TRAVEL GUIDE : Catbalogan, Samar - Things To Do, Itinerary, How To Get There, Accommodations, Getting Around, Expenses and Contact Details


Calbayog City Tour
Visit the different interesting sites in the city. You can go to Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary grotto located on the shores of Malajog Beach, then proceed to Mondejares Beach Resort in Brgy. Saljag, St. Joseph the Worker Parish in Brgy. San Policarpo known for its "veneration of saints", then to the St. Vincent de Paul Seminary at Dagum Hills. Go to the city center and visit Samar's biggest church, the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral and visit the tourism office at the Handumanan Building. To read more, click here.

Catbalogan City Tour
There are several interesting things to see in Catbalogan City. It includes the Samar Provincial Capitol building, the public market, Centro Shopping Center, the Obelisk, the old Samar justice building, St. Bartholomew Church and Pieta Park. You can also go to the town of Paranas and have a relaxing swim at Kinabut-an Spring. To read more, click here.

Beach bumming at Marabut Extreme Experience Resort
Travel to the town of Marabut. This coastal town is known for its clusters of minute jagged limestone islets that are visible from the coastline. Proceed to Marabut Extreme Experience Resort, located in a cove facing San Pedro Bay. Enjoy kayaking and beach bumming in this not so well-known resort and have a great time basking on semi-white sand beach, away from the noise of a crowded resort. To read more, click here.

Swim and Dine at Caluwayan Palm Island Beach Resort
Considered as one of the best vacation spots in Samar, the resort offers breathtaking views of several towering rock formations and islets. Just like the Marabut Extreme Experience, it also lies on a cove facing San Pedro Bay along the shoreline of Brgy. Caluwayan. Enjoy the different amenities it offers such as Bistro Bar, Bistro Bar Lounge, Grill House, Beach Cottage, Boat Rental and a Shower House. You may also opt to stay here for a night with their several accommodation options. To read more, click here.

Side trip to Balangiga, Eastern Samar
Refresh Philippine history with a visit to this small town in Eastern Samar. The town of Balangiga is known as the site where Balangiga Massacre took place in 1901 during the Philippine-American War. As a revenge following the massacre, the three church bells of Balangiga Church were taken away by the US soldiers. The church bell is significant as it signaled the surprised attack. To date, two of the church bells are in Wyoming, USA while the other one is in the US military base in South Korea. To read more, click here.


06:00 AM - Departure (Manila - Calbayog)
07:00 AM - Arrival at Calbayog City
07:30 AM - Breakfast at Ice Plant Restaurant
08:30 AM - Tour around Calbayog City
11:00 NN - Lunch
12:00 PM - Travel to Catbalogan City
01:00 PM - Arrival at Catbalogan City / Check-in
02:00 PM - Catbalogan City Tour and Swim at Kinabut-an Spring
07:00 PM - Back at the hostel / Dinner
09:00 PM - Gimik Night
11:00 PM - Sleep

04:00 AM - Wake-up / prepare
05:00 AM - Travel to Tacloban City
07:00 AM - Arrive at Tacloban City, take a bus or van to Guiuan
09:00 AM - Arrive at Balangiga Town / Explore
10:30 AM - Take a van to Marabut
11:30 AM - Arrive at Marabut Extreme Experience Resort / Beach bumming
01:00 PM - Proceed to Caluwayan Palm Island Beach Resort
01:30 PM - Arrive, Lunch / Swimming / Relax
06:00 PM - Proceed to Tacloban City
07:30 PM - Arrive at Tacloban City / Check-in
08:30 PM - Dinner
09:30 PM - Experience night life at Tacloban City
12:00 MN - Sleep

04:00 AM - Wake-up / prepare
04:30 AM - Proceed to the Airport
05:00 AM - Arrive at the airport
06:00 AM - ETD for Manila

Note: This is my itinerary for my 3D/2N trip in Samar Province.

This is just the tip of the ice berg. There are still a lot of things to do and places to explore in Samar. Waterfalls, beaches, caves, hot springs and more. Indeed, Samar is a gem of Eastern Visayas!


