Things To Consider When Planning Your First International Trip

In current times, most people love to travel. Documenting travel internationally or locally is in trend employing the advents of technology through vlogging and blogging on different sites. For so many reasons, a traveler is falling in love with the thrill of discovery, learning and embracing other cultures, and viewing things from another 's perspective. Moreover, it makes someone appreciate the differences and similarities of the place’s culture and rich heritage. Going on trips breathes us to pause, to rest, and to have a break from the tiresome and burdens that we experience either from our respective careers, work, and personal lives. You also find your lost soul and restoration when you travel.

For you to achieve your travel goals for your first international trip and to make it more memorable, you need to consider the following things.


Money is the one most crucial factor to consider because it will manage all of the activities that you do along with your travel. Your pockets should be prepared thoroughly. You should leave a budget for your travel goals for several months before the trip. Ready your pockets as you spend it for your transportation fees, visa processing fees (if your destination requires a visa), hotel and accommodation, food expenses, and buying souvenirs for your family and friends. Be responsible financially. You may trace on how you spend your money through mobile apps. You would enjoy it so much if you are prepared financially.


A part of an enjoyable trip is when you see the beautiful scenery and natural beauty of the world through transporting either by land or air. If you are traveling by air, it's time to book a flight. There are many websites where you can book your flight. For over the whole month, you can go over the internet for budget-friendly flights, take advantage of the airlines with the best deals on cheap airfare. Exploring your travel by the sea, though quite costly is another option. Witnessing the beauty of the ocean on a ferry or a cruise ship, enriched with cultural and shipboard experiences, and it would be interesting to see unusual and different ports too!

Destination / Place to Visit

Write down the destination you want to visit. Failing to plan may be a waste of your time and energy because of a lack of preparation and not researching the place you want to roam around. Make an itinerary of your destinations before leaving home and jot it down on your small notebook. Read travel blogs for you to make the preparations easier. You will also have the opportunity to meet many people and make new friends. There are also some mobile apps that can download to assist you in finding your location or destination just by entering the address though you may also need to access WI-FI or have cellular data. International airports also have flyers, pamphlets, and travel book guides, giving you references to the places you want to go to.


It would be best if you put into consideration where you are going to be sheltered for a couple of days while traveling. A nice place to stay after you enjoy a beautiful sunset or sunrise view in front of the beach. Nowadays, travelers prefer to surf around accommodation alternatives instead of booking hotels and hostels. Renting out a small condo or a cute cottage is one of the most in-trend nowadays, there are airbnb competitors that also offer cheaper, budget-friendly and affordable choices. This accommodation gives the aura of home sweet home. With the right choice of suitable accommodation, it will give you comfort and hassle-free experience without hurting your pocket.


Remember, you are just on-leave away from your regular life for a moment, so cherish each day of your vacation. It is good if you can have at least a week to stay at your destination of choice, though extra days can give more flexibility. Do not waste any second to enjoy your experiences. Research even says that vacations are good for health, it decreases stress, prevents someone from heart diseases, and develops productivity. On the other hand, the dilemma of a short scheduled leave provides you the feeling of inadequacy and desiring more or the anticipation to go back. As a result, you haven’t enjoyed your trip with unfinished itineraries because of the lack of preparation. So, a better plan ahead to enjoy every minute of it.  

Season / Weather

Once you determine your destination, search for your ideal season or weather on the dates that you want it to visit. Identifying the weather will help you set your travel clothes and what else to bring, even the number of clothes you would put in your luggage. You are more prepared for whatever season or weather the place has. You can also reminisce about your trip in the future through photographs of your OOTDs. Match your styling with the weather and choose your clothes well!

Things to bring

Last but not the least, consider the things you need to bring when traveling. You will be away from your home and work, and you need to have travel essentials. You can create a travel packing checklist to make sure that you will not forget anything. The right choice for a travel bag is the one that would fit all of your stuff. You can use compression packing cubes and folders inside your luggage to make your things organized and neat. One important reminder is to bring basic medicines for headache, stomach flu etc., and a first aid kit in case you’ll need it. Put all the essential items in your carry-on bag with your phone, travel documents, cash, and credit card inside it.

There are many things to remember and consider when planning your first international trip. Exploring different parts of the world is really interesting, and it can also make you a better person by witnessing other countries life customary and culture. We only live once as they say, so find time to enjoy the moment either on local or international trips. It gives you a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

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