TRAVEL GUIDE: Roxas City and Panay Capiz - Things To Do, Itinerary, How To Get There, Accommodations, Where to Eat, Getting Around, Expenses & Contact Details

This is a travel guide that will help you plan a quick visit to Roxas City and Panay, Capiz. It provides basic information on the things to do, must-see tourist spots and attractions, where to stay, transportation, how to get there, suggested itinerary, estimated budget and contact details that will guide you through your trip. Enjoy Capiz' interesting sights and culture and experience the warm of the Capiznons! Truly, Captivating Capiz!


Savor Roxas City's Fresh Seafoods at Baybay Beach
Baybay beach is where you could dine and eat fresh seafoods from the restaurants by the beach. I was overwhelmed by the wide array of fresh seafoods in front of me. There were Diwal (Angel’s wing), Talaba (Oysters), Scallops, Tahong, Blue Marlin and many others. The beach is very rugged and has fine gray sand. While, the People's Park provides a very nice view of the beach and the nearby island of Mantalinga. It would be best to visit it during sunset as you could just watch the sun simply disappear in the horizon while the sky turns into multitude of colors. To read more, click here.

Visit Panay Church and Hug the Biggest Catholic Church Bell in Asia
Considered as one of the oldest towns in the Philippines, the town of Panay takes pride as the first capital of the province of Capiz, during the early Spanish regime. It is also well-known for its 16th century church, the Sta. Monica Parish. It has a 5-storey belfry which houses a gigantic bell that is considered as the "Biggest Catholic Church Bell in Asia". Locally called as "dakung lingganay" (big bell), this colossal bell whose sound can be heard within 8 kilometer radius measures at 5 feet in height, 7 feet in diameter and weighs 10,400 kilograms. To read more, click here.

Stroll around Roxas City and visit the Cathedral, Provincial Capitol Building and Plaza
I was able to tour Roxas City a bit more after visiting the Church of Panay. I asked the driver to bring me to the city center to see how the things are going there and to check some interesting sites that the city offers. He parked his tricycle in front of the cathedral and pointed to me the things that might interest me. I requested him to just wait for me there as I roam around. To read more, click here.


08:00 AM - ETD (Manila - Roxas City)
09:00 AM - ETA in Roxas City
09:30 AM - Depart for Baybay Beach and People's Park
09:45 AM - Arrive at Baybay Beach
10:00 AM - Explore the Baybay Beach and People's Park
11:00 PM - Lunch
12:00 NN - Depart for Pan-ay to visit Sta. Monica Church
12:30 PM - Arrive in Pan-ay, take photos
01:00 PM - Explore the Church, Museum and Bell tower
02:30 PM - Depart for Roxas City
03:00 PM - Visit the Cathedral, Provincial Capitol and Park
04:00 PM - Depart for your next destination (on my part, it was Kalibo)

Note: This is my suggested itinerary for a quick visit to Roxas City and Panay, Capiz. If you have more time, you may also visit the Birthplace of Manuel Roxas, Moro Towers, Olutayan Island, Quipot Cave, Napti Island, Buntod Beach, Pilar Cave, Tucad Reef , Suhot Cave, Mantalinga Island and many other natural, historical and man-made attractions in Capiz.


I had a tricycle tour around Roxas City and Panay Church. The driver charged me 150 pesos for the whole tour, which is quite cheap compared to what others were asking. The tour includes transportation to and from Panay, back to Roxas City and to Van Terminal bound for Kalibo. Total tour spent is about 4 hours. Unfortunately, the driver doesn't have a contact number during that time, I won't be able to give you his contact information.


How to get to Baybay Beach
From Roxas City airport, take a tricycle to Baybay Beach. It is around 5 minutes away and fare is just 10 pesos. Note: Do not take a tricycle inside the airport, it's very expensive. You could just walk a few meters outside the airport and take a tricycle that passes by.

How to get to Sta. Monica Church (Panay, Capiz)
Located just 8 kilometers southeast of Roxas City, Pan-ay is a 15-20 minute ride via a tricycle or a jeepney. Tricycle rental to Pan-ay and back to Roxas City is around 150 pesos.


Where to Stay in Roxas City?



*These are my expenses during the trip.


For more travel information, please contact:
Capiz Provincial Capitol Roxas City, Capiz 5800 Philippines
Telephone Nos.: (036) 621-0042 local 102 / 207

Roxas City Tourism Office
Email: roxas.city@yahoo.com
Telephone No.: (036) 6210-500

This is part of my quick visit to Roxas City and Panay, Capiz that happened last February 8, 2012. Capiz is the 50th province on my list and this visit happend on day 1 of my "5-day Panay Island adventure". Join me as I enjoy fresh seafood, the city of Roxas and the biggest catholic church bell in Asia.
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  1. Nice reco... I'd like to visit someday. Thanks for all the info and oh boy that bell is really huge! I also love that quintessential trike you've shown and the color is not that common I guess. I've seen almost all in red, yellow and more brighter ones.

  2. Love it!
    There's more pah, though for now.
    You've got Roxas City in the bag. Gujab!

    1. yeah... sana pagbalik ko makapag explore pa ako... thanks Francis! :)

  3. Good job, bai!

    I'd like to one day get lost in these places that you've been to!


  4. yun, P10 lang pala tricycle fare. first visit ko kasi dito hatid sundo from the airport. hehe balik ako dito for my bday, soon! tnx sa info!

    1. heheh... sa mga tourism officers ko nalaman na 10 pesos lang...basta sa labas ng airport ka kukuha ng tricycle,,, :)

  5. Replies
    1. sobrang laki talaga... natakot nga ako nung pumasok ako sa loob ng bell eh... hahaha!

  6. Very helpful guide! Will use this as my reference... Thanks for sharing!

  7. where can we buy cheap dried fish, marami daw doon.

    1. try nyo po sa market nila... di kc ako bumili eh pa-Boracay kc ako... thanks! :)

    2. Bro may tatanong sana ako

  8. Mervs, andito kami ngayon sa Baybay, Roxas City. Galing kami Islas de Gigantes. medyo na dismaya kami kasi wala na masyado seafoods dito sa Baybay, nagiba na yung ibang ihaw2x restaurants doon. sobrang mahal din yung prices nila, P180 isang pirasong alimango. P120 for 10 pieces of scallops. medyo okay yung talaba P35 pesos per serving at yung buko nila refreshing. but we didn't go to Roxas just for talaba and buko, kasi akala namin seafoods capital tong place na to. Sa Gaisano mall naman, walang kahit anong seafoods sa food court. Well, anyway, we visited your travel blog again to check on other places to go in Roxas city. Mabisita nga yung biggest bell na yan. Thanks!

  9. Hey bro,
    Bro tnong ko lng bukod sa bora ano pa pwede puntahan na malapit sa roxas? Kung bora naman gaano kalayo pa bro? Salamat! -oweng

  10. Bro may tatanong pa sana ako..

  11. i m in roxas now visiting fiance's family. such a nice place. would like to retire here after many many years. favorite place is seafood dinner at baybay beach :)


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