Travel Tip : Start Traveling to your Childhood Dream Destinations

Remember those days during our grade school years where our teacher would teach us the different tourist spots in the country? Oh yes! Those lessons in Social Studies or Sibika at Kultura where we had our first glimpse of the wonders of the Philippines! I could only dream then. But I made it as a motivation and promised myself that someday, I will be able to see them up close.

Then it happened. One by one, I am able to see these awesome works of nature and man-made structures that the Philippines should be truly proud of.

Tagaytay Picnic Grove, 2008

Taal Volcano, Batangas

I've seen Taal Volcano countless times, since it's is visible from the ridge in Tagaytay where we frequently spend weekends. The first time I really set foot on the volcano island was during the hike I had with my family last March 2012.

Chocolate Hills Complex View Deck, Carmen Bohol, 2009

Chocolate Hills, Bohol

The icon of Bohol. During summers, these dome-shaped hills covered with grass dries up and turns brown, which makes the area into seemingly endless rows of chocolate kisses. I was able to see this famous geological landmark during my trip to Bohol last September 2009.

Cagsaua Ruins, Daraga Albay, 2010

Mayon Volcano, Albay

The world's perfect cone. I've seen Mayon Volcano 3 times, the first was in September 2010 during my 1st solo trip in Albay. Every time I see her, she never fails to amaze me with her majestic beauty. Mayon Magayon!

Mt. Apo Natural Park, Kidapawan City, 2012

Mt. Apo, Davao

The country's tallest peak. I've seen it during our trip in Davao City and Davao del Norte in February 2011. The nearest I could get to it was at Lake Agco in Kidapawan City, North Cotabato last June 2012. I'm still dreaming that one day I would be able to set foot on its summit. Hopefully soon!

NPC Nature's Park, Iligan City, 2011

Maria Christina Falls, Lanao del Norte

The most stunning waterfall I've seen so far. It's beauty is truly magical. I am so happy to see her full grandeur during my trip to Iligan City last September 2011.

Crossing San Juanico Bridge, Samar-Leyte Boundary, 2011

San Juanico Bridge, Samar-Leyte

The longest bridge in the Philippines, a monumental landmark that stretches from Samar to Leyte across the San Juanico Strait. I was able to walk through its 2.16 KM length during my trip to Leyte in October 2011.

Banaue Rice Terraces Viewpoint, 2012

Banaue Rice Terraces, Ifugao

The wonderful works of our ancestors in Ifugao province. Built some 2000 years ago, these are still being used to plant rice and other crops. I was able to see it during my Cordillera trip last April 2012.

These are just some of my childhood dream destinations that motivated me to travel. I am yet to see Hundred Islands in Pangasinan, Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna and to ride the vinta in Zamboanga, which I also want to see when I was in grade school.


Vinta at Zamboanga City

I've finally ridden the iconic vinta of Zamboanga City last December 2012.

hundred islands national park alaminos pangasinan

I've set foot on the islands of Hundred Islands in Pangasinan last December 2012.

Pagsanjan Falls Laguna

I've also seen the beauty of Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna last February 2013.

"Start living your dreams to find your own adventure of a lifetime!"

How about you? What are your childhood dream destinations? Have you visited any of them?


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  1. Self fulfilling and rewarding when you able to come to life all your dream of!

  2. Self fulfilling and rewarding when you able to come to life all your dream of!

  3. so thats how this all started well i'm happy for you wish i could get to fulfill mine soon

  4. i too would like to travel pinas and visit those places you mentioned. i tried last year during my vacation but as always, time was an issue. hopefully in a year or two, i would visit more....tawi-tawi perhaps. :)

  5. Woah, I want to explore all those too! Inggit much!

  6. Sad to say parang wala pa ako napupuntahan dyan.haha

  7. nice! bigla q 2loy naalala ung sibika. :) self fullfilling! congrats na fulfill mo ung childhood dreams mo. mt apo prang gs2 q puntahan nxt yr! :)

  8. You are indeed an epitome of a modern traveler/blogger. Hope to see you in the near future Mervin.

  9. i admire like you people who can really push with this trips...felt so expensive...i guess thats why im not able to do it....im sad...envious

  10. i am just starting to wander and discover all the "magagandang tanawin ng pilipinas" together with my 4 year old daughter.

    i would really feel so proud of my daughter kapag ang mga projects niya sa sibika at kultura ay yung mismong picture nya sa "magandang tanawin" na iyon. panalo! it wont be a dream destination for her.

    if you havent been to pagsanjan, i can share my itinerary with you. it's dirt cheap for 600pesos (excluding food)with side trip to nagcarlan and liliw. :D

  11. @marcela metante

    your wanderlust need not be expensive. you can do it with a reasonable amount of money. start researching your dream itineraries and getting your way around the place. and oh, always keep your credit card ready for promo fares as they save you a chunk of money. ^_^


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