10 NICE BEACHES NEAR MANILA for Less Than 1,000 Pesos Budget (with How to Get There and Estimated Expenses) for 2018

Beaches near Manila Top Summer Destinations for P1000 or Less

Are you looking for Top Summer Destinations for 1,000 pesos or less? Why not visit one of these beaches?!

Beaches are and will always be a popular choice for summer. With the rising temperature being felt this season, the neighboring provinces of Metro Manila offers nice and amazing beaches that could certainly ease the summer heat. So why not hit the road, travel for just 5 hours or less and take a dip in one of these affordable and cheap beaches near Manila for that awesome summer getaway. Taralets?!

Crystal Beach Resort Zambales Top Summer Destinations for P1000 or Less

10 AWESOME PHILIPPINE BEACHES NEAR MANILA (With How to Get There and Estimated Expenses)

This list includes unspoiled, uncrowded, and popular beaches in neighboring provinces such as Batangas, Cavite, Quezon and Zambales.


Beaches near Manila
Borawan Beach

1. Borawan and Dampalitan Beaches in Padre Burgos, Quezon

Borawan beach's rock formations and shoreline are really awesome. It doesn't have the usual long stretch of white sand beach of Boracay, but it's full of huge rock boulders with a backdrop of high limestone walls like what Palawan has. These features make Borawan beach uniquely beautiful. Dampalitan Beach is also as lovely as Borawan. It's an undeveloped beach with a long stretch of shoreline as compared to Borawan Beach. Basic ammenities are availabe here such as nipa hut cottages for rent that can accommodate overnight campers; and shower rooms with fresh water for bathing.

Travel time from Manila: 5 hours
Minimum number of persons required: 2 persons

Expenses Budget Itinerary Borawan Kwebang Lampas Quezon

HOW TO GET THERE? Click here to read on how to get to Borawan and Dampalitan Beaches

Must-visit Beaches in Quezon

Beaches near Manila
Burot Beach

2. Burot Beach in Calatagan, Batangas

A secluded beach located along the shores of Calatagan, Batangas. Burot Beach has a stretch of semi-fine cream sand beach kissed by calm waters, beautiful rock formations and dotted with trees. As one of the nice beaches near Manila, it's a favorite beach destination among weekenders and those who seek a quick weekend getaway. Its raw and rugged charm is truly inviting.

SEE ALSO: DIY Burot Beach Travel Guide (Calatagan, Batangas)

Travel time from Manila: 3.5 hours

Bus fare (Manila to Calatagan) - 180.00
Tricycle Rental to Burot Beach - 150.00
Entrance Fee - 130.00
Accommodation (Bring Tent) - 0.00
Food (Bring Food) - 0.00
Tricycle Rental to Calatagan Town Proper - 150.00
Bus fare (Calatagan to Manila) - 180.00
TOTAL - 790.00

HOW TO GET THERE? Click here to read how to get to Burot Beach

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of November last year, I heard that this is currently not open to the public anymore. But there are other beaches and resorts in Calatagan that you may check out. One of them is Stilts Calatagan.



For comfort and convenience, you can book a day tour to Stilts Calatagan via Klook.com for as low as 1,099 pesos! With this join tour, you can explore the resort's white sandy beaches, clear water and captivating cottages on stilts. The package also includes roundtrip transportation from Manila, entrance fee, and travel insurance.


Beaches near Manila Top Summer Destinations for P1000 or Less
Kwebang Lampas Beach

3. Kwebang Lampas (Puting Buhangin) in Pagbilao, Quezon

This beach perfectly matches my assumption on how a white sand beach in Quezon Province would look like. Kwebang Lampas beach's sand was shimmering and glittery. The shoreline is also dotted with towering coconut trees with some cottages ready for use. You can also take a dip inside the cave as the water is coming inside. Thus, the origin of the name "Kwebang Lampas."

Travel time from Manila: 5 hours
Minimum number of persons required: 2 persons

Kwebang Lampas Beach Expenses

HOW TO GET THERE? Click here to read how to get to Kwebang Lampas

Beaches near Manila
Laiya Beach

4. Laiya Beach in San Juan, Batangas

Laiya is a seaside community that has been a popular beach destination for city dwellers because of its proximity from Manila. A tropical paradise within your reach that has a long shoreline of cream sand beach, enticing clear water and a variety of fun activities tucked in a natural setting. A wide array of resorts available all over the beach. So, food and accommodation will not be a problem.

Travel time from Manila: 3-4 hours

HOW TO GET THERE? Click here to read how to get to Laiya Beach Batangas

Bus (Manila to Lipa) - 124.00
Jeep (Lipa - San Juan) - 56.00
Jeep/Tricycle to Laiya - 50.00
Jeep/Tricycle to San Juan town proper - 50.00
Jeep to Lipa - 56.00
Bus (Lipa - Manila) - 124.00
TOTAL - 460.00

Recommended Accommodation: La Luz Beach Resort

Beaches near Manila
Liw-liwa Beach

5. Liw-liwa Beach in San Felipe, Zambales

Liw-liwa is non-existent until the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. The actual village was just created out the debris from the volcano's eruption. As a surfing destination, the waves of Liwliwa is the top come on of this beach. It has a long stretch of gray sand beach with a stunning backdrop of the mountain range of Zambales. This is one awesome surfing spot that is very near Manila. So if you just have a day or a weekend to spend, go to Liw-liwa and experience riding its awesome waves. But beach bumming is also best done here!

