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BATANES: Vayang Rolling Hills in Basco, Batanes

Vayang Rolling Hills Batanes

Vayang Rolling Hills is one of the most recognizable spots in Basco, Batanes. Located in Batan Island, just a few kilometers away from the Poblacion, this is one of the best spots to enjoy a spectacular view of the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) and the Western parts of Basco, Batanes. The seemingly endless waves of rolling hills combined with the stunning seascapes are really jaw-dropping sights to behold.

Vayang Rolling Hills Batanes
Vayang Rolling Hills

The place offers beautiful and stunning views of verdant grass and deep blue sea. The strong blow of the wind is refreshing because of the cool breeze coming from the sea.

Vayang Rolling Hills Batanes
Ivatan Farmer at Vayang Rolling Hills

Standing on top of the hill afforded me with lush greens and expansive grassland. As I felt the rushing of the strong winds against my face, I can't believe that this stunning creation is right in front of me. The feeling is inexplicable.

Vayang Rolling Hills Batanes
View of Naidi Hills from Vayang Rolling Hills

Vayang Rolling Hills Batanes
Happy @ Vayang Rolling Hills

Vayang Rolling Hills Batanes
Some cows at Vayang Rolling Hills

Vayang Rolling Hills Batanes
Resting my tired yet very happy feet

Seeing the Vayang Rolling Hills really amazed me. I enjoyed hiking the hill so much and seeing this magnificent beauty around me. I was speechless.

Vayang Rolling Hills Batanes
More of Vayang Rolling Hills


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  1. As much as I am happy you have traveled the entire 80 provinces of the Philippines. Parang may kulang pa rin tong blog mo - STORYTELLING. Ano ba ang purpose ng blog mo - accumulate views or share what it feels like to travel?

  2. Yes. You're correct! I know, I'm not good at storyelling. My blog is more informational than a travelogue. You may read the ABOUT PAGE for more info. Salamat po...

  3. Dude...awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing a view of this amazing place. Your blog is your blog and you may write however and whichever way you want without having to define it's purpose nor satisfy other people's taste. Keep it up man! :)

  4. Hi! :) What month was this when you went to Batanes? Thanks!


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