10 Cold Places in the Philippines to Feel Winter in the Tropics (Recommended Summer Destinations with Cool Climate)

Coolest towns places and cities in the Philippines perfect for summer
Coolest towns in the Philippines? Where?

Where to find the coldest places in the Philippines where you could feel winter in the tropics? Check this list of coldest places in the Philippines where you could escape the sweltering heat of summer.

As a tropical country, the Philippines usually enjoys a sunny climate all throughout the year. It's hot, yes, during summer months, but that doesn't mean that there are no cool places (as in, literally cool) in the Philippines for you to enjoy. If you wish to escape the rising temperature in the metropolis, here are some of the places I've been to with cool climate that you may want to consider for a visit this summer. Let's say, this is my most recommended summer destinations in the Philippines with cool climate. Enjoy!

Top 10 Summer Destinations in the Philippines with Cool Climate

Coolest towns places and cities in the Philippines perfect for summer

1. Baguio City, Benguet

The undisputed summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City boasts of cool and temperate climate all year round. Its accessibility from Metro Manila, numerous tourist spots and attractions are just some of the reason that makes it a favorite weekend-getaway among local and foreign tourists.

You can read more about Baguio City here:

How to get to Baguio City? From Manila, take a Victory Liner or Genesis bus bound for Baguio City. Terminals can be found in Pasay, Cubao or Sampaloc. Fare is around 450 pesos and travel time is 6 hours. For a more detailed post on how to get to Baguio, visit: How to get to Baguio City from Manila and Vice Versa by Bus and by Private Car.

Coolest towns places and cities in the Philippines perfect for summer

2. Balamban, Cebu

Because of its mountain ranges, Balamban's eastern part has a cool mountain climate. From Cebu City, drive to Balamban via the transcentral highway and you would find some interesting sites such as Mt. Manunggal, Adventure Cafe and some mountainside resorts. So, if you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and experience the cold weather in the highlands, this is a "cool" spot for you.

How to get to Balamban? There are passenger vans at Ayala Center in Cebu City bound for Balamban. Travel time is about 45 minutes to an hour and fare is 110-120 pesos.

Coolest towns places and cities in the Philippines perfect for summer

3. Banaue, Ifugao

It is the main jump-off point for various tourist spots and attractions in the provinces of Ifugao and Mountain Province. Surrounded by mountains and tribal villages, it is a hiker's paradise amids the cool and temperate climate.

You can read more about Banaue here:

How to get to Banaue? There are bus companies with direct trips to Banaue from Manila. Bus terminals are located in Lacson Avenue, Sampaloc Manila (near University of Sto. Tomas). Most of the buses leave at night, bus fare is around 450 to 500 pesos depending on which bus company you're taking. For a more detailed post on how to get to Banaue, visit: How to Get to Banaue from Manila.

Coolest towns places and cities in the Philippines perfect for summer

4. Itbayat, Batanes

Unlike the other places mentioned in this article, Itbayat isn't in a high altitude location. Being the northernmost inhabited town in the Philippines, it's distance away from the equator makes up for having a cold climate. It experiences four seasons instead of two and the best time to visit Itbayat is during its winter season from November to February.

How to get to Itbayat? To get there, you have 2 options: (1) take a 4-hour boat ride from Basco port or (2) take a 10-minute plane ride from Basco Airport. For a more detailed post on how to get to Itbayat, visit: How to Get to Itbayat from Basco and to Basco from Itbayat by Boat and by Plane.

Coolest towns places and cities in the Philippines perfect for summer

5. Kidapawan City, North Cotabato

Kidapawan is one of the major tourist destinations of the province of North Cotabato as the it lies at the foot of the majestic Mt. Apo, the country's tallest mountain. Kidapawan comes from the words "tida" which means spring and "pawan" meaning highland, thus the city is called as "A Spring in the Highland". There are high altitude places in the city that are best to visit during summer season for it's cool climate.

You can read more about Kidapawan City here:

How to get to Kidapawan? Kidapawan can be reached directly by bus or van from Davao or Cotabato City. From Davao City's Ecoland Terminal, there are buses (Weena bus) bound for Kidapawan or to Cotabato City which passes by Kidapawan City. If you want to take the passenger vans, go to NCCC Mall or SM City Davao where you could find the vans bound for Kidapawan City. Estimated travel time from Davao City to Kidapawan is about 2 hours. Fare is around 150 pesos from Davao City. If you are coming from General Santos City, take a bus to Davao City and drop off at Digos City Terminal and take a bus bound for Cotabato City, which will stop over at Kidapawan City.

Coolest towns places and cities in the Philippines perfect for summer

6. Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Located in the province of South Cotabato in Mindanao, Lake Sebu affords visitors an awesome place to relax and unwind with its cool climate. Dubbed as the "Summer Capital of Southern Mindanao", it is a peaceful, idyllic fishing town, and the ancestral domain of the indigenous T’boli tribe. With an estimated elevation of 1,000 meters above sea level, the temperature in Lake Sebu is comparable to Tagaytay City which ranges between 20ºC to 25ºC.

How to get to Lake Sebu? The most covenient way to get to Lake Sebu is to fly from Manila to General Santos in South Cotabato. From there, take a bus bound for Koronadal then transfer to a bus bound for Surallah and then take a van to Lake Sebu. Travel time from General Santos to Lake Sebu is about 2-3 hours.

