Visited: Travel App for Avid Travelers Seeking Inspiration

Visited: Travel App for Avid Travelers Seeking Inspiration

For travelers seeking inspiration on the top destinations to visit, the travel map app, Visited is the perfect way to plan dream getaways and remember historical travel. Using the Visited app, you can browse through photos of the most popular destinations around the world and mark the ones you’d like to add to your bucket list. Also, see the top 10 travel lists for categories ranging from the Top 10 Most Visited Beaches in the World to the Most Popular Chocolate Destinations. Visited has over 1.5 million international travelers using the app and is continuing to grow quickly.

Map Your Adventures

The Visited app creates a personalized travel map based on your dream destinations and where you’ve traveled. You can see the countries in the world that you’ve traveled to and where you want to go by clicking the Map tab in the app to see your color-coded travel map.

Browse Dream Destinations

Using the Visited app, you can scroll through the most iconic destinations in the world, with stunning photos that you can mark as places you want to visit. If you’ve already visited the place, you can also mark that you’ve been to the attraction. Perusing bucket list destinations is a great way to build your future trip itineraries and map out places you want to travel to. Each time you mark a destination that you want to visit, it will be added to your customized travel map in the Visited app.

Peruse Top 10 Travel Lists

Another way travelers can get inspired in the Visited app is to check out all the Top 10 travel lists in the app. These informative travel lists showcase the top destinations in the world for different categories. Whether you love to snorkel, explore ancient sites, or visit U.S. National Parks, Visited’s travel lists illustrate the most popular places to pursue your interests. The travel lists are calculated by over 1.5 million travelers using the Visited app.

Set Travel Goals

As you find inspiration in the Visited travel app, you can set travel goals and mark off places you’d like to explore. The app will display your personal travel stats and goals, including countries you’d like to visit around the world. You can click on your interactive travel map in the app and mark countries and cities you’ve been to around the world, as well as check off places you’d like to visit.

Get Your Travel Stats

Click the Progress tab in the Visited app and you’ll see your travel goal and progress. The app will display the percentage of the world you’ve traveled to as well as show how far along you are in traveling to your bucket list destinations. You can also see where you stack up against fellow international travelers based on how many countries you’ve visited around the world.

Get started creating dream getaways, mark places where you have been and setting travel goals with the Visited app today.

Download Visited for free on iOS or Android.


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