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Tagaytay City in Cavite is the perfect place for leisure activities such as picnic, horseback riding, sightseeing and just to hangout. It is a favorite go-to place among tourists and weekenders searching for a quick whiff of refreshing air. Just a 2-hour drive from Manila or 2-3 hours by commute or public transportation, Tagaytay is a relaxing and safe haven where one can relax, unwind and be one with nature. You can find many places and do many things in Tagaytay City, as well as find a wide array of hotels and resorts with pool for a quick weekend Tagaytay getaway. To fully enjoy its cool and breezy climate, here's a list of some of Tagaytay City's tourist spots, attractions and things to do and experience.


Top 10 Things To Do in Tagaytay City

What to do in Tagaytay Picnic Grove

1. Picnic, Zipline and Horseback Riding at Tagaytay Picnic Grove

This is one of the most popular and most visited recreational areas in Tagaytay. It has open-air cottages perfect for that picnic getaway with your family or just to hangout with friends while enjoying Tagaytay's amazing view and cool weather. It also offers a lot of activities such as zipline, cable ride, horseback riding and eco trail. Souvenir shops are available for those who want to bring home some of Tagaytay's famous food treats and souvenir items.

Top things to do in Tagaytay Picnic Grove

  • Entrance Fee: PHP 50.00 per person
  • Parking Fees:
    • PHP 35.00 Pesos (Cars/Vans)
    • PHP 50.00 Pesos (Jeepneys)
    • PHP 100.00 Pesos (Buses)
  • Zipline prices:
    • PHP 200.00 (one-way zip ride) during weekdays
    • PHP 300.00 (one-way zip ride) on weekends and holidays
    • Additional PHP 100.00 for 2-way zip ride
  • Horseback Riding: PHP 150.00 - 200.00 per hour
  • Huts and Picnic Sheds: PHP 100.00 - 500.00

Top things to do in Tagaytay Tierra de Maria

2. Go on a Spiritual Journey

Tagaytay is also a favorite place for those seeking for some quiet time and for a spiritual journey. You may visit some of Tagaytay's churches, chapels and seminary houses where you could have time to meditate and commune with nature and with our creator. A visit to these religious places will certainly strengthen your faith, feel refreshed and reward yourself with a relieving and renewed spirit.

Activities to do in Tagaytay Sjy Eye Sky Ranch

3. Have Fun at Sky Ranch Theme Park

This is one of the top attractions in Tagaytay City. This 5-hectare theme park just beside Taal Vista Hotel and across Casino Filipino has a Ferris wheel, carousel, super viking ride and other rides that the kids will surely enjoy. The main attraction at Sky Ranch is the "Sky Eye", a ferris wheel standing at 207 feet tall and dubbed as "the tallest Ferris wheel in the Philippines". The ride which costs 150 pesos offers majestic views of Taal Lake and its surrounding ridges.

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  • Entrance Fee - PHP 50.00
  • Sky Eye - PHP 150.00
  • Super Viking - PHP 100.00
  • Nessi Coaster - PHP 50.00
  • Carousel - PHP 50.00
  • Red Baron - PHP 50.00
  • Wonder Flight - PHP 50.00
  • Mini-Viking - PHP 50.00
  • Express Train - PHP 50.00

How to get there: Just ride a Nasugbu or Alfonso-bound jeepney and ask the driver to drop you at Sky Ranch. Fare is 8 pesos from the jeepney terminal and travel time is about 10 minutes.

What to do in Tagaytay Bulalo Food Trip

4. Go on a Food Trip

Aside from Tagaytay's tourist spots and attractions, it is a food haven, with its many restaurants, cafes and farms offering a wide array of food options. When it comes to food, Tagaytay offers a lot of dining places that will surely stimulate your taste buds.

Check out my post on "Where and What to Eat in Tagaytay City" for my recommended dining places and pasalubong stores in Tagaytay.

Top things to do in Tagaytay Taal Volcano Best View

5. Marvel at the Beauty of Taal Volcano

One's visit to Tagaytay is never complete without catching a glimpse of Taal Volcano. Since Tagaytay City is located on a mountain ridge, it is a good place to have a spectacular view of Taal Volcano, as well as of the Taal Lake. Taal Volcano is best seen while enjoying a sumptuous meal from the restaurants in Tagaytay lined up the ridge along Aguinaldo Hi-way.

