MUST-VISIT BEACHES NEAR MANILA according to Pinoy Travel Bloggers

list of top best beaches near Metro Manila

Planning for a quick weekend getaway? You don't have to go far from the city to see the beauty of the Philippine Beaches. There are many nice and beautiful beaches near Manila that you can enjoy without booking a flight!

Just 4-5 hours away from Metro Manila or even less, there are so many easily accessible beaches near Manila that you can drive to. From the all-time favorite beaches of Batangas, to the uncrowded beaches of Quezon, to the famous beach destinations in Zambales and Bataan, all the way to beaches of Pangasinan, a weekend getaway to bask in the sun and enjoy the beach is totally possible. I asked some of my travel-blogger friends and here are their most-recommended must-visit beaches near Metro Manila.


beaches near manila masasa beach in Batangas

Masasa Beach Batangas

in Tingloy, Batangas by celineism.com

Located on an island off the coast of Anilao in Batangas, Masasa Beach is a perfect destination for those wanting to have a quick getaway – it’s just a few hours from Manila by bus. A boatride to the island of Tingloy will bring you to this stretch of chalky sands and clear, clear waters. Lots of homestays as well as tent-pitching areas are available around the island should you want to stay the night. The beach is also punctuated with dramatic rock formations perfect for photography.

The island itself also has several picturesque portions like rice paddies, hills, and coves. The place gets a little too crowded over the weekends but come on a weekday and there is a huge chance you will get to have the beach to yourself. When you do, you’d be able to fully appreciate the laidback, tropical vibe of the island coupled with the incredible seascape and refreshing water. Since Tingloy is detached from mainland Batangas, waste disposal here is more complicated so be sure to leave no trace when you visit. Try to bring your trash back with you and do not litter on the beach. Be sure to be responsible and mindful while having fun!" To know more about Masasa Beach, please PLEASE CLICK HERE.


From Metro Manila, you can take a bus to Batangas City. Travel time is around 2-3 hours and bus fare is around $5 USD or 200 pesos.


Crystal Beach Resort Zambales

in San Narciso, Zambales by followyouroad.com

Crystal Beach Resort is known for its pristine and well-maintained beauty that are highly Instagrammable and appealing to millennials. Imagine a long bamboo trellis, the sight of small tents sheltered by pine trees, and the strong waves facing the West Philippine Sea.

The best thing about Crystal Beach Resort is no matter how popular it has become, it is never too crowded. At any given season, Crystal Beach will only accommodate 400 people in a day, already including infants and kids. Though there's a laid-back vibe, you'll see none of those rowdy beach parties and drunken skinny dippers in the middle of the night. Since they have a lot of on the ground staff, you also get a sense of security and situational control that some beach hostels do not offer. This makes it a great destination for more intimate groups including couples, companies, and families.

They also offer more than just overnight stays. You can also find here some Team-Building activities with facilitators for your next company outing, island tours to Camara and Capones Islands, water sports events and Summer Siren concerts, and special occasions and events packages.

Other amenities include sports massages, bonfire, souvenir shops featuring Roxy surfing wear for the ladies, and surf lessons by Quiksilver Surf School. Some nearby attractions in Zambales are Mt. Tapulao and Nangoloan Falls.

Crystal Beach is a haven you'll surely want to return to when you're looking for a peaceful beach trip with options for adventure. It's one of those destinations that feels like home and is incredibly beautiful. Pine trees, pale sands, and surfing waves are always a welcome sight. To know more about Crystal Beach in Zambales, please PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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BEACHES NEAR MANILA Cabongaoan Beach in Pangasinan

Cabongaoan Beach Pangasinan

in Burgos, Pangasinan by taraletsanywhere.com

Cabongaoan Beach is a rising beach destination in Burgos, Pangasinan. It's a casual beach where you can enjoy the sea without the usual large crowds in popular getaways near Manila.

Caboangan Beach features light caramel-colored sand and clear water. Coconut trees line up the beach shore. A few resorts can be found in the area, offering cottages for day trips, rooms for overnight accommodations and even area for pitching tents for those who want to bring their own gears.

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The best thing to do here is to swim and beach bum. You can also trek to and visit the nearby “Death Pool”, which is basically a deep swimming hole that's constantly being swept by waves. For those who're looking for more adventurous things to do, it's possible to do a sidetrip to Cacupangan Cave for 2 hours of spelunking activity.

You can bring your own food here or buy fresh seafood from fishermen for cooking. In some days, lobsters are being sold near the beach for only P300/kilo.

