TOKYO, JAPAN: Things To Do, Tourist Spots and Attractions

Things to do, Tourist Spots and Attractions in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is the bustling capital of Japan. It is considered as "one of the most visited cities" and the "most heavily populated metropolitan area in the world." There are plenty of things that you can do and tourist spots to visit in Tokyo, Japan. In this Tokyo Travel Guide, I listed some of the interesting places to visit, attractions to experience, and things to do in Tokyo, Japan. Whether your a first-timer or not, I hope this will help you plan your Tokyo DIY Itinerary for an amazing and memorable trip to Japan.

Sport Tourism: Four Sporting Events You Shouldn't Miss in 2018


If you love to travel and you love to watch sports, you quite literally have the world at your feet. Combining the two gives you the perfect chance to see parts of the world you might not otherwise get the chance to visit and to do so in the company of thousands of like-minded fans. You also get to support your favorite teams and athletes in the most direct way possible.
For the players themselves, such support often makes the difference between winning and losing, which is why so many take the time to thank the crowd, especially those fans who have traveled from afar, at the end of each performance. If you want to join the ranks of these well-traveled superfans, here are a few events to add to your calendar for the year ahead.

Benefits Of Dark Chocolate That May Change Your Perspective

Reasons Why You Should Shop at Robinsons Selections BGC

Dark chocolate is one of the many imitative of cocoa beans. Unlike the other regular chocolates, the dark chocolate is slightly bitter in taste hence it is not cherished by many. However, it has plentiful benefits in terms of beauty and health. These qualities have, in turn, made the dark chocolate the most preferred among the other regular varieties of chocolates. Is dark chocolate really good for health? Well, according to studies, dark chocolate is beneficial in many ways aside from just boosting health. Just to mention a few, it widely contributes to beauty factors as it provides care to both the skin and hair on consumption. This article explains a few benefits of dark chocolate that may change your perspective.

Four Great Job Ideas That Give You Freedom to Travel

Tips for Launching a Successful Freelance Business

With travel more accessible than ever before, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of people have decided to spend at least a small portion of their lives exploring more of the world. Today, if you want to travel, you have a wide variety of options available for you, particularly when it comes to making money to keep yourself on the road. Whether you’d rather work for yourself or find paid employment as you go, here are some awesome job ideas for avid travellers.

FYI: DFA Now Requires Prepayment for Passport Applications at DFA-ASEANA

Live Testing of the Passport ePayment Facility in DFA-ASEANA

In a public advisory released by the Department of Foreign Affairs, it was announced that they will start live testing their ePayment System in its DFA-ASEANA site on Saturday, April 14, 2018. This move is seen to make passport processes faster and more convenient. It will also make the system more efficient as it is expected to prevent fixers from reserving slots and then selling them to passport applicants. This new development in the DFA's passport application system is also seen to improve show-up rates.

How to Make an Exclusive Travel Discount

How to Make an Exclusive Travel Discount

Over the past few years, everyone has been travelling about and experiencing the world. Although definitely fun, it’s such a pain in the wallet. So being able to save here and there, wherever you can, is definitely a plus! You can find ways to save on the tickets, or the accommodation, or even food! Discount travel sites have been on the rise with many deals and rewards. The offers have been offered in numerous ways such as by providing affordable airfare, hotels, rentals, and various traveling packages to travelers. The packages also provide bonuses and even add-ons. On booking with some of these sites, there has been a price cut off of about up to 50% discounts on ticket services. This article lists some of the ways to make an exclusive travel discount.