SAMAR & LEYTE TOURIST SPOTS: San Juanico Bridge, "A Walk To Remember"

Whenever I travel, time constraint has always been my dilemma. If only I have all the time in the world to just sit at the beach and watch the sunset, I would love to do that. But I have a job in Manila and I need to be back. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I've been roaming around some parts of Leyte and Southern Leyte for two days already and it's just so hard to believe that it's about to end.

After wandering around Maasin City, we went back to Tacloban City. I will be spending the night in the city to catch my early morning flight to Manila the following day.

But before getting to my hotel, we went to San Juanico Bridge, a monumental landmark that stretches from Samar to Leyte across the San Juanico Strait. At a total length of 2.16 kilometers, it is considered the longest bridge in the Philippines crossing a body of seawater.

Completed in 1973, it was used to be called as Marcos Bridge as it was built during the regime of former president Ferdinand Marcos. It is said that this is a "Gift" and a "Testimonial of Love" by Marcos to his wife and a native of Leyte, Imelda Romualdez Marcos.

Just like the grandiose Maria Christina Falls, it is also my childhood dream to see this bridge. It's also been part of my grade school years where I only read and see it on text books. Now it's a reality.

From the city center, we hired a tricycle that will bring us to the bridge and back to the city. We were dropped at the foot of the bridge on the Leyte side and just told the driver to wait for us at the other end which is in the Samar side.

What's good about this bridge is that it has pedestrian sidewalks on both sides. So, people can walk through it and enjoy the scenic view of the San Juanico Strait as well as the tiny islets below the bridge.

I cannot contain my exhilaration the moment I set foot on the bridge. I was so excited and was one with the bridge, shaking. Hehehe! I am in high spirits that finally, another childhood dream of mine has been fulfilled. Crossing the San Juanico Bridge is truly an experience of a lifetime.

Here's a video I took on board a van on my trip from Marabut, Samar to Tacloban City, two weeks after this trip.

From Tacloban City, ride any jeep or bus bound for Samar. These will pass by San Juanico Bridge. Fare is around 15 Pesos. Alternatively, you could hire a tricycle to take you to and from the bridge. Contract price is 200 pesos including the waiting time.

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This is a part of my Leyte and Southern Leyte Adventure Getaway last October 1-2, 2011. This is my 2nd time to visit Leyte, the 36th province on my list. Kudos to my friend, JM, for accompanying me and for preparing everything on this trip. Join me as I unravel Leyte's rich history, culture and natural resources.
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  1. gotta see that bridge before it colpase, lol. great adventure!

  2. We also crossed the san juanico bridge by foot on february 2009. we took a jeep from tacloban going to samar and got off at the foot of the bridge in the samar side in the municipality of sta. rita and walked towards leyte where we took another jeep going back to the tacloban.

    there was a police station at the foot and we asked the people there if it was ok to cross the bridge and how long it would take. they told us from 15 to 30 mins, which was how long it took us as we took photos along the way.

  3. @rome - it's been there for more than 30 year, i believe it could still last another 30 years... thanks!

  4. @Batangala - as my friend frequently visits Tacloban, he told me that it's ok to cross it by foot... and it indeed a an experience! :)

  5. My childhood dream as well! Sana matupad pagbalik namin ng Pinas :)

  6. @Pinay Travel Junkie - looks like pare-pareho tayo... we grew up seeing it in photos kc at tinuturo sa shcool... thanks Gay! :)

  7. Yay! travel!
    Naalala ko lang bigla ung vacation namin sa Samar last May para makifiesta sa kamag-anak namin. Napadpad kami sa Leyte, due to my Ate, kasi gusto talaga nya na magpunta kami ng Caluwayan Palm Beach Resort. We enjoyed it naman kasi para kaming nasa adventure movie na nagdidiscover kung saan ung place na dapat naming punta. :)

    Pero baket ganun, pwede palang bumaba dyan sa San Juanico bridge? Ang pagkakaring ko kasi noon sa driver eh, bawal daw huminto or bumaba dyan? I don't know or mali lang pagkaintindi ko.

  8. @Popchic - wow! nice adventure... i also went to Caluwayan 2 weeks after this trip... will post it soon!

    ang alam ko lang is bawal mag stop yung sasakyan, so kung may dala kayong sasakyan, it's better na bumaba na kayo from one end then lakarin nyo yung bridge then magpasundo nalang kayo on the other end...

    Thanks po... :)

  9. I have never really explored this part of the country. Passing through lang ako kasi I was attending meetings, but never had the glimpse of the bridge! Sana magka-project ako somewhere here. Haha.

  10. ha! i know this is a beautiful iconic site, been passing the bridge a lot of times that i didn't realize it's been "a dream come true" to many. congratulations for completing this trip! :D

  11. @Ding - wow! nice naman... ako first time ko makita at makadaan dyan... Thanks Ding! :)

  12. @tara - yeah, for us who lives in Luzon, it's a dream come to to see this iconic bridge in Leyte... truly one of the best in the Philippines... Thanks Tara! :)

  13. i remember my quixotic plans to duck-walk this bridge.. hahaha..

  14. @Dee Quixotic - i would love to see you do that... cheers! :)

  15. di pala gaanong matagal ang pagcross nito! ayos na ang 30-minute exercise! thanks for sharing mervz. ngayon alam ko na ok lang palang maglakad from foot to foot. :D

  16. Isa ito sa mga childhood dream place ko na hindi ko napuntahan this year. Sana matuloy na ako sa June :D

  17. @Ed - oh yes... mga 30 mins lang... pwede nga cguro 15 mins kung tuloy-tuloy... thanks Ed! :)

  18. @Micamyx|Senyorita - yeah, i think madami tayo... really a childhood dream na maka-cross dyan or makita man lang ang bridge na yan... thanks Mica!

  19. tatlong bisis ko nang napuntahan an to. hangang sa gitna lang palagi hehehe, drop off sa gitna then u turn sa Samar side yung driver then back to fetched us. Next time lalakarin ko na talaga.. :)

  20. Marahil kung patuloy ang inspection at maintenance nang tulay, mamamalagi itong nakatayo at magagamit nang higit pa sa sandaang taon.

  21. For sure, I will really visit this bridge, as a Senior Citizen now.


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