Cabongaoan Beach is ideal for families and friends. It's also a popular choice among backpackers and those who would like to take photos in the Death Pool for the gram. Lastly, it's recommended for those who're looking for less-crowded beaches or those who just want to visit somewhere new that isn't the usual Zambales or Batangas. To know more about Cabongaoan Beach, please PLEASE CLICK HERE.


Blue Coral Beach Resort Batangas

in Laiya San Juan, Batangas by travelhabeat.com

Batangas has been a favorite weekend getaway near Manila. But guess what? Not all Batangas beaches are created equal. Specifically located in Laiya, Blue Coral Beach Resort will surely give you that much deserved summer escapade. Get your vitamin sea with its pleasant beach or simply stroll in its fine, white sand shore. Blue Coral also spoil guests with its cozy pools available for both adults and kids. Clean and well maintained, the swimming pools have that nice, warm water. What’s also good about Blue Coral is that the facilities are easily accessible from the rooms. Whether by the pool or by the beach, you can relax and get your tan with the lounge chairs available. The lovely nipa huts by the shore will give you a chance to unwind with the serene view of the sea.

You can opt for a day tour or better yet, stay over the weekend. Just do note that there’s a compulsory meal package (lunch, dinner, and breakfast) for those staying overnight. The meal package is on top of the accommodation fees but you’ll get to feast with the buffet table. Now if you’re looking for some water activities, Blue Coral also offers water sports facilities like banana boat, kayak, jetski, speedboat, and snorkeling gears. Whether it’s a company outing, a family vacation, or a barkada getaway, Blue Coral is definitely one of the recommended resorts that’s just a few hours away from the metro. Compared to other beach resorts in Batangas, it can boast of its above-average facilities that can easily make it your favorite go-to holiday destination. To know more about Blue Coral Beach Resort, please PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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Five Fingers Coves Bataan

in Mariveles, Bataan by iamtravelinglight.com

It’s not just creamy beige or ash-white beaches – the Five Fingers coves in Mariveles, Bataan have clear turquoise lagoons, caves, unique rock formations, and stunning cliff views. And, because the waters are enclosed by coves, they are calm and perfect for swimming.

Trek up the hills of Cochino’s Point, the first cove, to see a panoramic view of the island. Jump off from the cliffs of Talaga Point to the clear waters of Natsu Lagoon. The highest jump would be to Tinanlakan Lagoon from a 40-foot-high cliff at Longos Kawayan Point. Walk along the grayish white sand fringed by green hills and take a dip at the tranquil waters at Apatot Beach. Be awed by the massive Nagmandala Rock and the other unusual rock formations at Hornos Point and at Latain Point. Have a seafood lunch under the coconut trees at Aglaloma Beach.

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Five Fingers is 45 minutes away by boat from the mainland of Mariveles. Local tour operators offer island hopping trips to the coves. Tours with lunch usually start at P999. Mariveles is accessible via a 1 ½ hour ferry ride from the Esplanade Seaside Terminal near Mall of Asia. The ferry trips to Mariveles are not always regular, though, so taking the Manila-Orion ferry route (usually a 50-minute trip) is an alternative. From Orion, Mariveles is 45 minutes away. To know more about Five Fingers Coves, PLEASE CLICK HERE.


Punta Fuego Beaches in Batangas

in Nasugbu, Batangas by karlaroundtheworld.com

Punta Fuego is one of the beaches that can easily be reached from Metro Manila. It’s only a 3 hour easy drive from the city and---tadaa, you find yourself in a semi-private beach.

Because Punta Fuego is a gated community, most of the people you see either own houses there or are booked at Club Punta Fuego. What’s good about it is that it never gets too crowded. You even have different beach options: Crescent Beach, Long Beach, Coral Beach.

I recently revisited Punta Fuego, and this time around, I went diving. To my surprise, there was a lot to see. I never thought of Punta Fuego as a diving destination but it was definitely colorful. They also have a lot of water sports available like Banana Boat, Jetski, Kayaking and more. It gives every member of the family something to do. More so, Punta Fuego is a beach developed destination where you will not run out of good food choices. I mean, come on, if you go to the beach for vacation, you would want good food. So if you are a looking for a beach to visit near manila for a staycation or just to relax, this is a good option. To know more about Punta Fuego Beach in Batangas, PLEASE CLICK HERE.


