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Jamaica Travel Guide Top Things To do

Jamaica has an array of exotic activities for visitors to experience. Venturing beyond the port or your resort can prove to be quite rewarding. Interact with local artisans and embrace the flavor of Jamaican culture. Consider these options to make your Jamaican trip an unforgettable experience.

Dunn's River Falls: Montego Bay

Dunn’s River Falls is one of Jamaica's iconic wonders-a climeable traverine. Its height and width 180 feet high by 600 feet long, leading out to the Caribbean Sea. To climb the rocks of Dunns River Falls of this natural wonder, you and your group will create a human chain to ascend to the top. While at the falls, venture off to the beach, or just relax in one of the many natural pools.

Dolphin Cove: Ochos Rios

Encounter some of the local aquatic wildlife during your trip to Jamaica. Dolpin Cove allows you to view dolphins, stingrays, angel fish, and sharks. In their natural habititat. Snorkeling is a huge plus at this attraction. Guests can submerge underwater and enjoy the dolphin encounter or the shark encounter. The attraction also has a petting zoo and an aviary to feed the birds.

Rose Hall Great House Tour

Take a tour of this lavish historic mansion in Montega Bay, purportedly haunted by the "great white witch of Jamaica".
The estate has been restored with decor from the 18th-century decor. Your guides will entertain you with the estate's intimate tales of murder, lust, and black magic. Partake in championship golf or a grand tour of the mansion. Special events include 'The Haunted Night Tour,' and 'Food and Cocktails'.

Bamboo Rafting in Montego Bay

Ride a bamboo raft down the Martha Brae River. This 90-minute trip is considered one of the most romantic excursions you can enjoy on the island. During the adventure down the water, you are able to stop to do things on land, such as having fun or checking out local artisans.

Reserve A Beach House or Villa

While in the Caribbean, opt to stay at a beach house in Jamaica. Many tourists stay at a traditional hotel or resort with limited access to actual island life. Each beach house comes with its own unique amenities. Several Jamaican vacation rentals offer guests oceanfront views and private beach access. These vast estates often boast a generous amount of indoor and outdoor space and incredible views of the Caribbean Sea. Guests can make themselves at home in their beach house and congregate for group meals or dind a bit of seclusion in one of the houses more private spots. Hosting an event? Your concierge can help you make everything go smoothly. By the find an area for group gatherings and secluded spots for more intimate affairs. And, with a staff consisting of personal concierge and private chefs, butlers, housekeepers, your vacation or special event is in the best hands. Once you arrive at your beach house, you will be able to truly relax and indulge in the island's beauty.

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