UPDATED CHINA VISA REQUIREMENTS and Application for Tourists (How to successfully get a Chinese tourist visa?)

CHINA VISA REQUIREMENTS and How to Apply Chinese Tourist Visa in the Philippines

Traveling to China this 2021 and you want to know the list of requirements, how to apply, and how to successfully get a Chinese Visa in the Philippines?

For Filipinos traveling to China you need to secure a Chinese visa to enter Mainland China, except Hainan Province which allows visa-free entry for Filipinos. In this Chinese Visa Travel Guide, I will give you the step-by-step procedures on how to apply for a Chinese Tourist Visa and the list of requirements needed to get a Chinese visa. Please note that this only covers Chinese tourist visa for Filipinos visiting China. For other Chinese visa types and requirements you may visit the official website of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Philippines.

CHINA VISA REQUIREMENTS and How to Apply Chinese Tourist Visa in the Philippines

The visa application process is pretty simple and straightforward. For me, it's actually easier than getting a Korean Visa or a Japan Tourist Visa.

Here are the list of requirements and how to apply for a Chinese Tourist Visa in the Philippines.

STEP 1: Book your flights and hotel accommodation

For visa application, you need to submit a confirmed roundtrip flights to and from China, as well as booked hotel accommodation for the whole duration of your stay. For visa application purposes, I suggest that you book a hotel with free cancellation or a hotel that accepts payment upon check-in. For flights, there are some travel agencies that can reserve air tickets for you, or you can do it yourself by reserving a flight through an airline's website or booking app.

There is a risk when you reserve airline tickets by yourself using the airline website or booking app as the flight itinerary or flight reservation will get cancelled within 24 to 48 hours. This can jeopardize your visa application process which usually takes a week to process. It's always recommended to take the help of good travel agencies who can hold reservations for longer duration until your visa application is approved. You may try the services from the schengenflightreservationvisa website they are providing confirmed flight and hotel bookings for visa applications with online verification commitments.

By just "reserving" your flights and hotel accommodation, you can cancel your hotel accommodation and flights just in case your Chinese visa application got denied. In our case, we submitted a confirmed and paid air tickets and "reserved" hotel accommodations.

STEP 2: Prepare all the requirements

For Chinese tourist visa application, here are the basic requirements you need to prepare:
  • Original copy of current Passport - a Philippine passport with at least six months validity. It should have at least one blank visa page. If available, you should also submit your old passport/s along with your current/valid passport. You may attach it with a rubber band on your current valid passport.
  • Photocopy of passport's bio and emergency pages - Submit also a photocopy of your passport's information/photo page and emergency contact page.
  • Application form - duly accomplished and signed Chinese visa application form. It should be electronically filled-up and all information should be in English capital letters. Handwritten forms are not accepted. Don't leave any field blank, just put "N/A" if an item is not applicable to you. You may download the visa application form from the embassy’s website.
  • Photo - recent photo taken within the last 6 months. Provide 2 colored photos and attach one of the photos on the Application Form. The photo should be pasted on the application form. Do not staple, tape or clip it on the application form, else it will not be accepted. The photos should be front view, with white background, in 48mm x 33mm size without head covering. Click here for the specific photo requirements.
  • Itinerary

For first-time Chinese Tourist Visa application, you need to prepare the following documents along with the requirements listed above.
  1. Bank Certificate of Deposit Balance and Bank Statement for the past 6 months. Also include the receipt for payment of the bank certificate.
  2. BIR-stamped Income Tax Return Form.
  3. Certificate of Employment (detailing the salary and the length of employment).
  4. For self-employed, provide Business Registration Certificate.
  5. Company ID, Professional ID/Student ID (if applicable).
  6. Other relevant documents proving the applicant's economic condition/employment/study, or supporting the applicant's travel to China, or explaining the travel purpose (if applicable)

  • If you lack any of the above requirements, you may provide an explanation letter.
  • If a Chinese national invited you, submit an invitation letter with the following information:
    • Information of the applicant such as full name, gender, date of birth, etc.
    • Inviter’s information such as full name, address, contact information, signature, and relationship to you.
    • Information about your planned trip such as the purpose of visit, arrival and departure dates, places you will visit, financial source for expenditures, and other essential information.
    • Proof of kinship such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, certification of kinship issued by Chinese Public Security Bureau or notarized certification of kinship.
    • Invitation letter may be in the form of fax, photocopy or computer printout. But the embassy “may” ask you to also provide the original copy.

CHINA VISA REQUIREMENTS and How to Apply Chinese Tourist Visa in the PhilippinesCHINA VISA REQUIREMENTS and How to Apply Chinese Tourist Visa in the Philippines

STEP 3: Submit your application

Go to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Philippines. It is located at the following address:

Embassy of the People's Republic of China
2F, The World Center Building
330 Senator Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City

Please note that mail applications are not accepted and no appointment required. You may submit your visa application and requirements in person or you may entrust someone or a travel agency to submit it for you.

The visa application hours are from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, from Monday to Friday. I highly suggest that you arrive at the embassy as early as possible even before it opens. Lines start to get a bit long early so it’s better to be there early.

Upon entering the embassy’s office, get a number from the receptionist at the door. Wait for your number to be called at the visa application window. Waiting time at this process takes about 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the number of applicants on that day.

When your number is called, approach the window and present your visa application requirements. Note that they may ask you a few questions about your visa application requirements. If your requirements are complete, they will give you a pink slip indicating the date of the release of your passport.

Chinese tourist visa application guide: Tips and reminders

STEP 4: Claim your passport and Chinese Visa (if approved)

The standard processing time for tourist visa application is 4 working days. For example, you applied on a Monday, your passport will be released on Thursday. Releasing of passports is also done from 9:00 to 11:00 am from Monday to Friday.

To claim your passport, bring the pink slip on the date of the release of your passport. Upon arrival at the embassy, get a number for payment. When your number is called, pay for the visa processing fee at the cashier. After payment, you will be given a receipt and you need to line up again for the window that releases the passports. Claiming takes about 2-3 hours of waiting time. So, it's better if you arrive at the embassy as early as possible.

Here's how the Chinese Tourist Visa looks like:

Chinese tourist visa application guide: Tips and reminders

Please take note of the following details on your Chinese Tourist Visa:
  • Number of entries - the number of times that the visa holder may enter China within the validity period.
  • Validity period of the entry - the valid period of time during which the visa holder may enter China.
  • Duration of stay - the period of time during which the visa holder is allowed to stay in China after each entry.

NOTE: The duration of stay is decided by the consular officer. What I heard is that they usually grant 14 days. Luckily, I was given 30 days Chinese Tourist Visa.

How much is the China Visa Processing Fee?

When paying for the visa processing, only cash payment is accepted. For single entry, visa fee is 1,400 pesos. For double entry it's 2,100 pesos, for 6 months multiple entry, it's 2,800 pesos, and for over 6 months multiple entry visa, processing fee is 4,200 pesos.

Express service (third working day release) can be availed for an additional fee of 1,100 pesos per visa. For rush service (second working day release), an additional fee of 1,700 pesos per visa will be charged. Please note that Express and Rush service is not available to first time Chinese visa applicants.

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