All Hands Beach Subic

in Subic Bay Freeport Zone by slippersandshades.com

My family seldom frequented beaches in Subic Bay because we prefer to swim in Batangas which is known for its sparkling white sand beaches and rich marine life. But to our surprise, we were mesmerized of the stillness, clean and clear waters of All Hands Beach which is located at San Bernardo Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It is so safe to swim here because the shoreline has gradual sloping depth. It has no adjacent residential areas and inland rivers that is why it is away from pollution.

Its facilities and services include air-conditioned rooms, function rooms, 24 hours Coffee Bar, 24 hours shoreline dining and parking area. The resort is rather small but it teems with water activities like banana boat, kayak, jetski, hoverboard and a lot more. Guests will enjoy free use of the aqua inflatables, bamboo huts, nipa sheds, WiFi, siesta beds, charcoal grillers, floaters, basketball and beach volleyball courts.
There is no corkage fee for bringing of food and beverage. Night swimming is allowed until 12:00 midnight. It is safe to swim at night because the shoreline is illuminated by the beach lights; there is a buoy line and a life guard.

They offer room packages with free breakfast. Since we are on a budget, we availed the Beach Bundle-Sunrise to Sunrise (6:00 am to 6:00 am) where we slept on our tents on a designated tent area. It was just fine if we did not stay in their rooms since their public comfort rooms are clean and with pleasant smell.

Though our stay was short, we fully enjoyed immersing ourselves to the water. With our worthy experience in this resort, we all want to go back! To know more about All Hands Beach in Subic, PLEASE CLICK HERE.


Sombrero Island in Anilao Batangas

in Anilao Mabini, Batangas by thejerny.com

Batangas is one of the most popular tourist targets near Metro Manila. The province triumphs many mountains and beaches and is really famous for excellent diving spots and marine sanctuaries. It is busiest during the summer season as it is the nearest coastal area where you can find light brown to white sand beaches that are totally loved by the Filipino people.

In Anilao, Batangas, Philippines, lies the small but fascinating Sombrero Island where it got its name by its form because, on a bird's eye view, it looks like a hat. It possesses glittering white sands with large rock boulders and formations on the side. The shore would welcome you with school fish swimming even in the shallow parts of the island. Snorkeling works best if you are fond of seeing marine creatures. Freedivers love this spot as is it is an island blessed with marine creatures.

The fee to this island is 200 pesos ($4) each and will only take you around 20 minutes of a boat trip from Masasa Beach and about 10 minutes to 20 minutes from any resort in Anilao. To know more about Anilao's Sombrero Island, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Aquaria Waterpark and Crusoe Cabins

in Calatagan Batangas by nomadicexperiences.com

The beaches of Calatagan have plenty to offer and with the remote getaway vibe of Crusoe Cabins and the fun activities you can enjoy at Aquaria Waterpark, you don’t have to find other place to spend a lovely long weekend with your family or friends. Plus, there are a few side trip options nearby so you must avail the island hopping tour offered by the resort. Aside from a few snorkeling and dive spots, there’s the magnificent Calatagan sandbar stretching to almost 500 meters that can be visited less than 30 minutes from the shoreline of Calatagan. To know more about Aquaria Waterpark and Crusoe Cabins, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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Beach Resorts near Manila in Cagbalete Quezon

Cagbalete Island Quezon

in Mauban, Quezon by pinoyadventurista.com

Facing the Pacific Ocean, the province of Quezon is filled with many uncrowded and nice beaches. One of my top favorites is Cagbalete Island in the town of Mauban. Considered as one of the most-visited beach destinations in Quezon, it is located just off the coast of Mauban. It offers an island getaway where you can enjoy semi-white sandy beaches with clear waters, awesome sunset view and wondrous sights. With its proximity from Metro Manila, it is a popular destination among travelers and city dwellers wanting to have a quiet escape away from the big city.

Staying overnight on the island is also not a problem. There are resorts that you can book to have an amazing and comfortable overnight stay. On our trip to Cagbalete Island, we stayed at Doña Choleng's Camping Resort (Check Room Rates Here) which offers nice and affordable island accommodations with architecture that perfectly blends with nature. They also have a spacious hall, a restaurant and a wide selection of accommodations such as Bali Huts, Cottages, Nipa Huts and a camping area where you could pitch a tent for that ultimate island experience. To know more about Cagbalete Island, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

With so many beautiful and easily accessible beaches near Manila, the problem now is, where to go first? Hahaha! Plan your trip now and have an amazing summer getaway near Metro Manila with you family, friends or special someone!


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