaches of Romblon Island (Tiamban, Margies, Bonbon)
06:00 PM - Travel back to Romblon town proper
07:00 PM - Dinner
09:00 PM - Take the RORO, travel back to Batangas City via 2GO

06:00 AM - Arrive at Batangas City Port

Where to Eat must try restaurants in Romblon

Where to Eat in Romblon

Eat to your heart's content and worry about your diet after. During the 4 days we spent in Romblon, we've tried almost all the restaurants in town. Here are some of the restaurants you shouldn't miss:
  • Jd&G - Italian food and real Italian Pizza
  • Island Bistro - Filipino and international dishes
  • Romblon Deli - International dishes and Pizza
  • Restaurant Fuji - Japanese and Korean dishes
  • Pineapple Hill Cuisine - Filipino comfort food and desserts

To know more about these Restaurants in Romblon, visit WHERE TO EAT: 5 Must-try Restaurants in Romblon Island.

How to get to Romblon
Sunset along Batangas Bay on our way to Romblon

Budget and Expenses

130 - Bus fare (Manila to Batangas City Port)
1,000 - RORO Fare from Batangas to Romblon per person (Economy)
30 - Terminal fee/person (Batangas City Port)

1,200 - Accommodation at Parc Bay Mansion for 2 persons (1 night)
60 - Breakfast
700 - Lunch at Jd&G Italian Restaurant (2 pax)
350 - Dinner at Islands Bistro (2 pax)

500 - Breakfast at Romblon Deli (2 pax)
500 - Lunch at Restaurant Fuji (2 pax)
200 - Tricycle Rental to San Pedro Resort (2 pax)
800 - Accommodation at San Pedro Resort for 2 persons (1 night)
200 - Dinner at San Pedro Resort per person

150 - Breakfast at San Pedro Resort per person
200 - Lunch at at San Pedro Resort per person
500 - Tricycle Rental for 2 persons (San Pedro Resort to town proper and tour around town)
50 - Snacks (Siopao at Boknoy's Bakeshop)
1,300 - Accommodation at Romblon Plaza for 2 persons (1 night)
420 - Dinner at Pineapple Hill (2 pax)

500 - Breakfast at Jd&G Italian Restaurant (2 pax)
100 - Lunch per person (Karinderia)
100 - Tricycle from town to Tiamban Beach (2 persons)
40 - Entrance fee in Tiamban Beach
50 - Table Rental at Tiamban Beach
100 - Tricycle Tiamban Beach to town (2 persons)
300 - Dinner at Pineapple Hill (2 pax)
30 - Terminal fee at Romblon Port
1,000 - RORO Fare Romblon to Batangas per person (Economy)

This budget and expenses can be adjusted depending on how many are you in the group. Rates and prices are as of February 2016.

Romblon Tourist Spots and Attractions

Tour Guide in Romblon, Romblon

  • Touring around Romblon, I suggest that you rent a tricycle. For your tricycle needs, you may contact Kuya Toto at 0918-525-0035 (Smart) or 0917-4827917 (Globe). He's a very nice tricycle driver. Please give my regards to him! :)

  • Our trip to Romblon Island happened in February 2016.
  • All rates and prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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Have fun and enjoy Romblon, Island!

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