SORSOGON TRAVEL GUIDE: Things To Do, Itinerary, How To Get There, Accommodations, Getting Around, Expenses and Contact Details

Sorsogon is the southernmost province in the island of Luzon and a huge eco-tourism destination in the Bicol Region. It offers a wide array of activities, must-visit tourist spots and destinations from whale shark watching, to swimming in the beaches and hot springs, to climbing mountains, visiting old church and houses and more. Indeed, Sorsogon has a lot to offer!


Visit the Old Barcelona Church and Ruins
Visit the 1874 church built by a Spanish friar from the Franciscan order. It is perhaps the most well-preserved church in the entire province and was constructed with slabs of stones taken from the sea and were put together using egg whites mixed with lime and tuba (coconut wine). Though it already gone through some restorations, the original walls including the bell tower are still relatively intact. To read more, click here.

Top Load on a Jeepney from Bulusan Town to Bulusan Volcano Natural Park
After visiting the old church and ruins in Barcelona, continue your journey southwards to the town of Bulusan. You can try top loading a jeepney to reach the Bulusan Volcano Natural Park. The experience is quite exciting! Just watch out for the branches that would occasionally and surprisingly sweep your face. Hahaha! But, one thing's for sure, it is painful in the butt. Wahahaha!!! To read more, click here.

Kayaking at Bulusan Volcano Natural Park
This park is a great place to relax after hiking Mt. Bulusan. An ideal kayaking site while enjoying the dense gathering of trees and lush tropical plants surrounding the area. Experience rich and well-preserved nature as you walk through the concrete trail. Enjoy the lush vegetation and green forests teeming with life and bio-diversity. Add to that the splendid view of the Bulusan Volcano, the mountains, the cold weather, and the stillness of the lake. To read more, click here.

Have a Rejuvenating Swim at Irosin's Hot Springs
Irosin is an entry and exit point to Bulusan Volcano National Park. This town is known for its hot springs as it sits at the base of one of the most active volcanoes in the country, Mt. Bulusan. The naturally heated water at the hot spring resorts in Irosin will certainly relax your muscles from all the stress. It is highly recommend when visiting Sorsogon to reward yourself with a great relaxation getaway by visiting Irosin's hot springs!To read more, click here.

Stopover at Juban's Old Houses
Travel back in time as you stop by the town of Juban and see old houses lined up the national hi-way. The houses here are grand. They are the usual bahay na bato where the gound floor is made of concrete while the second floor are made of wood. The houses still have its huge sliding windows made of capiz shells and carved wooden balustrades. To read more, click here.

DIY Walking Tour around Sorsogon City
Take a walking tour around the capital city of Sorsogon and visit the Provincial Capitol Complex, the Sorsogon Baywalk, the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral and the Centro Shopping Mall. Enjoy a day of strolling around and interact with the locals. This is a great way to appreciate how it is to live in a provincial city. To read more, click here.


01:00 PM - Departure (Manila - Legaspi City)
02:00 PM - Arrival at Legaspi City
02:30 PM - Take a van bound for Sorsogon City
04:30 PM - Arrival at Sorsogon City
05:00 PM - Check-in at a Hostel
06:00 PM - Dinner
07:30 PM - Stroll around the city
09:00 PM - Sleep

05:00 AM - Wake-up / prepare
05:30 AM - Travel to Gubat, Sorsogon
06:00 AM - Arrive at Gubat, take a jeepney to Barcelona
06:30 AM - Visit the old Barcelona Church and Ruins
07:00 AM - Take a jeepney to Bulusan
07:45 AM - Arrive at Bulusan Town, Breakfast, then take a jeepney to Irosin
09:00 AM - Arrive at Bulusan Volcano Natural Park, Explore / Kayak
10:30 AM - Depart for Irosin
11:00 AM - Arrive at Irosin Market, Lunch
11:30 AM - Depart for San Benon Hot Springs
12:00 NN - Arrive at San Benon Hot Springs
12:30 PM - Swim at Mateo Hot Spings
02:00 PM - Swim at Natural Hot Spings Resort
03:00 PM - Depart for Juban
03:30 PM - Arrive at Juban, see the old houses
04:00 PM - Depart for Sorsogon City
04:45 PM - Arrive at Sorsogon City, visit other tourist spots
05:00 PM - Back at the hostel, freshen up
06:00 PM - Dinner
07:00 PM - Enjoy night life at Sorsogon City
09:00 PM - Sleep

06:00 AM - Wake-up / prepare
07:00 AM - Start DIY City tour / visit other tourist spots
09:00 AM - End DIY City Tour, Breakfast
10:00 AM - Back at the hostel, prepare for departure
12:00 NN - Check out
01:00 PM - Depart for Legaspi City
03:00 PM - Drop by Daraga Church
03:30 PM - Depart for Legaspi City Airport
04:00 PM - Arrive at the airport
05:00 PM - Depart for Manila

Note: This is my itinerary for my 3D/2N trip in Sorsogon with a side trip to Daraga Church in Albay.

