Quezon - Borawan and Dampalitan Beaches in Padre Burgos Quezon - October 24, 2010

Indeed, there’s so much to explore in our country, and the beaches would be on top of my list.

Benj and I, decided to spend a beach bumming weekend in the not so famous but very beautiful beaches of Quezon Province. Our first stop is the Borawan and Dampalitan beaches in the town of Padre Burgos.

How to get to Borawan and Dampalitan Beaches:

From Jac Liner Terminal in Buendia, take a bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal. Fare is 220 pesos each, travel time is around 3 hours for a night trip.

Lucena Grand Terminal @ around 3:00 AM

Look for the bus bound for Unisan and get off at Brgy. Marao in the town of Padre Burgos. Fare is 35 pesos each, travel time is around 45 minutes.

That's the bus. We're now at Brgy. Marao

Look for Vista Playa Restaurant where you can rent a boat that will take you to Borawan and Dampalitan beaches. Boat rental depends on how many passengers and the number of beaches you want to visit, ours is 600 pesos for two, for the two beaches.

Vista Playa Restaurant

While waiting for the boat

From the restaurant, it will take you 10-15 minutes going to Borawan beach.

From the boat pa lang, kitang-kita na namin ang ganda ng Borawan beach. The rock formations and the shoreline is really awesome. It doesn’t have the usual long stretch of white sand beach of Boracay, but it's full of huge rock boulders with a backdrop of high limestone walls like what Palawan has. These features make the beach uniquely beautiful. Note: No entrance fee is being collected in the island.

Borawan Island

We are all by ourselves, as there are no other tourists in the beach. We took the oppurtunity to change to our beach wear and took some pictures in the shoreline and rock formations. We were lucky to own the beach at that very moment. As the locals say, it could get crowded on some occasions, especially during summer, because it’s a favorite hideaway of backpackers, adventurers and campers.

After a few minutes, we decided to board the boat and go to Dampalitan Beach. It is around 15 minutes from Borawan. Dun na lang kami magsu-swimming...

While approaching the beach, we already saw several campers in the shoreline with their own tents set up. Upon setting our foot on the beach, we looked for a good spot where we could set up our tent, as well as the "duyan". So that we could rest. Wala pa kaming tulog eh... Hehehe!!!

Dampalitan Beach is also as lovely as Borawan. It's an undeveloped beach with a long stretch of shoreline as compared to Borawan Beach. Basic ammenities are availabe here such as nipa hut cottages for rent that can accommodate overnight campers; and shower rooms with fresh water for bathing. Entrance fee to the beach is 50 pesos/person.

There are no sari-sari stores in the beach, so bring some snacks and drinks. We brought a few because we just plan to stay there only until 11:00 AM. We'll just have our lunch at Vista Playa Restaurant, in time for our Kwebang Lampas Adventure in the afternoon.

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back @ Vista Playa Restaurant

our lunch

Summary of expenses per person:
Bus Fare (Manila-Lucena) - Php 220.00
Breakfast @ Lucena - Php 60.00
Bus Fare (Lucena-Padre Burgos) - Php 35.00
Boat Rental - Php 300.00
Entance Fee to Dampalitan Beach - Php 50.00
Lunch @ Vista Playa - Php 80.00
TOTAL - Php 745.00

Note that these expenses are for two persons only (745 pesos each), it can be less or more depending on how many are you in the group and how good are you in getting discounts (which I'm good at... hehehe!).

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  1. Ang gastos din niya pero sa tingin ko sulit naman sa ganda ng lugar nuh :]
    Paglaki ko talaga magaadventure din ako :)))

  2. @Renz-di naman masyado... around 2K each ang gastos namin, including na yung Kwebang Lampas and pamasahe pauwi ng Manila...

  3. Virgin pa ang Island sa tingin ko... ganda!

  4. @MarcoPaolo-yung Borawan medyu "virgin" pa... kaso dami na din vandalism sa mga walls... yung Dampalitan is becoming commercialized... =D

    kwebang lampas will be on my next post. It's better than these two...

  5. kulet tlaga.. adventure talaga hanap m0 pare.. enjoy na enjoy sana one day makasma ako sa adventure mo... kso bka pag pauwe maglakad na lang ako hehe wala na q pamashe.. -halojin

  6. yan yung inggit mode ko oh.. pinost talaga hehee. oki lang oki na ko hehe :D

  7. Nagutom ako bigla! Namimiss ko na ang pagkaing Pinoy!hehe

  8. @Jepoi-sarap nga ng tilapia at ampalaya... mag luto ka dyan ng Pinoy foods... =D

  9. will be going on Nov 20-21. :)
    salamat sa info! :)
    by the way, ilang islands napuntahan nyo?

  10. @Brenna - we went to 2 islands/beaches in Padre Burgos, then went to Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao by land. You can arrange the boat to bring you to Borawan, Dampalitan and Kwebang Lampas...

  11. ilan days and trip nio?

  12. @anonymous- 2 days po... the bus travel took much of the trip eh...

  13. panalo^^ i wanna visit those two beaches soon!

  14. @Chaise - I highly recommend these beaches... puntahan mo din ang Kwebang Lampas sa Pagbilao...

  15. this place was recently featured at Jessica Soho ... will include this in future travels

    very informative site :)

  16. hindi matatapos ang May na hindi ako pupunta dito :)) thanks for featuring beautiful spots in Quezon.. hindi ko na pala kailangang lumayo :D

    punta ka ba ng Pahiyas?? see yah!

