TOP PICKS: 10 THINGS TO DO IN ROMBLON (Tourist Spots, Attractions and Things To Do and Experience)

Romblon Tourist Spots and Attractions

Romblon is the capital municipality of the Province of Romblon. Located in MIMAROPA Region (Region 4B), it is known for its rich history, beaches and for its famous marble industry. There are many things to do in Romblon that every traveler will surely enjoy. Touring Romblon Island, you'll need about 3 days to visit and fully enjoy most of the famous tourist spots and attractions in the island. If you want to visit Romblon one of these days, you must plan your trip ahead.


You can find many places and do many things in the Municipality Romblon. For first-timers, I listed here some of the most popular attractions and things to do in Romblon, Romblon.

Romblon Tourist Spots and Attractions

1. Visit the Romblon Cathedral

Located right at the heart of the town, the Romblon Cathedral or St. Joseph Church is one of the first places we visited upon arriving in Romblon, Romblon. This church is considered as the oldest church in the whole province of Romblon and is one of the country's 26 colonial churches declared as "National Cultural Treasure" in 2001.

Romblon Tourist Spots and Attractions

2. Chill and relax at the harbor

One of the best things about visiting Romblon are its lovely and very accommodating people. During our visit, we just love walking around the town and hangout at the harbor area while chatting with the locals. The harbor or the breakwaters is the best place to just relax while appreciating the awesome view.

Romblon Tourist Spots and Attractions

3. Visit Romblon Provincial Capitol Building

I love visiting Capitol Buildings. When in Romblon, don't miss visiting their capitol building which is adorned by marbles.

Romblon Tourist Spots and Attractions

4. Eat Siopao from Boknoy's Bakeshop

There are many restaurants around the town of Romblon. But before heading to those restaurants, you must first try their local siopao. Boknoy's siopao is really good! What makes is so good is the yummy sauce that's already inside the siopao. For only 10 pesos each, it's very affordable yet very tasty.

Romblon Tourist Spots and Attractions

5. Hike Fort San Andres

Located on top of a hill, you need to climb up 200+ steps to reach Fort San Andres. Built in the 15th century, its primary purpose was to alert the town about the arrival of Moro pirates during that time.

Romblon Tourist Spots and Attractions

6. See how Marbles are processed at the Marble Factories

As Romblon is known or maybe synonymous with marble, there are a lot of marble factories around the town. Visit the marble factories and learn how they process those huge blocks marble into statues, tiles, souvenirs, chairs and tables, among many others. With this visit, you'll know why they are called "The Marble Capital of the Philippines."

What to do in RomblonWhat to do in Romblon
What to do in RomblonWhat to do in Romblon

7. Food Trip

Eat to your heart’s content and worry about your diet after. During the 4 days we spent in Romblon, we've tried almost all the restaurants in town. Here are some of the restaurants you shouldn't miss:
  • Jd&G - Italian food and real Italian Pizza
  • Island Bistro - Filipino and international dishes
  • Romblon Deli - International dishes and Pizza
  • Restaurant Fuji - Japanese and Korean dishes
  • Pineapple Hill Cuisine - Filipino comfort food and desserts

WHERE TO EAT: 5 Must-try Restaurants in Romblon Island

Top Best Things to do in Romblon

8. Check out the old houses around town

If you love old houses, you'll certainly enjoy walking around the town as there are several old houses that will be feast to the eyes.

What to do in RomblonWhat to do in Romblon
What to do in RomblonWhat to do in Romblon

9. Visit the lovely beaches of Romblon Island

As an island municipality surrounded by waters, you should not miss visiting Romblon's lovely beaches. Check out the beaches of Talipasak, Tiamban, Margie's and Bondon. Click here for a more detailed post about these beaches.

Beaches in Romblon

10. Shop for Souvenirs and Pasalubong

Bring home a piece of Romblon. Shop for Souvenirs and pasalubong at the Romblon Shopping Center located at the town center near the plaza. They have a lot of marble products that will surely be an awesome gift to your family and friends back home.

Top Best Things to do in Romblon

There are really a lot of things you can do and experience when visiting Romblon. I highly suggest that you visit these tourist spots and attractions and make your first Romblon trip a memorable one.

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Top Best Things to do in Romblon

The province of Romblon is a group of several islands located south of mainland Luzon and can be accessed by air or by RORO from Batangas City Port. You'll have spend ample amount of time or visit it several times for you to really experience what the province has to offer. I am definitely coming back to visit Tablas and Sibuyan islands, soon!

How to Get to Romblon from Manila?

Below is a detailed travel guide on how to get to Romblon island from Metro Manila.

Tour Guide in Romblon, Romblon

  • Touring around Romblon, I suggest that you rent a tricycle. For your tricycle needs, you may contact Kuya Toto at 0918-525-0035 (Smart) or 0917-4827917 (Globe). He's a very nice tricycle driver. Please give my regards to him! :)

Hotels and Resorts in Romblon

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Have fun and enjoy Romblon!


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