Creating Unforgettable Memories Boarding a Cruise

Cruising is one of the best and most amazing ways to explore the world. It offers the chance to journey to some of the most beautiful and intriguing corners of the globe while traveling in luxury and style and all times.

But whether you are sailing to a paradise beach or exploring the Arctic on one of the extraordinary Arctic cruises on offer, with so much to see and do, everything can become a bit of a blur. Making memories is great, but keeping those memories is a different matter entirely.

So if you’ve decided to book a short cruise and want to make sure you remember every detail, here are a few tips on how to create and retain unforgettable memories on your cruise vacation.

Slow down and take your time

Shore excursions are brief during a cruise and it is easy to be tempted to jump from one activity to the next to try and pack as much into each day as possible. But there’s no need to hurry, and, in fact, if you are always in a rush to get to your next experience, you won’t fully appreciate what you are currently doing. Slow down, relax, and savor each moment, and you’ll enjoy each one so much more.

Talk to the locals

If you really want to get under the skin of a place, getting to know the locals is the best way to do it. Luckily, a cruise offers plenty of opportunities to do just that. When you head off on a shore excursion, try to avoid the main experience, and explore a few more authentic spots, whether it's a small restaurant filled with local customers or a park where kids are playing. And the principle holds true on board ship as well! If you strike up a conversation with the staff at the onboard spa or just get to know a family from another country over dinner you are guaranteed to have a more memorable time on your cruise!

Keep a journal

For the best travel memories, nothing beats a journal. There’s nothing like writing down your thoughts and experiences to help you remember them, and the act of putting pen to paper will help you appreciate what you’ve done during the day even more. Putting together a vacation diary or journal, and even including sketches and photos, will capture the spirit of your cruise and help keep your memories fresh.

Disconnect from technology

In the modern world, it is easy to get caught up in technology and spend more time looking at a screen than appreciating your travels. This is particularly true on a cruise, where you literally bring your internet connection with you wherever you go. Try to put down your phone, switch off your screens, and really take in your surroundings.

Take lots of photos

It might sound obvious, but photos are the best way to help capture the best memories of your cruise and keep them forever. But don’t just take photos of the most famous attractions and most obvious sights. Try and get shots of the little things that catch your eye, the smaller details of your trip. This will make for a far more complete recollection of your adventure, and help keep the entire experience fresh in your mind.

Buy souvenirs

Souvenirs are a great way to help you remember the best moments and most memorable places you visit during your cruise. Visit local artisanal markets to find the most interesting and authentic pieces, and don’t forget to pick up gifts for people back home as well!


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