These are just a few of the many things to do and see in Sorsogon. For more destinations and tourist spots in Sorsogon, visit www.sorsogontourism.com


How to get to Sorsogon City from Legaspi City
At the central terminal in Save More Legaspi City, there are public vans that ply the Legaspi-Sorsogon route. Fare is 90 pesos and travel time is about 2 hours.

How to get to Barcelona Church
From Sorsogon City, take a jeepney bound for Gubat. Travel time is about 45 minutes, fare is 10 pesos. From there, you must take a jeepney to Barcelona. Travel time is about 15 minutes and fare is 8 pesos.

How to get to Bulusan Volcano Natural Park
From Sorsogon City, take a jeepney bound for Gubat. Travel time is 30-45 minutes, fare is around 10 pesos. From there, you should take a Bulusan-bound jeepney and get off at Bulusan public market. Travel time is about 30 minutes, fare is around 25 pesos. Ask around as to where the terminal for jeepneys bound for Irosin are,these jeepneys passes by the entarce to the Park. Travel time is about 30 minutes and fare is 12 pesos. From the high-way, you can either walk or take a tricycle to the park. You may call Mark at 0930-6881918 for your tricyle service needs.

How to get to Irosin Hot Springs
From Sorsogon City, take a jeepney bound for Irosin and alight at the town proper. Travel time is about 45 minutes. From there, hire a tricycle to Brgy. San Benon and tell the driver to bring you to San Mateo Hot and Cold Spring or to Natural Hot Spring Resort. Travel time is about 20-25 minutes, fare is 50 pesos.

How to get to Juban
From Sorsogon City, take a jeepney bound for Juban or Irosin. You can find the old houses lined up as you enter the town proper. Travel time is about 20-30 minutes, fare is around 20 pesos.



Mercedes Country Lodge
Address: V.L. Peralta Street corner Rizal Street
Barangay Talisay, Sorsogon City

Telephone Number: (6356) 211 5560
Website: www.mercedes-country-lodge.com

Rooms and Rates (as published)

Superior Room with aircon, tv and ensuite toilet and bath - PhP 800
Deluxe Room with aircon, tv and ensuite toilet and bath - PhP 650
Standard Room with electric fan, tv and ensuite toilet and bath - PhP 550
Budget Room with electric fan and common toilet and bath - PhP 400
Extra mattress in the room - PhP 100
Child or baby sharing parents' bed is free.
Group rate can be negotiated.


*20% discount during the low season months of March, June and December.


The most common mode of transportation in going around Sorsogon are the jeepneys. Terminals are located in the city or town proper.



For more travel information, please contact:

Sorsogon Provincial Tourism Council
c/o Fernando’s Hotel
N. Pareja Street, Bitan-o,
West District, Sorsogon City, Sorsogon 4700

Telephone Nos.: +63 56 211 1573 or +63 56 211 1357
E-mail Address: chairsptc@gmail.com

This is part of my solo adventure in Sorsogon that happened last October 21-23, 2011. Sorsogon is the 43rd province on my list. It's my 12th solo trip and marks my 4th time to set foot on Bicol Region (Region 5). Join me as I discover the different sights I saw, places I've conquered and activities I did in this southernmost province of Luzon.
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  1. now that's how to do it. great detail Mervs. for sure this will help those planning to go to sorsogon. the first photo shows one of the best perspective of sorsogon's mountain range.

  2. we went to sorsogon just because we saw Paguriran Island in a travel channel. no itinerary at all. sayang, sana ngayon lang kami pumunta doon after your visit para meron kaming itinerary.

    it was also not butanding season kaya di na rin kami nakapunta sa donsol.

    1. too bad, i wasn't able to go to Paguriran, kulang na sa oras eh... :)

  3. eto yung nagkasabay tayo sa flight papunta at pauwi no? amazing!
    next time gora tayo sa donsol! :D

    1. yup! yup! naku, di pa ako pwede, medyu fully booked na ko eh... hehehe! next butanding season na lang... :) Thanks Chyng! :)

  4. eto ang itinerary..wala ng hahanapin pa complete na complete na yn...hehehe...d bale plano pa nmn ng mga Xplorerboyz..bumalik ng sorsogon eh, cyempre ksama ulit namin un trike mobile namin...^_^

    1. nice! sarap nga bumalik to explore more... thanks Brian! :)

  5. I'm really challenge in making a post about itinerary!!!
    But you've become an expert to it.
    I'll look up your post for itineraries from now on! :)

    1. di naman expert.. based lang din yan sa experience ko... hehehe! thanks Francis for those kind words... hehehe! :)

  6. very detailed! astig ung itinerary! kulang nlng pumunta n!

    1. Punta na Ichan! hehehe! thanks po! :) enjoy Sorsogon! :)

  7. Wow! I need now to visit Sorsogon. With detailed itinerary and expenses that really help me in my planning to go adventure again. hehehe...

    1. go go go! punta na! i know you'll enjoy it! thanks Billygar!

  8. Great tips for going to sorsogon. Thanks for sharing us !

  9. thanks for sharing your Sorsogon experience :)

  10. I'm going to Sorsogon this week and I'm so excited. Juban looks so interesting.


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