How to get to Balangiga
Take a Guiuan-bound van from Tacloban City and get off at Balangiga town proper. Fare is 140 pesos and travel time is about 3 hours.

How to get to Marabut Extreme Experience Resort
From Tacloban City, take a van going to Guiuan. Just tell the driver to drop you at Marabut Extreme Experience Resort or Marabut Marine Park. Travel time is about 1 hour, fare is around 120 pesos.

How to get to Caluwayan Palm Island Beach Resort
From Tacloban City, you can take a van/bus bound for Marabut, travel time is about an hour. Just tell the driver to drop you at the gate of the resort as it is just along the hi-way.


Caluwayan Palm Island Beach Resort
Address: Brgy. Caluwayan, Marabut, Samar
Telephone Number: (6355) 276-5206
Website: www.caluwayanresort.com

Rooms and Rates (as published)

Peak Season
(January 13-March 14, June 1-September 30, November 10-December 14)

Open Cottage - Php 1,600
Beach Villa - Php 5,200
Beach Villa Suite - Php 5,900

Off-Peak Season
(December 15-January 12, March 15-May 31, October 1-November 9)

Open Cottage - Php 1,300
Beach Villa - Php 4,200 with breakfast for 2 pax
Beach Villa Suite - Php 4,800 with breakfast for 2 pax

Visit their website www.caluwayanresort.com for more details.

Marabut Extreme Experience
Address: Brgy. OsmeΓ±a, Marabut Samar
Contact Number: (53) 325-6000 / (53) 325-5585
FB Page: click here.

Rooms and Rates
Entrance Fee: PHP 25 / head
Day-tour Cottages: PHP 350
Accommodations: Overnight Stay is at PHP 2,635 for a room good for 4 persons. Extra bed is at PHP 300 per person.


The most common mode of transportation in going around Samar is the public vans (Grand Tours, Van-vans and DupTours). Terminals are located in the city or town proper. Alternatively, you could take the buses. There are buses that ply the different routes in Samar, Eastern Samar and Tacloban City, Leyte.



For more travel information, please contact:

Address: Handumanan Building, Calabayog City
Telephone Number: (055) 209-1776 or (055) 209-4041

Regional Office No. 8
Adress: Rm 204 & 205 F. Mendoza Building
141 Sto. Nino Street, Tacloban City

Contact Numbers: (053) 321 2048 / 523 0295

This is part of my trip to Samar and Eastern Samar that happened last October 14-16, 2011. Samar and Eastern Samar are the 41st and 42nd provinces on my list and it also marks my completion of setting foot on all the provinces in Eastern Visayas (Region 8). Join me as I discover some of the beautiful sights of Samar and Eastern Samar as well as the people I've met as I continue my journey through the provinces of the Philippines!
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  1. Hi Mervs,

    Nice itinerary pero parang kulang. Di mo sinama ang Guiuan. It's a VERY HISTORIC and BEAUTIFUL place. Research about it. ;)


  2. Okay, I must admit this is better. ^_^

    I got confused with where to set a starting point in Samar after I read your last two post.

    Thanks for such as detailed info.

  3. @Joel - that's why this is just a "SAMAR Travel Guide"... I've never been to Guiuan kaya hindi cya kasama dito... Nag side trip lang ako sa Balangiga... I'll create an Eastern Samar Travel Guide pag nakapunta na ako dun... Thanks!

  4. @Glen - thanks for appreciating... hope it would help you when to plan a visit to Samar.. ^_^

    1. I wish I could. ^_^

      I'll be having my first vacation from work on October 2012. I'm looking forward to visiting Palawan and I've had downloaded quite a handful of reviews from other Pinoy Travel Bloggers.

      Do you happen to have posts about Palawan? Thanks. ^_^

  5. @Glen - wo! great choice! I've only been to Coron... Check this out --- http://www.pinoyadventurista.com/search/label/Palawan

  6. Cool! When in Eastern Samar, do visit the lowly but beautiful town of Sulat (lots of old houses lined up, para ka lang nasa Vigan), the surprisingly vibrant city of Borongan, and Calicoan Island in Guiuan: nice beaches, good diving site. I hope very soon maging operational na ang commercial flights to Guiuan because they have a nice charter airport which used to be a classified airport by the US during the war. And of course the gem that is Guiuan Church...the most beautiful church I've seen in Visayas. :)

  7. I really appreciate this post.It is very informative. :D

  8. ganda po ng mga pics, anyways ask ko lang kung magkano aabutin ang fare mula manila at kung ano ang marecommend mo na means of travel from manila. maraming salamat.


