PALAUI ISLAND TRAVEL GUIDE: DIY Itinerary, Tourist Spots and Attractions, How To Get There, Things To Do, Accommodation, and Expenses (UPDATED)

Palaui Island Cagayan Budget Travel Guide

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Sta. Ana, Cagayan is located in the north eastern tip of Cagayan in northern Luzon. It is a protected landscape and seascape blessed with an awesome scenery offering adventure-seekers and intrepid travelers with great coastlines, a Spanish-era lighthouse, secluded beaches, breathtaking vistas and friendly people. There are a lot of sights to behold, things to do and activities to enjoy in Palaui Island and other islands in Sta. Ana, you could do trekking/hiking to the lighthouse in Palaui Island, island hopping to the beaches, interacting with the locals, beach bumming and more.

This travel guide will provide you with basic information on the tourist spots and attractions, how to get there, things to do, where to stay, suggested itinerary and estimated budget that will help you plan your visit. Brace yourself and enjoy one great adventure in Palaui Island!

Crocodile Island


Boat Ride to Palaui Island


By Land: From Manila, take a direct Florida bus bound for Sta. Ana, Cagayan. Buses from Sampaloc terminal leaves daily, check with the bus company for the schedule of trips call (02)743-3809. Travel time takes about 15 hours. Alternatively, you could take a bus bound for Tuguegarao which takes about 10-12 hours; and then transfer to a passenger van or bus going to Sta. Ana. Travel time is 3-4 hours and fare is around 180 pesos.

By Air: Take a plane bound for Tuguegarao City. From there, take a passenger van or bus going to Sta. Ana. Travel time is 3-4 hours and fare is around 180 pesos. Major airlines such a Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific fly daily to Tuguegarao City!

Please note when leaving Sta. Ana, the last bus bound for Manila or Tuguegarao departs at 2:30 PM; while the last van leaves at 2:00 PM.


From the town center of Sta. Ana, take a tricycle to San Vicente port. Look for the visitor's center to register and to rent a boat to your desired destination. Boat rental depends on the location and to how many destinations you would want to visit. Below are the published rates by PASAMOBA (Palaui San Vicente Motor Banca Association) as of February 2013.

A. Long Distances
  • Cape Engaño (45 mins, 8 passenger maximum) - PHP 1,800
  • Anguib Beach (25 mins, 8 passenger maximum) - PHP 1,500
  • Siwangag (30 mins, 8 passenger maximum) - PHP 1,500
  • Puzurubo (1 hour, 8 passenger maximum) - PHP 1,800

B. Short Distances
  • Jerolinda Resort (10 mins, 8 passenger maximum) - PHP 300
  • Crocodile Island (5 mins, 8 passenger maximum) - PHP 500
  • Punta Verde (15 mins, 8 passenger maximum) - PHP 750
  • Pugo Moro (5 mins, 8 passenger maximum) - PHP 500

Special Trips
Cape Engaño, Anguib Beach. Crocodile Island and Punta Verde - PHP 3,500 (8 passengers maximum)

For Inquiries, you may contact:
Fernando Cabutin - 0935-9966744
Dispatcher - 0947-6340986

Punta Verde


Since our island hopping adventure will start very early, we decided to check-in at Costales Lodge, which is very near San Vicente Port. To get there, just tell the tricycle driver to drop you at the lodge near Petron Gas Station.

They have several rooms to choose from. Accommodation starts at 600 pesos per night good for 5 persons. The room we got has two double deck beds and 1 extra mattress. It has an air-conditioning unit and private toilet and bath.

Food is not a problem, you could walk for a few meters from the hostel where there are some eateries that serve food.

Contact Number: (+63) 0916-223-9859 / 0915-549-7879

Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please verify prices, inclusions, terms, and conditions with the hostel.

Anguib Beach


Day 1
  • Arrive in Tuguegarao by plane at lunch time
  • Lunch
  • Take a bus/van bound for Sta. Ana
  • Arrive in Sta. Ana, take a tricycle to San Vicente Port
  • Register at the visitors' office and arrange a boat the island hopping the following day
  • Check-in at the hostel
  • Dinner
  • Sleep

Day 2
  • Wake-up
  • Breakfast
  • Go to San Vicente Port
  • Depart for Palaui Island
  • Trek to Cape Engaño Lighthouse
  • Explore, picture taking
  • Depart for Anguib Beach
  • Beach bumming, swimming, explore
  • Lunch at the beach
  • Depart for Punta Verde
  • Swim or explore the place, meet the locals
  • Depart for Crocodile Island
  • Swim, explore, climb the rock formation
  • Depart for San Vicente Port
  • Check-out of the hostel
  • Take a tricycle to Sta. Ana town proper
  • Take a bus/van to Tuguegarao or Manila

This is my suggested itinerary for a 2-day adventure in Sta. Ana, Cagayan. You could adjust it based on how many days you want to explore and the places you want to see and experience.

