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15 Best BATANGAS BEACH RESORTS with Swimming Pool + Room Rates (UPDATED LIST 2021)

Cheap Affordable Batangas Beach Resorts TOP BEACH RESORTS IN BATANGAS PHILIPPINES with Swimming Pool Room Rates and How To Get There from/near Manila

Looking for an amazing getaway that's just a couple of hours away from Metro Manila? How about staying in lovely Batangas beach resorts? Check out this updated list of best beach resorts in Batangas that are now open to tourists!

With a long coastline, Batangas offers wide array of beaches - from white sand to the rocky and black sand beaches. If you're planning to visit Batangas whether on a day trip, a weekend getaway or just to unwind and have a relaxing vacation, one of these amazing beach resorts in Batangas will surely be a great choice where you enjoy and have a great time - any time of the year!

Famous for its beaches, the province of Batangas is one of the most-visited tourist destinations near Metro Manila. With its long coastline, Batangas has many beautiful beaches and resorts that are top favorite weekend destinations among city dwellers as well as an ideal destination for couples, family or barkada getaway. Best of all, it offers many beautiful beaches and resorts at a very good price that won't break your wallet.

What are the top best beach resorts in Batangas? To fully enjoy your visit in Batangas, staying for a night or two in one of the these Batangas Beach Resorts is the best way to truly experience what the province of Batangas has to offer.

5 PLACES IN METRO MANILA to Visit this Christmas Season 2021

Best Things to Do and Places to Spend the Christmas Holidays in Metro Manila

Looking for fun-filled activities and best places to spend your Christmas holiday in Metro Manila?

Filipinos are known to have "the longest Christmas celebration in the world." You can hear Christmas songs and see holiday decorations as early as September and lasts up until early January. It’s the most wonderful time of the year when family and friends are brought closer together. Luckily, there’s no shortage of fun activities and beautiful places to visit during the yuletide season. Read on to see my list of the best places to spend your Christmas holiday in Metro Manila this 2021!

Where to Spend Relaxing and Adventure-filled Holiday Season?

Where to Spend Relaxing and Adventure-filled Holiday Season?

To everyone, I believe that the holiday season is one of the best time of the year. The best gift you could give this season to yourself or to your loved ones is the time to relax and have a good time. That is why, whenever I get the chance, I always make sure to book a hotel room where I could chill, enjoy my time, and have a relaxing staycation. I also book hotel rooms and give them as gifts to my friends and family for them to also experience relaxing and memorable stay.

The holidays are definitely just around the corner and perhaps you, your friends, and your family are looking forward to spending some quality time in a place where you could spend the holiday season. So, if you’re looking for best places to spend relaxing and adventure-filled holiday season, here are some of my recommendations.


BATAAN Travel Requirements for Tourists

Planning a trip to Bataan this 2021? Here are the latest Bataan travel requirements for tourists and visitors traveling to the Province of Bataan!

The Province of Bataan is one of the many awesome road trip destinations near Metro Manila. It is home to many historical sites, wonderful natural attractions, lovely beaches and beach resorts, as well as exciting activities that you, your friends, and your family will surely enjoy. Located on the western part of Central Luzon and just 2 hours away from Metro Manila, it is also an ideal day tour destination for a quick beach getaway from the metro.

As of December 1, 2021, Bataan is under Alert Level 2 quarantine classification until December 15, 2021. The good news is, Bataan is open to tourists! If you're planning a trip to Bataan, here are the latest Bataan travel requirements and guidelines according to the Department of Tourism (DOT) Philippines' website.

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