Travel time from Manila: 4 hours

HOW TO GET THERE? Click here to read how to get to Liw-liwa Beach Zambales

Bus Fare (Manila - San Felipe) - 298.00
Tricycle to Liwliwa - 60.00
Accommodation (Bring Tent) - 0.00
Food (Bring your own food) - 0.00
Tricycle (Liwliwa to hi-way) - 60.00
Bus Fare (San Felipe - Manila) 298.00
TOTAL - 716.00

Recommended Accommodation in Liwliwa: The Circle Hostel, a Backpacker's Haven in Liw-liwa

Top Summer Destinations for P1000 or Less Best Resorts in Anilao Batangas
Anilao Beach

6. Anilao Beaches in Mabini, Batangas

A popular diving destination, Anilao also offers great sceneries and activities that visitors could explore. It doesn't have white sandy beaches but its underwater ecosystem is its biggest attraction. You could do island hopping, snorkeling, picnicking, beach bumming and of course, diving. But if you're on budget, just enjoy one of Anilao's numerous high-end and affordable resorts for that quick weekend getaway.

Travel time from Manila: 3-4 hours

HOW TO GET THERE? Click here to read on how to get to Anilao Batangas


Bus Fare (Manila - Batangas Grand Terninal) - 140.00
Jeepney Fare to Mabini - 50.00
Tricycle to Resorts - 100.00 (depending on how far is the resort)
Food and other expenses - 400.00
Tricycle to Mabini - 100.00
Jeepney to Batangas City Grand Terminal - 50.00
Bus Fare to Manila - 140.00
TOTAL: 980.00

Recommended Resort in Anilao: Vivere Azure, "Luxury Boutique Beach Resort"

Boracay de Cavite - Marine Base Katungkulan Beach Resort in Ternate Cavite
Boracay de Cavite

7. Boracay de Cavite, Ternate Cavite

A popular beach near Manila is Boaracy de Cavite or Marine Base (Katungkulan) Beach Resort in Ternate, Cavite. It is a favorite among weekenders, mountaineers and Caviteños. The beach has gray-ish sand (not white, though in photos it would look like white to off-white) that is so fine and soft to the feet. Read full details here.

Travel time from Manila: 3 hours

Via Private Car:
Toll Fee (Costal Road) - 24.00
Toll Fee (CAVITEX) - 64.00
Gas - 500.00
Entrance Fee - 100.00/person
Food (Bring your own food) - 0.00
Toll Fee (CAVITEX) - 64.00
Toll Fee (Costal Road) - 24.00
TOTAL - Php 776.00

HOW TO GET THERE? Click here to read how to get to Boracay de Cavite

Dona Choleng Resorts in Cagbalete Quezon
Cagbalete Island

8. Cagbalete Island, Quezon

There are many nice beaches in Quezon, and probably one of the most popular would be Cagbaleta Island in Mauban Quezon. It offers a long stretch of nice white sandy beaches complemented with awesome clear waters, breathtaking sunset and sunrise views and wondrous natural sights. Since the island has been developed, there are already several resorts located at the beachfront for tourists and travelers visiting the island. But if you want to save on budget, I can suggest that you bring your own tent.

Travel time from Manila: 5-6 hours

HOW TO GET THERE? Click here Oto read on how to get to Cagbalete Island.

Bus (Manila to Mauban) - 220.00
Boat (Mauban to Cagbalete) - 50.00
Boat (Cagbalete to Mauban) - 50.00
Bus (Mauban to Manila) - 220.00
Food and other expenses - 400.00
TOTAL - Php 940.00

Recommended Beach Resort on Cagbalete Island: Doña Choleng Camping Resort, Mauban Quezon

Top Summer Destinations for P1000 or Less Best Beaches in Batangas
Enjoying Mahabang Buhangin Beach

9. Verde Island, Batangas

Isla Verde, also known as Verde Island is located between the islands of Luzon and Mindoro, along Verde Island Passage which is dubbed as the "Center of the Center of Marine Biodiversity in the World." Known for its pristine clear waters and amazing underwater treasures, Verde Island is a favorite among local and foreign tourists, backpackers and intrepid travelers looking for an awesome vacation away from the crowd. So save on expenses you may also pitch a tent at the beach. Just ask the locals.

Travel time from Manila: 3-4 hours

HOW TO GET THERE? Click here to read on how to get to Verde Island.

Bus (Manila to Batangas City) - 140.00
Jeep (Grand Terminal to Batangas City Proper) - 15.00
Jeep to Tabangao Aplaya - 40.00
Boat to Isla Verde - 100.00
Food and other expenses - 400.00
Boat to Tabangao Aplaya - 100.00
Jeep to City proper - 40.00
Jeep to Grand Terminal - 15.00
Bus to Manila - 140.00
TOTAL - Php 990.00

Recommended Resort on Verde Island: Isla Verde Tropical Friendly Resort

Since you're already in Batangas City, why not go to Batangas Port and travel all the way to Romblon? How? Here's a detailed step by step travel guide on how to get to Romblon.

