3 Destinations Your Bucket List Needs When You Travel in Asia

3 Destinations Your Bucket List Needs When You Travel in Asia

Experience a whole new world when you travel to Asia. From the pink-sand beach of Sila Island in the Philippines to the steaming Chinoike Jigoku spring in Japan, there is more to Asia than meets the eye. While these attractions may not be that famous to international visitors, there is a strong indication that will change soon. GlobalData, an analytics and consulting firm, stated most international tourists prefer Asia because of its allure, strong promotional efforts, tourism-friendly visa policies, budget eats and accommodation. Their report also stated 33% of tourists are set to change their destination to safer places like Japan.

With less-crowded attractions ready to capture the fancy of tourists, these destinations are likely to be the next big thing in global tourism. Check out these 3 destinations your bucket list needs when you travel in Asia.

Glowing pink beach of Sila Island

You’ve heard all about powdery white sand beaches across the globe, but have you ever seen a beach that's pink? Situated in Northern Samar and almost hidden from casual observers is the blushing pink beach of Sila Island. Marine biologists say the pinkish hue may be due to the red coral and shell fragments that have been washed ashore and pulverized by waves over thousands of years ago. This resulted in powdery pink sand that assumes an almost salmon or red color during hot summer days.

Khao Luang cave in Phetchaburi, Thailand

From Thai silk to high-end fashion, Thailand is a shoppers haven that offers amazing prices compared to its neighboring countries. But, if you’re looking for a place to meditate and reflect on the events in your life, the Khao Luang cave in Phetchaburi, Thailand is the perfect place to find peace from within. Filled with statues of Buddha in varying sizes and numerous positions, it has the serenity of a spiritual asylum. The huge hole in the cave’s roof allows natural light to stream through. This adds an almost dreamlike appearance to the Buddha statues, some of which were placed there in 1851 by King Rama IV himself.

Red Hot Spring in Japan

Japan is famous for its myriads of hot springs, locally referred to as onsens, but there is one that stands out from the rest. Located in Beppu City, the 1,300-year-old Chinoike Jigokui hot spring is a sight to behold. True to its English meaning of Blood Pond Hell, the hot spring is said to be the oldest natural hot spring in the Land of the Rising Sun. It is famous for its blood-like appearance caused by the huge amount of magnesium oxide and iron oxide in the heated mud. Due to its high temperature of 78 degrees Celsius, no one is allowed to take a dip in the reddish pool. Visitors, however, can enjoy a free foot bath of the hot water which has been cooled down to the right temperature.

There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of unique and beautiful attractions in Asia that are not known to many. The best thing about these places is you need not wait in line to see what they have to offer. Many of which also feature affordable food and accommodations. This means you can really get your money’s worth. So the next time you visit Asia, explore these places for a truly satisfying experience.

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