Best Beaches in ROMBLON ISLAND (Lovely and Uncrowded Beaches)

Beaches in Romblon
Beaches of Romblon Island

The island of Romblon is blessed with lovely beaches that are away from the usual crowd. Here, you just enjoy the heat of the sun, the white sandy beaches and the clear, calm turquoise waters. What I love most about our recent visit in Romblon are its several beaches with clear and white sandy shoreline that are just a stone's throw away from each other, and very accessible by public transportation from the town proper. Here are some of the must-visit beaches in Romblon, Romblon.

Nice Beaches in Romblon
Sandbar in Bonbon Beach

The Beaches of Romblon Island

1. Talipasak Beach

Located in Barangay Ginablan, about 30 minutes away by tricycle from downtown Romblon, Talipasak Beach is a private resort known as San Pedro Beach Resort.

Things to do in Romblon
Talipasak Beach

The beach at San Pedro Beach Resort is so lovely and pristine! It has fine white sandy beach that is soft to the feet. One of the most striking features of Talipasak Beach are the towering stone walls teeming with lush greens on both sides of the beach that forms the lovely the beach. The water is clear and calm, ideal for swimming.

Things to do in Romblon
San Pedro Beach resort

Being a private resort, it is complete with nipa hut room accommodations that cater to guests who wish to stay overnight. They also have a restaurant which serves affordable and delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

Things to do in Romblon
Enjoying San Pedro Beach resort

Things to do in Romblon
The Restaurant

Things to do in Romblon
Lovely and uncrowded Talipasak Beach

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2. Bonbon Beach

Located in Barangay Lonos, just 5 kilometers away from downtown Romblon, Bonbon Beach is probably the most popular beach on the island. Frequented by both tourists and locals, one could enjoy about 2 kilometers of white sandy beaches with gradually sloping seafront which makes it an ideal swimming area for kids.

Nice Beaches in Romblon
Bonbon Beach

Bonbon beach has no resorts or other commercial amenities which makes it nicer since you'll get to enjoy a beach with less development and still away from commercialization.

Nice Beaches in Romblon
Bonbon Beach as seen from the sandbar

One of the most unique features of Bonbon Beach is the sandbar that connects it to an uninhabited Bangug Island. So, if you're going to visit Bonbon, I highly recommended that you schedule your visit during low-tide so you could walk to the sandbar and visit Bang-og Island.

Nice Beaches in Romblon
The sandbar to Bangug Island

Unfortunately, it's already high-tide when we visited this beach, so we weren't able to cross the sandbar up to the island. But still, we got to walk to almost the entire strip of the sandbar and just enjoyed the crashing waves coming from the right side and the calm waters on the left side of the sandbar.

Nice Beaches in Romblon
Beautiful sandbar of Bonbon beach

We spent about an hour at the sandbar, enjoying the delightful afternoon while basking in the hot breeze. Super enjoy!

Nice Beaches in Romblon
Who will not fall in love with this?

3. Margie's Beach

This is a short strip of white sand beach that is really bare and offers quite a peaceful rest to tourists. Located just next to Bonbon Beach, Margie's Beach is separated only by huge rock formations from Bonbon Beach. The beach is not well-maintained; just like Bonbon Beach, there are no structures or resorts in Margie's Beach. But to me, the bareness of this beach makes it more appealing.

Nice Beaches in Romblon
Bare and calm Margie's Beach

Margie’s beach is pristine and calm. Here, one could indulge into snorkeling, swimming, sun bathing and beach combing.

4. Tiamban Beach

If you're looking for a beach with a resort, Tiamban Beach is the best for you. Also located in Barangay Lonos, it is the next beach after Bonbon and Margie’s Beach if you're coming from the town proper.

Romblon Beaches Travel Guide
Tiamban Beach

What I love about Tiamban Beach is its white sandy beachfront with clear turquoise waters and an amazing view of Tablas Island. It also has an ocean floor that is gradually sloping, which makes an ideal swimming area for kids.

Romblon Beaches Travel Guide
The other side of Tiamban Beach

Cottages, restrooms, shower areas and room accommodations are available at Tiamban Beach Resort. If you wish to stay overnight, cost is around 800.00 - 1,000.00 pesos per night for a fan room good for 2-4 persons.

Romblon Beaches Travel Guide
Room accommodations at Tiamban Beach Resort

Entrance fee is 60.00 pesos per person. They also have day cottages, tables and chairs for rent for only 50.00 pesos.

Romblon Beaches Travel Guide
The fine and white sand of Tiamban

We visited Tiamban Beach Resort on our last day in Romblon. We spent the whole afternoon just lounging in the beach and enjoying a good swim.

Romblon Beaches Travel Guide
Just enjoying the beach!

And oh, before we left the resort, we were also rewarded by a wonderful sunset that day! I love it!

Romblon Beaches Travel Guide
Lovely sunset!

These are just some of the many Beaches in Romblon. I hope to visit some more on our next visit. 'Til the next time!

How to Get to Romblon from Manila?

Below is a detailed travel guide on how to get to Romblon island from Metro Manila.

Tips and Reminders

  • Coming from Romblon town proper, hire a tricycle to go to Talipasak or San Pedro Beach Resort. Standard rate is 200.00 pesos per way for a tricycle that could fit 2-3 persons.
  • If you're visiting Tiamban, Margie's and Bonbon Beaches, I suggest that you take a tricycle from the town proper and tell the driver to bring you to Tiamban Resort.
  • Tricycle rental from the town proper to Tiamban Beach is 100.00 pesos per way for 2-3 persons.
  • From Tiamban Beach Resort, you could leave your bags and explore the other beaches by walking towards the right side of the resort.
  • Be sure to bring food and drinks when visiting Tiamban, Margie's and Bonbon beaches. Although Tiamban Beach has a resort, they don't have a restaurant.
  • For your tricycle needs, you may contact Kuya Toto at 0918-525-0035 (Smart) or 0917-4827917 (Globe). He's a very nice tricycle driver. Please give my regards to him! :)
  • Practice "leave no trace" principle at all times.
  • Enjoy and have fun!

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  1. Romblon is beach overload! Perfect for summer trip. 1,2 and 4 are the beaches that I think are nice and worthy to visit.

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