Canadian Restaurants That Will Blow Your Mind

Canadian Restaurants That Will Blow Your Mind

How beautiful is it that every single country has its own special flair when it comes to food? Canada is no different, their culture mosaic point of view towards new cultures and points of view leads to a very varied cuisine.

From the simplest coffee houses to the biggest steak joints, snowy Canadian food is hearty, satisfying, and ultimately addicting at the end of the day. Many restaurants have surfaced to take control of the food industry in the area. There may be some American influence here and there, yet I’d say that the Canadian food industry is bustling and always ready to serve up something new & delicious.

These restaurants have captured the hearts and minds within the Great White North and far beyond:

Tim Hortons

Named after a famous hockey player from way back when this restaurant serves up hundreds of thousands of meals on a daily basis. First, it was known for stellar coffee, then it started to break into the food market and became a cash cow. There’s even a Tim Hortons in the UAE for some odd reason. Their signature Tim Bits are small round donuts and compliment the rest of their menu well. It is one of the most classic Canadian food institutions of all time, to tell the truth.


As a fast-food burger house that delivers wholesome and memorable burgers, Harvey’s slogan of “Have It Your Way” is very apt as you build your own burger from the patty up before enjoying a very natural tasting burger. Their fries & onion rings also hit the spot in ways few other restaurants manage to on a daily basis. It’s a fully functional, fully Canadian restaurant. Don’t want beef? Their chicken menu is almost just as big, Harvey’s has all the bases covered.


While there is an extremely similar A&W operating in the United States, the A&W in Canada is actually completely distinct from its American counterpart. Here in the Great White North A&W prides itself on a GMO & steroid free product as well as root beer made from real cane sugar. All of their burgers come fresh & juicy for an experience that’s perfect with their added spices and flavors.

Mary Brown’s

Hailing from the Maritimes, this fried chicken joint does fantastic things with spicy mayo sauce and primo potato wedges. Affectionately referred to as taters, they’re bursting with flavor to the point where the included napkins are completely necessary. In some ways, it has been referred to as the Canadian KFC, although it has its own distinct flavor and custom that distinguishes itself from any other place that promises fried chicken at a great price.

Smoke’s Poutine

A Canada wide chain dedicated to one of the nation’s most celebrated dishes, Smoke’s dedicates itself to the art of poutinerie. The basic poutine is represented, but there are also many exotic poutines that involve ranch dressing, chicken bits, all the way to Korean barbeque poutine. The array of flavors on hand is staggering, one thing that makes this franchise unique is their use of the eponymous Smoke character in the form of stickers that can be found all over the nation. Tall mountain in Alberta or swampy field in Ontario, you’re liable to see a Smoke’s Poutine sticker somewhere, and for good reason. Their careful choice of deluxe poutines makes for an interesting experience.

The Keg

While this sit down restaurant might seem pricey, it’s one of the best Canadian steakhouses out there, bar none. It has a distinct air of upscale cuisine without any pretentiousness or unnecessary flair. The Keg is a great place to go for an after-work pint thanks to their stylish full cups perfect for enjoying all of the aromas on display. Macy Hooper from VegaDirect.ca says that glasses are the most used utensil, so it is especially important to pick the right glassware for your restaurant. They took this to heart with nice, hefty glasses perfect for a satisfying cheers. You can expect a laid back lounge decor with the kind of ambiance enhanced by large family-style tables tucked away. The furniture is nice, yet accessible. If you want some of the most savory steak that the country has to offer, any of the 160 Keg locations will do the trick just fine. Best chosen for events like an engagement party or a classy night rendezvous, it’s the perfect place for the beginning or end of a memorable night.

Canadian Restaurants That Will Blow Your Mind

East Side Mario’s

Who wants Italian? This slice of Little Italy is the premier spot for Italian-Canadian cuisine nationwide. Delicious pastas, massive calzones, and more spaghetti than you can shake a stick at all wait on the other side of these beautiful doors. The restaurant is very family friendly while still providing a fun, cantina feel for adults.

Mandarin Restaurant

Canada has enjoyed a massive number of Chinese immigrants throughout the years, making it obvious than eventually an all-you-can-eat Chinese joint would enjoy massive success in Canada. All the sweet & spicy favorites are represented at the buffet, with lots of local extras to make any Mandarin welcoming and familiar. Its over 100 chains service mostly the Southern Ontario region of the country, they also donate significant amounts of funding to disease research groups around the nation.


A cookhouse that serves up steak, ribs, & burgers on the regular, Montana’s is another fixture in Canada’s food landscape. It draws inspiration from the prairie parts of the country for a classic Texan steakhouse kind of environment. Their food is well-priced and cooked to specification, with all barbequing done in-house.

Swiss Chalet

Based on a skiing/snowboarding chalet theme, this casual dining establish in Canada serves to help feel everyone who wants a wholesome & complete sit-down style family meal. It is much more average in its choices in decor and food, but how they accomplish both is done in a distinctly Swiss Chalet way. Rotisserie chicken is their flagship dish, but they’re also famous for their Chalet Sauce which isn’t unlike gravy in consistency and flavor.

Any of the restaurants on this list are sure to expand your palate just a pinch more into the Canadian side of things. Just about every kind of food will be on some menu as Canada’s predilection for multiculturalism has made for some very interesting restaurants to have the kind of environment where they can experiment and excel. The Canadian palate may be considered similar to the American palate, but if you visit any of these restaurants you’ll notice a distinct Canadian influence, even if you can’t quite put your finger on it.

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