Travel Guide : 5-day Panay Island Adventure - Summary, Itinerary and Expenses

This 5-day Panay Island Adventure happened last February 8-13, 2012. I was able to visit 3 provinces in the island (Capiz, Aklan and Antique) and Carabao Island in the province of Romblon. Being a first timer in these islands, I tried to visit interesting places that my allotted schedule could permit. Here's how it went...

DAY 1, February 8, 2012
I arrived at Roxas City airport in Capiz and went to Baybay Beach to have a sumptuous seafood lunch. Being the "Seafood Capital of the Philippines", the city boasts to offer a wide variety of fresh seafood at a very affordable price. While waiting for my food, I was able to enjoy Baybay beach and stroll around the People's Park.

I then hired a tricycle that brought me to Sta. Monica church in the nearby town of Pan-ay. I was able to see their 16th century church made of coral stone. I also went up to its 5-storey belfry to see the "Biggest Catholic Church Bell in Asia".

We then proceeded to Roxas City proper and checked on the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, the Capitol Building, the park, rotunda and Roxas bridge.

After which we went to the van terminal as I am going to Kalibo en route to Caticlan Aklan. It took me about 4 hours to reach Caticlan and it was already past 9:00 PM when I arrived. I decided to just stay there for a night before I proceed to my next destination which is the island of Boracay.

  • Arrive at Roxas City
  • Lunch at a Restaurant in Baybay Beach
  • Visit Baybay Beach and People's Park
  • Proceed to Pan-ay
  • Visit Sta. Monica Church and Climb the Bellfry
  • Go back to Roxas City
  • Visit the Cathedral, Capitol and Park
  • Proceed to Van Terminal
  • Travel to Caticlan via Kalibo
  • Arrive in Caticlan and stay for a night



DAY 2, February 9, 2012
From Caticlan Jetty port, I took a passenger ferry boat to Boracay. Since I don't have a reservation at any hotels in the island, I decided to proceed at Station 2 where I would start my hunt for a cheap hotel/resort.

I spent my 1st day in Boracay just enjoying the beach by walking from stations 1-3, eating, checking on the stuffs at D' Mall and Talipapa, booking for fun activities that I can do on the next day, finding a cheap accommodation, communicating with the boat owner that will bring me to Carabao island, Romblon and having a good massage by the beach.

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At sun down, I rode Kuya Sherwin's boat to Carabao Island. After the not so fun ride due to rain and strong waves, we safely arrived in Carabao island at around 7:00 PM. I checked-in at The Beach House Resort, enjoyed the dinner prepared for me, chill out with Kuya Larry and Ate Sharon and enjoyed the beach before I called it a night.

  • Travel from Romblon to Boracay island
  • Scout for accommodation
  • Beach Bumming
  • Food Trip
  • Shop at D' Mall and Talipapa
  • Book for fun activities
  • Massage by the beach
  • Travel to Carabao Island
  • Check-in at a resort
  • Swimming and Beach Bumming



DAY 3, February 10, 2012
I went back to Boracay and checked-in at B&B Beach Resort in Station 2. I was able to score a good deal of 800 pesos per night for a room that is good for 2 persons. You may contact them at (036) 288-3235.

Just had a quick breakfast and went to White Blue Dive Shop to avail their Helmet Diving. It was a fun experience to see the world underwater. After the activity, I went back to the resort and slept. Hahaha!

I woke up at around 1:00 PM and had lunch. Then it's time to experience the Zorb Ride. Scheduled at 3:00 PM, I rode their shuttle service to the Zorb Site. It was again fun! fun! fun!

After the zorb, I asked the shuttle driver to drop me at Puka Beach. I enjoyed swimming and bumming at the beach while watching some local kids play around.

I went back to station 2 to freshen up and went out at night for a drink with my new friends I met at the dive shop. Since I am too tired with all the activities that day, I went back to the resort and called it a night at around 11:00 PM.

