Off-the-beaten Destinations for the #NewBreed of Travelers

Off-the-beaten Destinations for the New Breed of Travelers
Biri Rock Formations, Northern Samar

Travelers nowadays don't go to a destination just to see the place. There must be something special about going to a spectacular location that will make the experience "one of a kind." Be it an adventurous activity, an undiscovered natural wonder, a hard to find personality with special skills, an extraordinary food or something that is worth traveling for. These are the #NewBreed of travelers who are always thirsty for new discoveries. It makes them more fulfilled and excited to tell the world that they have been to a place where only a few have ventured to.

Off-the-beaten Destinations for the New Breed of Travelers
Capul Island, Northern Samar

More and more travelers have explored a more challenging path in terms of traveling. It's not anymore who has been to the famous tourist spots and attractions, but who has been to the off-the-beaten destinations that only the fearless, ready and determined travelers dared to go.

Off-the-beaten Destinations for the New Breed of Travelers
Tinglayan, Kalinga

I could say that the most ideal travel destinations in the Philippines for the #NewBreed of travelers would be places that have something new to explore and to discover, destinations that hardly any people know about or perhaps a place that you only heard for the first time.

Off-the-beaten Destinations for the New Breed of Travelers
Itbayat, Batanes

Much of the Philippines remains undiscovered by the mainstream tourism markets. If you're on the hunt for a #NewBreed of destinations to explore, on top of my list of must-visits are: Itbayat in Batanes, Biri in Northern Samar, Tinglayan in Kalinga, the province of Antique, Capul Island in Northern Samar and the province of Dinagat Islands in Mindanao. These places offer a rich variety of experiences waiting to be discovered and ready to be explored by intrepid travelers.

In traveling, the #NewBreedof travelers always crave to try something new and different. A destination, an activity, food or anything that cannot be defined as "ordinary," rather, it has to be special and unique.

Off-the-beaten Destinations for the New Breed of Travelers
Biri Rock Formation, Northern Samar

When it comes to traveling, one major concern of the #NewBreed of travelers is food. But they won't settle for anything less. It has to be of high quality and not just the ordinary. Good thing is that when it comes to corned beef, the #NewBreed of travelers choose Highlands Corned Beef, which now comes in easy-open can. It's convenient and perfect for travelers who are always on the go! More to that, it is made with Angus beef that is why it has a rich taste, perfect for the #NewBreed of travel destinations!

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  1. Province ko ang Northern Samar, but I've never been to Biri.

    This should be in my bucket list. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  2. pink beach san vicente n. samar is a must visit..


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