TOP 10 Affordable Resorts with Pool and Beach Resorts in MATABUNGKAY & LIAN, BATANGAS


Looking for best beach resorts in Matabungkay and resorts with swimming pool in Lian, Batangas? Check out this list for your next trip to beautiful Batangas!

The Municipality of Lian's claim to fame is its Matabungkay Beach which is said to have been discovered by German tourists way back in the 1950s. When I was a kid, I remember going here in one summer vacation because it is near where we live in Cavite. It is really one of the most popular beach destination near Metro Manila back in the 1980's. Today, Matabungkay Beach is still one of the top beaches in Batangas and a favorite weekend destination and among tourists because of its proximity from Metro Manila.

Planning a quick weekend getaway in Batangas? Matabungkay Beach is the place to be! It is filled with cottages where you could stay for a day, resorts with swimming pool and beach resorts for overnight stays, many water sports activities that you could enjoy, floating cottages (balsa) to have a memorable dining experience by the beach and so much more!

With this, let me share to you the best resorts with swimming pool in Lian and beach resorts in Matabungkay for a memorable resort and beach getaway for couples, families and group of friends that's just two hours away from Manila!

HOW TO CASH OUT IN GCASH? 3 Easy Ways on How to Withdraw Money from your GCASH Account

How to Cash Out in GCASH? Ways to Withdraw Money from GCASH

Want to know how to cash out in Gcash? There are several ways on how to withdraw money from your Gcash account.

Having a Gcash account makes online transactions convenient - especially when paying your bills, purchasing online, loading your RFID accounts and prepaid mobile phone, and many more. Sometimes, we also use it to send money and receive money from clients, friends and loved ones. But what if you need cash and you want to withdraw your GCash funds?

In this blog, I will teach you the 3 easy ways on how to get or withdraw your money from your Gcash account. I will also be sharing some tips and reminders in doing these transactions.

10 Best Things to Do in San Francisco

Discover San Francisco's Best Nearby Outdoor Group Retreats

San Francisco is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California and a beehive of activity. It is the 13th most populous city, yet it has the second-highest population density in the country, behind only New York. In 1849, the California Gold Rush made Sacramento the largest metropolis on the West Coast.

San Francisco offers various activities for outdoor enthusiasts, foodies, and curious travelers of all ages despite its small size.

In addition, active types and nature enthusiasts will appreciate San Francisco's Twin Peaks or Golden Gate Park. Most likely, you'll see all of these places and more on a guided trip.

10 Best Budget-Friendly CALATAGAN BEACH RESORTS in BATANGAS 2021


Looking for beaches near Metro Manila? Travel now to Calatagan, Batangas, enjoy its beaches and have a memorable stay in one of the affordable beach resorts in Calatagan, mid-range hotels & cheap private resorts for your trip to Batangas this 2021!

The Municipality of Calatagan is located at the western side of Batangas province. With its lovely location, it offers the best sunsets and idyllic beaches for everyone to enjoy. Having the longest coastline in the whole province, its shoreline is dotted by semi-white sand beaches, pristine clear waters and many lovely beach resorts. Some of the most popular destinations in Calatagan are Burot Beach, The Stilts Calatagan, Lago de Oro Cable Ski Park & Resort, Manuel Uy Beach, Ivory Beach, Aquaria Water Park, and Little Boracay of Batangas, to name a few.

With its proximity from Metro Manila, Calatagan resorts and beach resorts are becoming more and more popular among local and foreign tourists. In this Calatagan Batangas Resorts and Beach Resorts Guide, I will share to you some of the popular and best reviewed beach resorts in Calatagan, affordable hotels and budget-friendly beachfront resorts, things to do, tourist spots and best places to visit, as well as some tips and reminders for your next trip to Batangas. Some of these resorts are pet-friendly too!

TOP 10 TOURIST SPOTS IN MANILA & THINGS TO DO 2021 (Instagram-Worthy Spots in Manila)

 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Manila Philippines

Looking for top things to do in Manila, tourist spots and places to visit? Check my list of top 10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Manila that you should include in your Manila itinerary.

The City of Manila is such a charming city. Historical sites, old churches and houses, and awesome food finds; these are just some of the reasons why I love Manila. For tourists, foodies, and adventure-seekers, the City of Manila is a great place to explore. Be it a day tour, or a few days of vacation, there are a wide array of things to do, places to see, and activities to enjoy in Manila.