  • Travel back to Boracay island
  • Check-in at the Resort
  • Do Helmet Diving
  • Food Trip
  • Ride the Zorb
  • Swimming and beach bumming at Puka Beach
  • Sunset viewing
  • Party at night

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DAY 4, February 11, 2012
I planned to visit Bulabog beach, but I'm too lazy to get up early so I ended sleeping more. I woke up quite late, started to fix myself and packed my things at around 9:00 AM. I Checked-out of the resort then went to Talipapa to buy a shirt for my brother. I then proceeded to the port and bid Boracay goodbye. From the port, I hopped into a bus bound for San Jose Antique. It took a while before it left and it was already 11:00 AM when we start the 2 and a half hour travel to Tibiao. Alighting at Brgy. Importante, I took a habal-habal that brought me to Kayak Inn, it was about 2:00 PM when I arrived.

At Kayak Inn, I was welcomed by Ate Sheila, the care taker of the Inn. I rested for a while while sipping on hot coffee that she prepared. Then I did the exciting activities that they offer. First is the Kawa Hot Bath where I stayed at the tub for almost an hour. Then I went down to

Tibiao River to swim and hop from one rock to another. Then I went to the hanging bridge and enjoyed the sight.

It is also here where I met a group of Russians enjoying the hot bath. Their guide is Francis whom I asked if I could go with them as they go back to Caticlan later that afternoon. I also went with them to the Tibiao Fish Spa before we head back to Caticlan at night.

We arrived in Caticlan at around 9:00 PM. I checked-in again at Candice Hotel and went out to have dinner and slept afterwards.

  • Check-out of the resort
  • Travel to Caticlan
  • Ride a bus to Tibiao, Antique
  • Arrive at Kayak Inn
  • Try the Kawa Hot Bath
  • Swim at Tibiao River
  • Cross the hanging bridge
  • Enjoy the Fish Spa
  • Travel back to Caticlan
  • Check-in at a hostel


DAY 5, February 12, 2012
It's the last day of my trip. I planned to explore Kalibo this time. But unfortunately, the weather wasn't good. It was raining the previous night until the following day. So I just decided to sleep more and will just go back to Kalibo in time for my afternoon flight back to Manila.

  • Check-out of the hostel
  • Travel to Kalibo
  • Explore Kalibo
  • Proceed to the airport
  • Flight back to Manila


Looking back, I'm happy to do a lot of things in this 5-day adventure. I'm glad to meet new friends and a lot of good people along the way. It may be a solo trip, but I definitely never felt alone in this journey. 'Til the next adventure!







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  1. Nice adventures for 5 days travel. More travels to come :-)

  2. How do you do the box thing pala Kuya? By the way pala, your adventure is so low cost!! I'm jealous

  3. MERVINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN... Ikaw na ang pinaka-malaga! Hahahaha! :)

  4. i'll reference this on one of trips in the future. :D

  5. Wow! Full-packed 5 days. Bookmarked na 'to for future reference. : )

  6. wow for only 6635 you did all that
    you went under water
    from island to island
    on a kawa
    had spa
    great it's sure looks fun

  7. wow! thanks for sharing...super detailed yung iti at breakdown ng expenses...funfilled trip! :)

  8. omg kuya melvin! I love the kawa tub! I wanna try it soon! How I wish I can score a cheap fear to ilo ilo :) You are amazing! keep it up! <3

  9. nakakainggit ka talaga.....been following your travel blogs and everytime i check your page, there's something new to read about.....more power and more lakwatsa...hahahaha

  10. Ang saya ng trip mo, napaka-spontaneous.. I love how you managed to travel solo, and without prior reservations.. now I know why the name's adventurista.. :)

  11. the church is just awesome.. the beach is great.. plus the river.. massage and zorb.. all-together fantastic!!!

  12. Wow 6k plus lang in five days? Ikaw na tlaga ang pinoy adventurista na madiskarte jejeje, ganda ng post bro very detailed

  13. 'Liked the breakdown of expenses... grandiose trip but very affordable and not over splurge trip. Just right in the pocket.

  14. Thanks everyone... hope this will help you on your future travel plans... cheers!!! :)

  15. i'm not really sure... mga 300-500 cguro... :)

  16. Hi.. Pwede malaman if you know how much ang kayakig sa tibiao antique? Salamat.. :D

  17. Hi i was inspired by your blog:)galing ha.. super tipid travel... i was planning to travel solo this year sana to vigan e, lahat kasi ng travel bud ko, naka punta na dun, i was having doubts pero sa tingin ko, kaya ko naman. Can you give me tips on travelling solo?


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