You can also get closer to Taal Volcano by climbing its crater lake. Visit these links below for my posts on how we conquered Taal Volcano and for some climbing tips and reminders.

6. Have a Good Cup of Coffee

The cold weather of Tagaytay makes it a perfect spot to have a good cup of coffee while savoring the breathtaking view of Taal Lake and Volcano. Aside from the famous Starbucks Coffee, another popular coffee shop in Tagaytay located along the ridge is Bag of Beans. You can find it along the national highway. The one we tried is the one in "Charito's By Bag of Beans" which affords a stunning view of the Taal Volcano. Have their famous house blend coffee or the Kapeng Barako ng Batangas while munching on their famous pancakes. What else could be better than that?

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. ❤️ #TheLakeHotelTagaytay #Tagaytay #Cavite @thelakehoteltagaytay

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7. Trek to Taal Volcano

Tagaytay is a popular jump-off point if you want to trek the crater lake of Taal Volcano. There are many boat operators and tour agencies in Tagaytay City offering a tour of Taal Volcano. If you want to Do-it-yourself (DIY) Itinerary, just drive along Ligaya Drive and go all the way to the town of Talisay, Batangas where you could find boats that will bring you the the Volcano Island.

Photo from Klook.com



Trek through the stunning landscapes of the Philippines to the world’s smallest active volcano - Taal Volcano which is also the second most active volcano in the Philippines with 33 documented eruptions. The adventure starts bright and early in the morning as you meet up with your tour group in Manila before heading to Batangas, where you'll hop on a boat to the island volcano.

To know more on how to get closer to Taal Volcano by climbing its crater lake, visit these links below for my posts on how we conquered Taal Volcano and for some climbing tips and reminders.

The Lake Hotels in Tagaytay Cavite

8. Staycation

Tagaytay has many hotels, bed and breakfast-type accommodations that cater to the needs of visiting tourists. Be it a luxury hotel, a condo unit for rent, a mid-range/budget hotel or a backpacker's hostel, you'll definitely find a hotel in Tagaytay City that will suit your needs and preferences. Here are some of my suggested hotels in Tagaytay City for your next family / barkada staycation or a romantic getaway with your special someone.

The use of this 360° virtual tour of The Theodore Hotel, Tagaytay City is authorized by Traveloka.


More hotels can be found in Tagaytay City for your next staycation with your family, friends or special someone. You may browse through this list of top best hotels in Tagaytay for some recommendations.

Things to do in Tagaytay

9. Relax

A soothing and relaxing massage is all we deserve after a long and tiring day of exploring Tagaytay City. There are many hotels and establishments that offer a wide array of spa treatments that you and your loved ones will surely enjoy. It's one of the best ways to end your day in Tagaytay. For a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, check these:

Nurture Wellness Village Spa Experience in Tagaytay

  • Visit Nurture Wellness Village, named as one of the 28 Most Relaxing Spas in Asia by CNN Go
  • Enjoy a massage or scrub in one of Asia Spa Magazine's Top Seven Spas of the Philippines
  • Travel two hours away from the busy city of Manila and deep into the coffee orchards of Tagaytay
  • Experience the spa's distinctive brand of ecotherapy or healing by and through nature
  • Choose from a roster of unique Filipino wellness experiences amid native Ifugao huts and local themed decor


Qiwellness Living Spa and Dining Experience

  • Enjoy the best of Tagaytay with a visit to Qi Wellness Spa, a mere 2 hour drive south of Metro Manila
  • Perched on the ridge of Tagaytay overlooking Taal lake, the spa offers fantastic views
  • Perfect for those looking for an intimate and relaxing spa session with a scenic view and top-notch service
  • Exclusive use of the Yin and Yang pool before your revitalizing massage of choice
  • Choose between 3 signature Qiwellness massages: Silk, Deep Tissue and Qiharmony
  • Cap off your spa experience with a visit to the Qiwellness Teahouse, where tea and dimsum await you


Rowena's famous Apple Tarts! Yummmm!!! ❤️ #Tagaytay #Cavite

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10. Buy Pasalubong

Before going home, buy some fresh fruits, flowering plants, vegetables or handicrafts at the many roadside stalls you'll find at the national road of Tagaytay and Silang, Cavite. You may also check out the popular stores for tarts and pies such as Rowena's Pasalubong Haus and Restaurant which is famous for Apple Tarts and Loumar's Cafe, Pies and Tarts which is famous for Buko Pie Crumble. These make a perfect pasalubong to your loved ones back home.