Cape Engaño Lighthouse


  • Van / Bus (Tuguegarao-Sta Ana) - 180.00
  • Tricycle to San Vicente Port - 15.00 / person
  • Registration / Day pass at the visitor's center - 50.00 / person
  • Accommodation @ Costales Lodge - 600.00 / night
  • Food (2 days) - 500.00 / person
  • Boat Rental (Special Trip) - 3,500.00
  • Entrance fee in Anguib Beach - 100.00 / head
  • Tricycle to town center - 15.00 / person
  • Bus/Van (Sta. Ana to Tuguegarao) - 180.00
ESTIMATED TOTAL - PHP 3,090.00 per person

Please note that these are just the basic expenses for a group of 2 persons, you may add other expenses such as guide fees and tips which is dependent on how many are you in the group. It also didn't include the bus or airfare from Manila to Tuguegarao.

Enjoy awesome adventures in Palaui Island and Sta. Ana Cagayan!

More photos on Pinoy AdvenTurista's Facebook Page, click here.

This is part of our adventures in Palaui Island and around Sta. Ana, Cagayan last February 6-7, 2013. The town of Sta. Ana in Cagayan offers adventure-seekers the elements of a real adventure trip with a Spanish era lighthouse, awesome beaches, breathtaking panoramas and friendly people. It is truly one great adventure!
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I hope this Palaui Budget Travel Guide with DIY Itinerary will help you plan your next ultimate adventure in Cagayan! Enjoy and Happy Travels!


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  1. When is the last van trip from Sta. Ana to Tuguegarao?

  2. ask ko lng po sana anu po ang last trip ng van from tuguegarao going to sta.ana? thanks po

    1. di po ako sure dyan... i assume around 3pm cguro...

  3. this is very helpful...i'll be using this IT once we get there :) thanks sir!

  4. very nice place kahit malayo where I am (metro manila). tutal naka-pagudpud na ako so why not Sta. Ana, Cagayan and/or Palaui Island?

  5. Aba Mervs kaya pala ito ng weekend??? I want to see that Lighthouse!!!!

  6. Thank you very much to provide us so accurate informations. You're very lucky to travel in this wonderful country. I'll keep reading your blog for quite awhile.

    Ingat :)

  7. Yung cost/fare po sa taas esp. the boat fares, roundtrip na po ba yun or for 1 way lang. thank you

  8. For boat ride, since 2 lng kami pupunta. May way b n makishare kami s ibang tourists pra makatipid? Any suggestion?

    1. pwede cguro kayo mag ask sa visitors' center... baka may nag schedule na group na pwede kayo magki join... :)

  9. Travel Guide: Palaui Island. Palaui Island. One of the many beaches of the island. How to Get There. Barangay San Vicente in the town of Sta. Ana is the jump-off point to Palaui Island.
    Palaui Island Travel Guide. How to get to Palaui Island Cagayan, Palaui Island beach, Palaui Island Cagayan itinerary and budget expenses, tourist spots and attractions. Palaui Island of Cagayan Valley | Islands of the Philippines. Travel Philippines -- Palaui Island of Cagayan Valley. At the northeastern tip of the province of Cagayan in Luzon lies Sta. Ana – a Special Economic Zone.

  10. With a land area of more than 3,000 hectares, Palaui, an island made up of several islets Its main attraction aside from its beaches is the Farol de Cabo. Travel Guide: Palaui Island. Places to go - The northern point of the island is called Cape Engaño situated between Palaui Island and the coast of Luzon, is the jump-off of Palaui Island. It takes about 3.5 to 4 hours of hike through beautiful verdant scenery. How to get to Palaui Island Cagayan, Palaui Island beach, Palaui Island Cagayan ... I am mesmerized with your pics and the places you been to. im so inggit! :)

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    1. Try the Pancit Batil Patung. Madami yun sa Tuguegarao! :)

  13. I texted some of the boatmen and accommodations, they discouraged me from giving downpayment to Ms. Cora Tangcora due to mishandling of money of PASAMOBA. I am not sure if she was relieved of her post in that cooperative.

  14. May I know if there's a 3G globe mobile data internet signal at Palaui Island and/or Sta. Ana, San Vicente?

  15. Hi! Thank you for sharing, this is a great help for a backpacker like me... :) may I know if there is ATM available in the area if cash is not enough? Not confident to bring extra cash kasi.

  16. We will be leaving Manila tomorrow April 1 evening. We are a group of 5. We will be there until Sunday April 5 morning!

  17. Hi, anong oras ang last trip from Sta. Ana Cagayan to Tuguegarao?


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