Crystal Beach Resort Zambales
Crystal Beach in Zambales

10. Crystal Beach, San Narciso Zambales

Located at San Narciso, Zambales, Crystal Beach Resort is an expansive beach front resort that offers several hectares of gray sand beach dotted with aguho trees with a relaxed and intimate vibe. It is a favorite destination among surfers and is one of the popular surfing spots closest to Manila.

Travel time from Manila: 4-5 hours

Though Crystal Beach Resort is known among surfers, it has also gained popularity among beach lovers, weekenders and beach bums who simply just want to get a quick getaway away from the busy metropolis.

How to get to Crystal Beach Resort: Go to any of the following VICTORY LINER stations: Cubao, Caloocan, Pasay, and Sampaloc. Take the IBA/STA.CRUZ-bound bus and ask the bus attendant to dropped you off in San Narciso, Zambales (nearest landmark: San Sebastian Catholic Church). Fare is about 250 pesos. Once there, take a tricycle going to Crystal Beach Resort. Fare is 15.00 pesos per person.

Bus from Manila to San Narciso - 250.00
Tricycle to Crystal Beach - 15.00 per person
Food and other expenses - 400.00
Tricycle to hi-way - 15.00 per person
Bus fare to Manila - 250.00
TOTAL - Php 930.00

Resort Review: Crystal Beach Resort Zambales, "Quiet, Simple and Charming Beach Resort in San Narciso Zambales"

NOTE: This is the most affordable way I could think of. You may adjust your budget depending on how many are you in the group or if you plan to travel solo. Rates and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

SEE ALSO: Kalanggaman Island, "Palompon's Island Paradise"

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If staying in Metro Manila is your thing, you can check-in in one of the hotels with swimming pools and have an awesome tour around the many attractions in the city.





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i dont think this is updated. i dont know of a bus to zambales that costs 298 php.


ito din mas bet ko tong list nato kasi beaches! Hmmm Laiya and Zambales looks so beautiful from the photos.

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800 na sya now :) Balikan. Hehehe. FYI lang po.

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I'm interested in visiting a nearby calm and serene beach destination this weekend 7th feb. Which one will you suggest? Near and Dear....may be a restarant serving beer on the beach will be great too...

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Forgot to mention. I'm new to Philippines. Can I do a solo trip...

Pinoy Adventurista said...

Go for Laiya in San Juan Batangas or Anilao where resorts are easily accessible.

Bless said...

Updated po ba ito? I plan going to Gulugod baboy after grad kasi. Thanks!

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Sobrang panget ang Burot Beach.disappointed kami sobra ng makita namin ang beach..sobrang dumi ang paligid, daming basura, walang matinong toilet kaya kng saan saan na lng dumudumi ang mga tao kaya nangangamoy sa paligid..yung beach mismo nakakadiri daming lumot na kahit yung paa mo lang ang itapak mo mandiri ka..at may lakas pa ng loob silang maningil ng entrance fee...sayang lang ang ibinyahe namin ng madaling araw...mga 10mins lang ang itinigal namin sa lugar..dapat hwag nang isulat ng mga bloggers ang tungkol sa beach na ito kasi madidismaya lang ang mga taong pupunta dito..

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Anonymous said...

Maximized budget un para makatipid, basa basa, bago comment.

M said...

Hi, I just want to ask which is closer to Manila, San Juan, batangas or Mabini, Batangas? Thank you!

sera restua said...

i find you blog misleading, especially the way to Ternate (boracay de cavite) you should include that hiring a vehicle from the town proper of Ternate up to the resort, costs P3000.

rise degulacion said...

Meron po ba kayong person na pwede kontakin sa borawan? Thanks!

Unknown said...

How to get to boracay de cavite at teenage from here sa bulacan? And 100 lng po ba tlga ang entrance?

Char Del Rosario said...

anung resort po ba sa laiya san juan ung may cheapest entrance, ung pde kami gamitan ng tent, magdadala po kasi kami ng tent. thanks

Char Del Rosario said...

anung resort po sa laiya san juan ang may cheapest entrance fee, and pdeng magtent.may dadalhin po kasi kaming tent. thanks

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Un ang thrill ng pagiging adventurer. Ang MAG-TENT.

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May updates po ba sa rate ng boat?

Anonymous said...

800 na po yun boat. Private boat. Balikan na yun

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kumusta ang panahon kung enero ang pagpunta sa Laiya?
safe ba kung mag overnight doon? may pre-reservation ba sa cottage?

jayne said...

kumusta ang panahon sa Laiya beach sa Enero?
Safe ba ang mag overnight doon?
Magkano ang renta ng cottage?

Hannah Hinay said...

may house for rent ba sa one of the place you post?
Im looking for a house for rent near the beach.. yung monthly basis ang payment

Rogel Rusko Cadudu-an said...

pwede ba mag-camp sa Crystal Beach?

Rogel Rusko Cadudu-an said...

pwede mag-camp sa crystal beach?

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