Top 10 Things To Do and See in Tagaytay City

How to Get to Tagaytay City from Manila

By Public Transportation: There are buses stationed at the Southwest Integrated Provincial Bus Terminal in Uniwide Coastal Mall, Parañaque City that are bound for Tagaytay City. Check on airconditioned and non-airconditioned buses that are labeled "Mendez, Tagaytay or Nasugbu" such as Lorna Express, DLTB Co., San Agustin, Erjohn Almark and BSC Bus. Travel time is about 2 hours and fare is around 90 - 120 pesos.

By Private Car: You can drive to Tagaytay via the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). Or you may drive via Aguinaldo Hi-way passing through Cavite towns of Bacoor, Imus, Dasmariñas and Silang. Tagaytay is the town next to the municipality of Silang.

By Private Car Rental: From Manila, you can rent a car and enjoy a private sightseeing car charter. Enjoy convenient pick up and drop up service from your hotel or from the airport get the ability to customize your tour route and itinerary. You can rent a car and make your way to Tagaytay at your own time and convenience.


Want to explore Tagaytay? For convenient and hassle-free Trip to Tagaytay, I highly recommend that you get a Tagaytay Day Trip package from Metro Manila.

Tagaytay Day Tour

  • Take a quick trip to one of the most popular daytrip destination for locals, the picturesque city of Tagaytay
  • Enjoy breathtaking views of the serene Taal Lake and Taal Volcano from the top of the mountain
  • See the Gingerbread House, Sonya's Garden, Mahoogany Market, Good Shepherd, Picnic Grove and more!
  • Enjoy a local specialty called Bulalomade by cooking beef shanks and marrow bones in a tasty broth
  • Experience a hassle-free journey in an air-conditioned bus and learn about the city from your guide


Tagaytay DIY Itinerary

Here's a sample Tagaytay DIY Itinerary ideal for a weekend getway in Tagaytay. Feel free to tweak it depending on the tourist spots and attractions you want to visit and on the activities you want to do. If you're not into trekking, skip the Taal Volcano trekking part and change it with other activities that interests you.


  • 05:00 AM - Travel to Tagaytay, have breakfast along the way
  • 07:30 AM - Arrive in Tagaytay, drive to Talisay, Batangas
  • 08:00 AM - Arrive at Talisay Batangas, rent a boat to Taal Volcano Island
  • 09:00 AM - Arrive at Volcano Island, register
  • 09:30 AM - Start Trekking to the crater lake
  • 11:00 AM - Arrive at the crater lake, take pictures the go down
  • 12:30 NN - Back at the boat docking station
  • 01:00 PM - Take the boat back to Talisay
  • 02:00 PM - Arrive at Talisay
  • 03:00 PM - Late Lunch
  • 04:00 PM - Check-in at the hotel
  • 07:00 PM - Dinner


  • Tagaytay Picnic Grove
  • Palace in the Sky
  • Visit the seminaries
  • Go on a food trip! Bulalo at Mahogany Market is my most-recommended!
  • Tagaytay Sky Ranch
  • Buy Pasalubong
  • Travel back to Manila


There you have it! I hope these top 10 best things to do in Tagaytay with DIY Itinerary could help you plan your Tagaytay DIY trip for that wonderful and memorable getaway with your family, friends, or special someone.

There are still a lot of awesome things to do, places to see and visit in Tagaytay City. Feel free to leave a comment below for your suggestions. Happy travels!


For more Tourist Spots and Attractions in Tagaytay, click HERE.

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Top 10 Things To Do and See in Tagaytay City DIY Itinerary Travel Blogs


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