TOP PICKS: 10 of my Favorite Instagram-Worthy Spots in Manila (Tourist Spots & Attractions)

 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Manila Philippines

Looking for the top tourist spots and attractions in Manila, Philippines?

The City of Manila is such a charming city. Historical sites, old churches and houses, and awesome food finds; these are just some of the reasons why I love Manila. For tourists, foodies, and adventure-seekers, the City of Manila is a great place to explore. Be it a day tour, or a few days of vacation, there are a wide array of things to do, places to see, and activities to enjoy in Manila.

 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Manila Philippines

In this digital age, where almost everything needs to be snapped and posted on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, finding "Instagram-worthy" spots in Manila is not a hard task. With this, let me share to you some of my favorite IG-worthy spots in the City of Manila.


10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Manila

Best Places to go visit in Manila 2017

1. Fort Santiago, Intramuros

Fort Santiago is a 16th century military defense fortress which gives an interesting insight into one of the most important chapters in Manila's history. It is also where Rizal shrine is located; which exhibits some memorabilia related to the life and works of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. As a place where Rizal was imprisoned, his final steps from his prison cell to the fatal firing squad site in Luneta Park were immortalized with golden footprints seen inside the Fort.

Walls of this Content: An Intramuros Interactive Walk

Get to know the long and dynamic history of Manila with this 2.5-hour tour of Intramuros, commonly known as "the walled city." Fillled with well-preserved relics of the past, with some dating all the way from its founding in 1571, it's the best place to learn about the country's experiences during and after foreign occupation.


 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Manila Philippines

2. National Museum of the Philippines

For the history and art lovers, the National Museum of the Philippines is a must-visit in Manila. It houses some of the most precious art pieces of National Artists, as well as some artifacts of Philippine history. Not to be missed when visiting the National Museum is the "Spoliarium" by by Filipino painter Juan Luna which was submitted by Luna to the 1884 Exposición Nacional de Bellas Artes in Madrid, Spain, where it garnered the first gold medal. You can find it at the museum's ground floor, and it is the first work of art that greets visitors upon entry into the museum.

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3. Manila Cathedral

Also known as the Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, the Manila Cathedral serves both as the Prime Basilica of the Philippines and highest seat of the Archbishop in the country.

The Top Tourist Spots in Manila 2017

4. Rizal Park (Luneta)

Also known as “Luneta,” Rizal Park is a national monument where the memorial monument of Philippine's National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal can be found. In front of the monument is the Philippine Flag pole, one of the tallest in the country. Several gardens, monuments, and a Planetarium can also be found inside the huge park complex. Be sure to drop by at Luneta Park when visiting Manila.

Old Manila - Heritage Full Day Tour

Catch a glimpse of the rich Philippine history on a full day tour to Manila’s heritage sites. Visit historical landmarks such as the Rizal Park, the National Museum, and Intramuros. Experience dining in Filipino-Spanish colonial era-style at Bistro Remedios in Malate.


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5. San Agustin Church

This is a must-visit when visiting the walled city of Intramuros. San Agustin Church is one of the "Four Baroque Churches in the Philippines" inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in 1993 and considered as one of the oldest stone churches in the Philippines. Built in 1589, it is the only church inside Intramuros that survived the Second World War.

 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Manila Philippines

6. Plaza San Luis

Located at the cobble-stoned street of General Luna, Plaza San Luis is a complex composed of five replica houses representing different eras of Filipino-Spanish architecture. The plaza is consists of Casa Blanca, Casa Urdaneta, Los Hidalgos, El Hogar Filipino, and Casa Manila. Entering the complex, you will feel like you were transported back to the Spanish colonial times. Inside the complex you'll also find restaurants, souvenir shops, White Knight Hotel Intramuros, a museum, cafe and event venues.

 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Manila Philippines

7. Chinatown, Binondo Manila

Known as the "World's Oldest Chinatown," Binondo in Manila is host to some historical sites, temples, as well as a great place for an awesome gastronomic adventure. For me, the best time to visit Chinatown is during Chinese New Year, that's when the community becomes livelier with all the festivities happening around.

The Big Binondo Food Wok

Eat your way around the most intimate alleys of Binondo, Manila's historic Chinatown. Learn all about the history of the area from your specialist foodie guide as you feast on specialty treats. Try mouth-watering local neighborhood dishes like lumpiao, siopao, pancit, champoy, and more! Get to know the people of the local Tsinoy community as you explore the area with your group. Bring home some souvenirs from a local store that specializes in tasty Chinese delicacies.


Instgram Worthy Spots in Manila Philippines

8. Paco Park and Cemetery

A cemetery may not be a usual destination among tourists, but Park Park and Cemetery is not just a cemetery but a must-visit historical site. Paco Park was once Manila’s municipal cemetery during the Spanish colonial period. Most of the wealthy families during that time interred the remains of their loved ones here. Tough it was originally planned as a municipal cemetery for the well-off and established upper-class Spanish families who resided in the old Manila, it was also used to bury victims of a cholera epidemic that swept across the city during that time. Now, it is a popular wedding venue, and also hosts to some events.

Instgram Worthy Spots in Manila Philippines

9 Escolta Street, Manila

Escolta is a historic street located in the old downtown district of Binondo in Manila. The street is home to several old buildings that reminds us the grandeur of old Manila.

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10. Manila Baywalk

Located along Roxas Boulevard, across Raja Sulayman Park, the Manila Baywalk is a long stretch of boardwalk along Manila Bay where you could catch the famous Manila Bay sunset. This is a good spot to rest, and end your tour of Manila.

Aside from these, Manila also offers an array of hotels, shopping malls, bars and restaurants, zoo, and oceanarium, among many others. It's also a good and convenient place to stay if you're planning to visit popular day tour destinations such as Tagaytay, Laguna, and Corregidor Island.

Whether it's your first time, or just re-visiting Manila, I hope this post will serve as your guide in exploring the vibrant City of Manila.


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