Zambales - Surfing Weekend at Liw-Liwa, my 3rd Surfing Experience

We travelled to Liw-liwa to try surfing on this part of Zambales. So, on our 2nd day, we rented a surf board and requested a surfing instructor from the staff of The Circle Hostel. We then proceeded to the surfing area. We were amazed by the huge waves! It was quite early morning and there were already a few surfers trying out the morning swell.

This is the good thing about Liw-liwa, as it is not so well-known, the surfing area doesn't get too crowded.

My friend haven't tried this. So, I asked him to go first. He was briefed by our instructor Edmar on the basics of surfing. After getting the instructions on how to stand up on the board, they went to where the waves are. I was just at the shoreline cheering for him and taking photos.

I am so proud of my friend as he was able to get up and stand at the board after trying for several times. Eventhough it's his first time, he was able to do it! Congrats!

I know, he had a great time. Hehehe! He said: "I craved for the beach at nagka-bonus pa! Isama mo na yung burns, bumps and bruise na nakuha ko while surfing... Nanakit ang likod ko dahil na-random sampling ako ng bato... but it was fun!"

Then it's my time to ride the waves. Since it's already my 3rd time to try surfing, we didn't go through the introduction part, we directly go to where the waves are. Yabang lang! Hehehe!

I must admit that this is my hardest surfing experience so far. The waves here are bigger compared to my previous surf in La Union and Baler.

I had a hard time getting my balance, standing and controlling the board. I don't know, maybe the waves are too hard to handle. Hahaha! The bottom is sandy with some rocks, so be cafeful when you fall off.

Thank goodness, after several attempts I was able to ride the waves. Woohoo!!!

Swell is good from October to March. Luckily, we went here last January as we experienced very nice swell.

This is one awesome surfing spot that is very near Manila. So if you just have a day or a weekend to spend, go to Liw-liwa and experience riding its awesome waves.

I am no professional surfer, just a "wannabe", but if you want to try learning how to surf, I highly recommend that you go to Liw-liwa.

Board rental is 400 pesos for half day and surfing instructor is at 180 pesos per hour. How to get there? Go get your board shorts and click here.

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This is part of our surfing weekend experience in this "not so well-known" surfing spot in Zambales, that happend last January 14-15, 2012. Come, join us as we enjoy the waves of Liw-liwa.
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  1. wow, ang laki nung waves.. parang ang sarap jan magsurf.. dami tao..

  2. You gave me an idea where to go next! Thank you sir!

  3. oo nga,,, may malaking waves naman pala sa zambales eh..

  4. Looks you guys had a lot of fun!
    This is interesting... wanna try this one sometime.

    Well done!

  5. merz.. miss ko na kau ni benj!! kailan kau magpapakita sa akin! hahahaha

    1. wala cya d2 eh... nasa Bicol... hehehe! pagbalik nya, sabihan kita ha?

  6. Nainlove ako bigla sa surfing! Next target ko na to! :D

  7. What is exceptional is that it is not crowded! It tops my list lalo na't wala akong beach body to flaunt lol! hahaha!

  8. parang gs2 ko na tlga matuto mag surfing. haha. Sarap naman!

  9. Its a great experience, I want to see huge waves too.

  10. Mervs, you should also try skim boarding or surfing in dahican. Unti unti na cyang sumisikat ngayun. Its my favorite in my home province of Davao Oriental.

  11. I just saw ur blog & Im interested to go to Li Liwa Zambales What if we can bring our own tent do they a camping ground to pitch tent? how about tent rental how much is it? Can we also pitch a tent near the beach? Can we also pitch a tent at night near the beach? Please I need a help... How about cooking near the beach? thanks


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