Coolest towns places and cities in the Philippines perfect for summer

7. Marawi City, Lanao del Sur

Dubbed as the Summer Capital of the South, Marawi City's high elevation (along Lake Lanao at approximately 2,300 feet) makes the weather in the city pleasant and cooler.

You can read more about Marawi here:

How to get to Marawi? From Manila or Cebu, take a flight to Ozamiz City or Cagayan de Oro City. In Ozamiz City, proceed to Ozamiz Port and take a ferry going to Mukas Port (20 minutes). From there, take a bus bound for Cagayan de Oro City and get off at Southbound Terminal (1.5 hours) in Iligan City then take an MSU bound jeepney (1 hour). If you're coming from Cagayan de Oro City's Laguindingan airport, make your way to Iligan City and get off at the Southbound Terminal. Take an MSU/Marawi City bound jeepney or van (1 hour).

Coolest towns places and cities in the Philippines perfect for summer

8. Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

Malaybalay City's climate is relatively cooler the whole year round. Nestled in the highlands of Bukidnon province, the city greets visitors with clean crisp mountain air.

You can read more about Malaybalay City here:

How to get to Bukidnon? Coming from Davao City, take a bus bound for Cagayan de Oro City at Ecoland Integrated Bus Terminal, buses leave almost every hour. Travel time is 4-5 hours and fare is around 320 pesos (air-conditioned). If you're coming from Cagayan de Oro City, take a bus bound for Valencia or Davao City at Agora Bus Terminal. The bus passes by Malaybalay City. Travel time is around 2-3 hours and fare is 135.00 pesos.

Coolest towns places and cities in the Philippines perfect for summer

9. Sagada, Mountain Province

At an altitude of about 5,300 feet above sea level and enveloped between the main Cordillera Ranges and the Ilocos Range, Sagada's weather brings forth cool weather with fog that is eerie and at the same time relaxing and interesting. Sagada's dry season is from November to April, wet season is from May to October while the coldest weather can be experienced from December to February. Dubbed as the "Shangri-la of the Philippines", there are a lot of activities that can be enjoyed such as trekking, spelunking, waterfalls hiking, visiting historical sites, food trip, among many others.

You can read more about Sagada here:

How to get to Sagada? There are 2 routes that you can choose to get to Sagada from Manila. (1) Via Banaue: Take a bus bound for Banaue. Travel time is about 9 hours and fare is 450 pesos (for the bus schedule check out this post). From Banaue, take a jeepney to Sagada. Travel time is around 3 and a half hours (with several stops), fare is 250 pesos. (2) Via Baguio: Take a bus bound for Baguio. Travel time is about 6 hours and fare is 400 pesos. Then go to Dangwa Bus Terminal and look for the Lizardo bus bound for Sagada. Normally, the earliest trip is at 5:00 am and the last one is at 1:00 pm. Travel time is around 5 hours, fare is around 220 pesos. For a more detailed post on how to get to Sagada, visit: How to Get to Sagada from Manila.

ALSO READ: Sagada Travel Requirements for Tourists and Visitors

Coolest towns places and cities in the Philippines perfect for summer

10. Tagaytay City, Cavite

Tagaytay is perfect place to chill for a quick getaway from the busy Metro Manila. Just a 2-hour drive from Manila, Tagaytay offers cool and breezy climate due to its high elevation. It is famous for its stunning views of Taal Lake and volcano, a majestic natural wonder. Some of the must-do activities include picnics at the park, trekking, horse-back riding, sightseeing, visiting religious places and indulging on wellness treatments at the various spas. Aside from Tagaytay's tourist spots and attractions, it is also a "food haven" with its many restaurants, cafes and farms offering a wide array of food options.

You can read more about Tagaytay City here:

How to get to Tagaytay? There are regular buses from Manila bound for Tagaytay City. Or you may take any bus bound for Nasugbu or Balayan and alight at Tagaytay City. Travel time is about 2-3 hours.

There are more, but I guess these 10 "cool" summer destinations will let you pack up your bags and get ready to escape the summer heat!

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NOTE: This list is in alphabetical order. Credits to www.pinasmuna.com for the first photo.



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  1. great list merv, some places in your top 10 is all too familiar so I couldn't agree more. i would love to visit balamban, kidapawan and marawi to experience the coolness of the place :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this... May favorite among the Summer destinations in the country are Baguio, Sagada and Tagaytay. But the one that truly captured my heart is Sagada then Baguio.

  3. Ibang iba talaga pag nalibot na ang buong Pilipinas...
    Nice one idol :) I wish I can as well visit some of the places you posted here.
    Truly an inspiration, thank you.

  4. tagaytay suko ako sa 18C nung few weekends..pero what if sa 8C pa sa Baguio
    hirap matulog sa gabi hehege

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  11. Mayagay,Sampaloc,Tanay. It is overlooking Metro Manila .popular site is pranjetto etc. You can go there via Marcos highway. Cogeo near Antipolo is where jeep going to Camp Capunpin,Sampaloc,Tanay can be found. But the cooler part is situated in Kamagong,Infanta,Quezon next to Sampaloc,Tanay area. From the highest point you can view Pacific Ocean and the whole Metro Manila. Ang daming sapinit na parang wild strawberries!

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