  17. @hArTLeSsChiq - yeah, beaches in Quezon are great!!! go go go!!!

    Naku, di pa ako naka-decide... bahala na... hehehe!!!

    So you're from Quezon pala?

  18. yup Lucena lang ako, pero dito ko ngayon Manila :)

    hahaha sayang naman kung di ka makakapunta

  19. @hArTLeSsChiq - oo nga..sayang... hopefully i could find time... hehehe! thanks po... =D

  20. Hello po! we're planning to go there this weekend. may kilala po ba kyo na pde nmin macontact sa dampalit or sa borawan? chaka pala po, wla kaming tent kasi.. so sa dampalitan lang kami pwede mag overnyt since dun may marerent na cottage and tent? :) how much po kaya? thanks so much!

  21. Hello po! we're planning to go there this weekend. may kilala po ba kyo na pde nmin macontact sa dampalit or sa borawan? chaka pala po, wla kaming tent kasi.. so sa dampalitan lang kami pwede mag overnyt since dun may marerent na cottage and tent? :) how much po kaya? thanks so much!

  22. @Anonymous - may mga cottages sa Dampalitan... dun nalang kayu mag overnight, pero i suggest you bring your own tent para sure... i'm not sure with the prices...

    I dont have their contact numbers but i got this from Pinay Tavel Junkie's site (http://www.pinaytraveljunkie.com/2010/04/borawan-and-dampalitan-beach.html)... Please try to call Ate Irma at 0918-6048601 or 0917-9884824.

    Hope this helps... =D

  23. Vista Playa is under new management with better service. For more inquiries about Beach Activities, Boat Rentals, etc., kindly contact direct: 63.906.2423945.

    Please be informed that IRMA SANIEL is NO LONGER CONNECTED with VISTA PLAYA since AUGUST 2010. We will not be responsible or liable to any accidents/ injuries if not directly in contact with VISTA PLAYA MANAGEMENT.

  24. A friend mentioned borawan and dampalitan to me, and I thought "san ba yun? maganda kaya dun?" looks as if you owned the place. parang private beaches from the photos. medyo out of the tourism radar pa kasi. hoping to go there soon. thanks for this post. very informative. :)


  25. Hi! i see that you'l been also in Dampalitan and Borawan in Padre Burgos... thta place was so nice, relaxing and have a clean water with a beautiful ambiance... I've been there also with my family and freinds. It's nice to be their hope you've there too. =)

  26. ei...let us know pag may travel plans kayo and which locations ;-) join naman sa trips minsan

  27. Nice post sir about sa Pagbilao, isa sa gusto kong mapuntahan,

    Hi sir, ask ko po kung huli na po sa Itinerary nyo ang kwebang lagpas diba til 4pm lang po pwedeng magstay dun? how much ang expenses nyo dun after nyo magBorawan at Dampalitan?

    gusto ko po kasi malaman kung how much po ang expenses sa Pagpunta ng Pagbilao, plano po kasi namin pumunta nitong long weekend by November, apat lang po kami..

    thanks in advance..

  28. @Anonymous - We went to Kwebang Lampas after Borawan and Dampalitan. you can check this lik for the expenses.


    Just follow the expense details of Borawan and dampalitan plus Kwebang Lampas to have an idea of the expenses...

  29. Hi Pinoy A..astig dami mo nang napuntahan..ask ko lang kung saan kayo naligo after swimming sa Borawan??

    1. Hi Alvin! sa Vista Playa kami naligo...hehehe! pero quick rinse lang kc papunta pa kami ng kwebang lampas... so sa Lucena na talaga kami naligo bago umuwi ng Manila...

  30. Sir. gud eve. tanong lng, how much po ung overnight stay sa dampalitan? balak nmn mg pitch ng tent sir. salamat po

  31. kwebang lampas ang ganda ganda....nakalimang balik na ako dun.... di nakakasawang puntahan,

  32. hi ganun p rin po ba price pagpunta borawan and dampalitan ngayon? wanna go there solo sana. safe naman ba kung solo lng n pupunta and mag stay s dampalitan?

    1. hmmm... i'm not sure po kung same pa din... matagal na kc yung last na punta namin eh... yeah, safe naman dun, kc may mga caretakers naman sa Dampalitan... go there cguro ng weekend para madami rin turista.. that way, u might meet others na pupunta din sa dampalitan, makisabay ka nalang para makatipid ka.. enjoy! :)

  33. hi pareho p rin po ba price ng pagpunta sa borawan and dampalitan ngayon. wanna go there solo sana. safe po ba kht magisa lng pumunta dun?

  34. Wow!I like out of the way places since they are not crowded. I like to travel with all the comforts of a resort haha...but sometimes looking at your pics, inspires me to go out of my comfort zone...and the budget doesn't really leave a hole in my pocket.More power Pinoy Adventurista!

  35. were planning to visit borawan this long week end sna d crowded since long week end eh

  36. were planning to visit borawan this long week end sna d crowded since long week end eh

  37. you know what your adventures are so cool...

  38. nxt tym sama ko hehe

  39. hi. what time did the bus (going to unisan) leave lucena grand terminal?
    i think we would also arrive lucena grand terminal at 3 AM.

  40. We're looking for a nice and cool beach near manila. Ung cheap lang. May mga kids din kming kasama kaya need sana namin ung may matutulugan cla... Kailangan p bang sumakay ng bangka bago k makarating s beach? Or may daan naman thru land? Please reply, guys! Thanks!


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