How to Get to BEIJING from SHANGHAI CHINA travel guide blogs

After enjoying and exploring the tourist spots and exciting things to do in Shanghai, it’s time to travel to our next destination - Beijing. Getting to Beijing from Shanghai, you may take a domestic flight or take the high-speed train. We chose to take the train because it's cheaper and we also want to experience what is considered as "China's fastest train." With a speed of 250-350 km/hour for G Trains, taking the high-speed train will bring you to Beijing from Shanghai in less than 6 hours. How cool is that?

How to Get to BEIJING from SHANGHAI CHINA travel guide blogs


In this China travel guide blog, I will help you with useful information on how to travel from Shanghai to Beijing by hi-speed train. It’s actually pretty easy and straight-forward. Here are the steps:

1. Book your train tickets in advance. Trains in China are always busy and often fully-booked. Days before our scheduled trip, we made sure that we buy our train tickets in advance so we will be assured that we have reserved seats. We don’t want to arrive at the train station and just take it to chance that we can buy a ticket on-site, then know by then that all the trains are fully booked. We don't want that to happen.

By booking online, we can also choose our desired date and departure time and be assured that we will arrive in Beijing as planned in our Beijing itinerary.

2. Go to Hongqiao Railway Station. Hi-speed trains to Beijing depart from Hongqiao Railway Station. So, from Shanghai city center, you may take the Shanghai Metro Line 2 or Line 10 and get off at Hongqiao Railway Station. Fare is around 6 RMB, travel time is around 30-45 minutes.

If you’re taking the taxi from Pudong Airport, the travel will take about 1.5 hours, fare is around 230 RMB. If coming from downtown Shanghai, it will take about 45 minutes and fare of around 70 RMB if you’re taking a taxi to Hongqiao Railway Station.

How to Get to BEIJING from SHANGHAI CHINA travel guide blogs

3. Pick-up your tickets. Upon arrival at Hongqiao Railway Station, we went to the ticketing booths and showed our Klook mobile vouchers to claim our physical train tickets. Make sure that you have your passport ready because they will ask for it for verification.

Shanghai Travel Guide Blogs ChinaShanghai Travel Guide Blogs China

4. Check your train ticket details. After getting our tickets, we familiarized ourselves with the details printed on the ticket. Take note of the train number, the boarding gate number, departure time, and the carriage and seat numbers. For your reference, below is my train ticket with the details found on the ticket.

How to Get to BEIJING from SHANGHAI CHINA travel guide blogs

5. Go to the boarding area. Proceed to the boarding/departure area located at the 2nd floor. Be ready with your ticket and passport because you will be passing security and identity checks before entering the boarding area.

How to Get to BEIJING from SHANGHAI CHINA travel guide blogs

6. Wait at the boarding area. The boarding area is huge, like an airport's boarding area. As you have familiarized yourself with your ticket, look for your assigned boarding gate number and wait for the time of boarding. The status of your trip is displayed on the huge LED screen, so always check on it.

How to Get to BEIJING from SHANGHAI CHINA travel guide blogs

7. Board the train. About 15 minutes before your estimated time of departure, the boarding gates open, and boarding starts. Just insert your ticket at the turnstile and enter.

8. Proceed to the platform. Go to the train platform area at the ground floor and look for your train/carriage number. Enter the train and find your seat. Note that the seats are numbered with a row number and a seat letter, just like how seats are arranged on a plane.

How to Get to BEIJING from SHANGHAI CHINA travel guide blogs

9. Enjoy the hi-speed train ride! The train is clean and spacious. You can put your luggage at the luggage closets and your small luggage or backpacks at the overheard bin or under the seat in front of you. Seats are comfortable too and can be reclined if you want to sleep. There's also a small fold-able table in front of you that you can use if you want to eat or work on your laptop.

Inside the train, there are toilets at the end of each carriage. If you get hungry, you can go to the dining car where you can find the buffet counter. You can also order meals from the train attendants. The price goes from RMB 15 to 45 per meal.

How to Get to BEIJING from SHANGHAI CHINA travel guide blogs

10. Welcome to Beijing! Travel time from Shanghai to Beijing is around 5 hours and 42 minutes. The train will arrive at Beijing South Railway Station. It is connected to Line 14 and Line 2 of the Beijing Subway System, so getting to your hotel in the city center won’t be a problem.

How to Get to BEIJING from SHANGHAI CHINA travel guide blogs

Travel Tips and Reminders

  • Be at Hongqiao Railway Station at least 90 minutes before your scheduled departure time.
  • Always be ready with your passport and valid visa.
  • Eating and drinking are allowed on the train. You can bring food and drinks inside the train. You may also buy microwaved set meals, snacks and drinks from the buffet counter or order from the train attendants.
  • Always have some cash. The buffet counter only accepts RMB.
  • There's a boiling water dispenser in each train car that you can use in making noodles, tea or coffee.


Enjoy, have fun and safe travels!

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