TOP PICKS: Must-Visit Beaches in Quezon Province for 2021

Beautiful Beaches in Quezon

Looking for the best beaches in Quezon Province?

Facing the Pacific Ocean and Tayabas Bay, the Province of Quezon offers a lot of nice white sandy beaches that are mostly untouched and undeveloped. Check out this list of popular and "off-the-beaten" beaches in Quezon that will surely be an awesome beach destination near Metro Manila whether it's summer or not.

Must-Visit Beaches in Quezon for 2021


Beaches in Quezon

Borawan Beach

Located in the town of Padre Burgos, Borawan Beach is one of the best beaches in the province of Quezon. It doesn't have the usual long stretch of white sand beach of Boracay, but it is full of huge rock boulders with a backdrop of high limestone walls like what Palawan has. These features make Borawan beach uniquely beautiful. Thus, they called the beach Borawan, "Bora" -cay and Pala- "wan."


Beaches in Quezon

Dampalitan Beach

Another must-visit beach in Padre Burgos, Quezon is Dampalitan Beach which is located a few minutes away by boat from Borawan Beach. Dampalitan Beach is an undeveloped beach with a long stretch of shoreline as compared to Borawan Beach. Basic amenities are available here such as nipa hut cottages for rent that can accommodate overnight campers; and shower rooms with fresh water for bathing.


Travel Guide: How to get to Borawan and Dampalitan Beaches in Padre Burgos, Quezon

Beaches in Quezon

Kwebang Lampas (Puting Buhangin)

Located in Pagbilao Quezon, Kwebang Lampas (Puting BUhangin) beach perfectly matches my assumption of how a white sand beach in Quezon Province would look like. Kwebang Lampas beach's sand is shimmering and glittery. The shoreline is also dotted with towering coconut trees with some cottages ready for use. You can also explore and take a dip inside the cave with sea water going inside. Thus, the origin of the name "Kwebang Lampas." This is definitely one of the best beches in Quezon that I've been to.


Travel Guide: How to get to Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon

Beaches in Quezon

Binumbunan Island

As suggested by my friend, Karl of TuristaTrails.com, Binumbunan Island in Burdeos which is one of the municipalities located on Polilio Island. This off-the-beaten destination is "an island where time seems to stand still. It's where you can forget your daily grind because it's remote and not a soul lives there," Karl shared.

How To Get There From Manila:
  • Board an Infanta-bound van or Raymond Bus in Legarda (roughly three-hour travel time for Php200).
  • Get off at Ungos Port in Real. The earliest trip is 6:00am.
  • Board a passenger barge or vessel for Anawan Wooden Pier of Polillo (less than three hours travel time for Php200).
  • Ride a Burdeos-bound jeepney from Anawan Wooden Pier (two-hour travel time for Php150).
  • To reach Daungan Beach for Binumbunan Island, charter a tricycle ride from the poblacion to Barangay San Rafael. You can directly reach Binumbunan Island from the poblacion by chartering a boat ride from the poblacion pier.

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Beaches in Quezon

Jomalig Island

Located 6 hours away off the coast of Real Quezon, Jomalig Island is suggested by my friend Ace of iamacesome.com. "Jomalig Island has a lot to offer from the golden sunny beaches of the southern part of the island, Salibungot beach to the sand bars of the northern part the Kanaway sand bar. One of the most interesting to do in Jomalig Island is renting a motorbike and explore the terrain of the island from north to south, one can see the vast grassland of the island and many mangrove areas. During the day one can just stay at beach basking under the sun with the view of the Pacific Ocean, or explore the Pine forest lined up along the coast." Ace shared.

How to get to Jomalig Island? Click here to read Ace's blog post.

Dona Choleng Resorts in Cagbalete Quezon

Cagbalete Island

Probably one of the most popular beaches in Quezon, Cagbalete Island is located off the shores of Mauban, Quezon. It offers a long stretch of nice white sandy beaches complemented with awesome clear waters, breathtaking sunset and sunrise views and wondrous natural sights. With its proximity from Metro Manila, Cagbalete Island is one destination that is a favorite among travelers wanting to have a quick escape from the city.

BWhere to Stay in Cagbalete Island Quezon

When visiting Cagbalete island, you can also explore the nearby Bonsai Islet, which is a vanishing islet that can only be seen during low tide.

BWhere to Stay in Cagbalete Island Quezon

There are many resorts in Cagbalete island, most of which are located at the beach area. One of the most popular is Dona Choleng's Beach Resort. This is where we stayed during our visit. Read my full review here.

How to Get to Cagbalete Island?

Here is a detailed post on how to get to the island. CLICK HERE!

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