Top 5 Destinations for Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Best country to get plastic surgery

Smiling, frowning, free radicals, exposure to the rays of the sun, and genetics will all eventually show up on your face. The signs will still show despite applying all the lotions and sunscreens. Luckily, there are now many innovative plastic surgery procedures that can tuck, nip, making you look youthful again. The best plastic surgeons can also correct many facial issues to make you look more beautiful. Remove those wrinkles and fine lines and you will immediately get a facelift.

The value of plastic surgeries is worth several billions of dollars in the US alone. Of course, the plastic surgery industry is worth much more than that globally even though the most number of plastic surgeries are performed in the United States. But still, you will find many countries where cosmetic surgeries are performed very efficiently.

Cosmetic surgery abroad can also save you a lot of money, anything between 40% and 80%, depending on the country. So, which is the best country for plastic surgery? What country has the best plastic surgeons? Let us find out.

1. Plastic Surgery in Mexico

Mexico is a very good country for aesthetic plastic surgery. It should certainly make it to the list of the best country to get plastic surgery because the procedure is carried out safely here and it is also affordable. Mexico has highly trained doctors and accredited surgeons who are very good. What is the Mexico plastic surgery cost? Patients coming to the country can buy a medical holiday and get the procedure done for only $5000. This includes the cost of the aesthetic surgery and also recovery stay for 4 to 5 days in a resort-quality accommodation.

Mexico plastic surgery costs much less compared to the US. The country is just across the border, which is why many come here to get it done and also save money.

2. Plastic Surgery in Canada

Canada will also certainly make it to the list of the top plastic surgery countries. The country has a highly developed medical industry. You will find many board certified plastic surgeons with many years of experience. As a result, the cosmetic surgery procedures are carried out safely. The preparation, actual process, and the aftercare are all looked after with due diligence.

Of course, the plastic surgery in Canada cost is higher than many other countries like Mexico, Thailand, India, and Brazil. But it is still worth it because of the high-quality cosmetic procedures carried out in the country. Find a skin treatment spa for your Canada plastic surgery.

3. Plastic Surgery in Switzerland

People have been going to Switzerland for many years for their cosmetic surgery procedure. Many of the best plastic surgeons in the world are from the country, making plastic surgery in Switzerland a great choice.

Cosmetic surgery overseas

You will meet surgeons here who see their work as a form of art. Plastic surgery here is not just about science. This means, the results are going to look much more natural. And, of course, health care in Switzerland is also extremely advanced. Brow lift, tummy tuck, and breast lift are some of the most common plastic surgery procedures carried out here. The plastic surgery Switzerland prices are on the higher side but it is still worth it.

4. Plastic Surgery in India

You may not know it, but the fact is that, India is a very advanced scientific society. The country has landed on the moon and India is also the world’s only nation that was able to send a rocket to Mars on their first attempt. India’s medical care industry is also advanced. The country has many high-quality medical centers that can be compared with the best in the world, which is why medical tourism is a growing industry here.

You can consider India if you are looking for the cheapest place to get plastic surgery. The cost is affordable, no matter where you go – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, or Kolkata. Many people interested in plastic surgery overseas are going to India to save money. And not just the lower price, India plastic surgery is very advanced too. There are more than 5,000 registered cosmetic surgeons and certified professionals in the country.

5. Plastic Surgery in USA

US have the world’s biggest market for plastic surgery. Every year, the US plastic surgery figures cross more than 3 million comfortably and these numbers are growing too. This is frankly not a surprise as the country has a very high-quality medical service. Many people looking for cosmetic surgery overseas come to the US for their plastic surgery procedure.

What are the best cities for plastic surgery in the US? Surprisingly, Utah’s Salt Lake City tops the list because it has almost five surgeons for 100,000 residents. Salt Lake City is followed by Miami, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Charlotte, Austin, and Los Angeles.

Luckily, there are many good plastic surgery clinics throughout the world. Each country offers its own advantages. If you are interested in plastic surgery abroad, consider carefully the pros and cons of each place before you decide.


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