  9. Your ITs are very helpful talaga. As always. :D

  10. Very detailed Mervz. Yung walang idea kung saan at paano pumunta ay makakarating talaga. Been to Samar several times pero work related. This will help me pag tourism na ang punta ko hehe

  11. @belladonna - thanks a lot po... cheers!!! ^_^

    @Lagalag - Salamat... i would still recommend a direct flight from Manila to Calbayog or Tacloban then from there, travel by land... pwede din naman mag bus ka from Manila if you have time to spare... ^_^

  12. @Elal - Thanks a lot... hope it could help you plan your next trip! ^_^

    @Aleah - salamat po... ay ganun? sana nga next time magkaroon ka na ng time for some R&R... nice din kc ang beaches sa Samar especially sa Marabut... :)

  13. Ikaw na talaga ang itinerary expert Mervs!
    this is very detailed! :)

  14. I haven't been to Samar but I will bookmark this page and use it as reference pag nagka chance ako pumunta. Very informative and useful post!

  15. hi mervz! patrick of DOT8 here.. thanks sa mga blogs mo.. we never got to meet nung nandito ka.. anyway Dir. Tiopes would like to extend her thanks for continuously blogging about Region8. we do hope we could meet up soon.

  16. @Simurg - ahehehe! thanks Francis!

    @lakwatsero - salamat po.. visit Samar po... it's a nice place and has a lot of thing and places to explore...

  17. @Patrick - salamat patrick... salamat din sa lahat ng help.. please give my regards to Fir Tiopes... till next time po... see you soon! :)

  18. Nice opener for the province of Samar... See Guian as well, Calicoan Island is a hidden paradise there. I've never been there but base from the magazines it is a worthy to discover that hidden of Eastern Samar.

  19. I am from Borongan but I am ashamed to admit na di ko pa nalibot ang lalawigan na aking pinagmulan. Magagamit ko itong itinerary kung sakaling makauwi ako ngayong taon. :)

  20. hi Pinoy Adventurista,

    Just asking where did you stay in tacloban city? we'll be in taht city by sun, feb 12, 2012. thanks!

  21. Just booked a flight here for october! balak ko sana mag biri kaso sabi maalon daw sa ganung panahon? hanap ako ng backup dito sa blog mo mervz :)

    1. nice daw ang Biri... di pa rin ako nakakapunta dun eh... hehehe! enjoy and have fun in Samar! :)

  22. Hi Pinoy Adventurista! My family is from Samar (Western Samar) and I've spent all the summers of my youth visiting this enchanted province. I know how to speak Waray and really, Samar is the home of my soul. But I'm ashamed to say that I haven't even visited some of the destinations in your post. While I've been to Northern Samar and Samar, I haven't even set foot on Eastern Samar (that's my goal for 2013!) Biri is an awesome place--went there August 2011 and it's simply awe-inspiring :) Thank you for your posts, which simply make me homesick. Must visit the hometown soon :)

  23. Im from Samar too and been around these sites as well. Tourism is slowly popping now in the province thanks to some individuals leading the way like the pioneers of extreme caving. Samar has also some notable falls to be proud of.

    Usually when I take friends to tour Samar, I suggest to start from Northern Samar (there's a direct flight from Manila to Catarman) and visit Biri from there. Then the same route as this. Although I haven't been around much in Eastern Samar, it's on the check list with Calicoan Island in Guiuan on top.

  24. HI Pinoy Adventurista!

    I just wanna ask, how much is the fee if you'll get a local tour guide 'round Eastern Samar?

    1. naku, di po ako sure kung how much, di ko pa kasi na-try... madali lang po mag ikot sa samar, maganda po ang transportation system nila dyan, so i think di na kailangan ng guide... :)


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