TRAVEL GUIDE: 10 THINGS TO DO IN TACLOBAN (Tourist Spots, Attractions and Things To Do and Experience)

Things to do in Tacloban Travel Guide 2018

Tacloban is not just your ordinary city in Eastern Visayas region. As a thriving city, it is the gateway to the region as well as serving as a link from Luzon and Mindanao to the Visayas islands. It boasts of rich history, monumental sights, breathtaking attractions, colorful festivals and other man-made and natural wonders. You can find many places and do many things in (and near) Tacloban City. Here's a list of some of Tacloban City's tourist spots, attractions and things to do and experience in the city.

Tacloban City - Tourist Spots, Attractions and Things To Do and Experience

1. Cross San Juanico Bridge

A monumental landmark that stretches from Samar to Leyte across the San Juanico Strait. At a total length of 2.16 kilometers, it is considered the longest bridge in the Philippines crossing a body of seawater. Completed in 1973, it was used to be called as Marcos Bridge as it was built during the regime of former president Ferdinand Marcos. It is said that this is a "Gift" and a "Testimonial of Love" by Marcos to his wife and a native of Leyte, Imelda Romualdez Marcos. For more details, click HERE and HERE.

2. Visit Santo Niño Shrine and Heritage Museum

One of the most visited tourist spots in Tacloban city. The Sto. Niño Shrine and Heritage Museum is one of the many Presidential rest houses that the late President Ferdinand Marcos built during his term. It is said that former first lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos had it constructed as the first family’s residence in the City. It’s an interesting site to visit as it tells a lot about the past. It’s well worth the entrance fee for a guided tour. Definitely, a must-see when visiting Tacloban City. For more details, click HERE.

3. Relive History at the Leyte Landing Memorial

Considered as one of the most historical towns of Leyte, Palo is the the site where Gen. Douglas MacArthur landed when he returned to the Philippines together with hundreds of military forces on October 20, 1944. A landing memorial was erected at the Red Beach to mark the spot where MacArthur and his troops landed. The "red" in Red Beach is not because the sand here is color red; rather, it refers to the color of the beach after being drenched in blood during the war. For more details, click HERE.

4. Spend a Relaxing and Rejuvenating Day at Paruparong Bukid Nature Conservation Center

Paruparong Bukid Nature Conservation Center is located in Brgy. Lukay, Babatngon, Leyte, just a 30-minute drive from Tacloban City. Situated amidst green fields with a stunning view of nearby mountains, it is a wellness center that offers detoxification programs and other activities such as kayaking, fishing, butterfly and bird watching among others. They also offer food selections that were prepared using veggies and fruits that were organically produced. For more details, click HERE.

5. Pay Homage to the Sto. Niño at Tacloban Church

The Sto. Niño Church de Tacloban is located at the corner of Real and Zamora streets, it is also known as the "Church of Liberation" and is home to the miraculous image of the Senyor Santo Niño. It cannot be missed when traveling to the city as it dominates Tacloban's cityscape with it's tall belfry. Every June 30th, the city celebrates Sto. Niño de Leyte Fiesta, it is observed during the whole month of June. For more details, click HERE.

6. Visit the Neoclassical Leyte Provincial Capitol Building

Built in 1907, the imposing Leyte Provincial Capitol Building has a stunning neoclassical architecture typical of American-era government edifices. It played a significant part of Philippine history as it briefly became the seat of Philippine Commonwealth Government from October 23, 1944 to February 27, 1945. The building features two bas relief depicting the First Christian Mass held in the island of Limasawa and the historical landing of Gen. Douglas MacArthur on Red Beach, Palo Leyte. For more details, click HERE.

7. Go on a side trip to Basey Samar for Banig Weaving and the Century-old Church

Located just 40 minutes away outside Tacloban City, the town of Basey in Samar provinces is known for its centruries-old church and banig-making industry. The Church of St. Michael the Archangel is one of the most beautifully-preserved churches in the province. One of its striking features is the bell tower at the left wing of the church. After visiting the church, check on the banig-makers around the town. As they say, Basey has the finest and most intricate weave of the banig having unique designs that is different from the usual mats made from other banig producing towns in the country. Don't leave the town without seeing a banig or buying some souvenirs. For more details, click HERE and HERE.

8. Witness the Festivals

If you happen to visit the city in the month of June, you'll be able to witness three of the most anticipated festivals in Tacloban - Pintados, Kasadyaan and Sangyaw Festivals. On the other hand, if you're visiting in the month of December, head on to the nearby town of Palo to witness their Christmas Festival. For more details, click HERE and HERE.

9. Go on a Food Trip

Don't miss the local flavors by dining at Calle Z Café, "The Jasmine Restaurant" at The Oriental Leyte Hotels and Resorts and Bar-ko Resto and Grill at Leyte Park Resort Hotel. Must-try are Calle Z's Bulalo, Bangus Sisig and Crispy Tenga as well as The Jasmine Restaurant's Hinatukan Na Manok. For more details, click HERE, HERE and HERE.

10. Buy Pasalubong

Don't forget to bring home some Binagol, Moron, Suman, Sagmani, Sarungsong and Tuba. As well as Samar's Hopia de Pili, Yema, Polvoron and Delicias from Charito's Delights. These make a sure hit as pasalubong when you get home. For more details, click HERE and HERE.

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Indeed, there are just so many things that you can do and enjoy in Tacloban City that will surely make your trip an experience to remember. Go pack your bag and experience the thriving City of Tacloban!


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  1. Caloocan is a beautiful place to visit with a tour guide

  2. For those who are looking to check in Eat and buy pasalubong at the same time in Tacloban City:
    From the Tacloban City airport ride the Jeepny byaheng SAN JOSE/ DOWNTOWN area, Fare there is less than P15 & u can help the honest drivers too.
    Along Zamora Sts. where Asia Stars Hotel and OTHER Hotels are located. Landmark in the Street corner is Mcdonalds in front is Jollibee, Zamora street is flooded by Binagol and choco suman also great tasting Restaurants and Ihaw ihaw Rice Puso combo in the street during nights.


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