Festive Spain: What Are the Most Grandiose Spanish Festivals

What Are the Most Grandiose Spanish Festivals

A trip to Spain always results in the same - glorious memories of exciting sites, fun tours, and loud entertainment! How about if you could mix it all together into one? You can do that easily by attending one of the many festivals Spain has to offer. Though it might be quite tricky going in blind - a little research goes a long way. So, check out our list of the most grandiose and fun carnivals here!

La Tomatina

Let’s start with the traditional La Tomatina festival, which takes place on the last Wednesday of August every year in Valencia. The gist is quite simple - gather as many ripe tomatoes as you can and go crazy!

La Tomatina is the biggest food festival in the world, during which people throw hundreds of said vegetables at buildings and each other, leaving the festival goers dripping in tomato sauce.

So, basically, it is a tomato war, except that there are no winners - everyone there is just to have fun. And there is only one rule; you have to squash the tomato in your hand before hurling it at someone! While it is incredibly messy, you get to have tons of fun with the locals, so strongly consider attending this one!

What Are the Most Grandiose Spanish Festivals

San Isidro Madrid

There are not that many festivals taking place in the capital city of Spain, but when they do, it goes on for a whole month! Let’s take, for example, the San Isidro carnival.

The festival is to commemorate the patron saint of Madrid, San Isidro. During the day, people are entertained by parades, live music, and concerts in city squares, which then turn into all-night parties and festivities. So, you should gear up and get ready for some nights void of sleep yet full of life, dancing, singing, and drinking.

Visitors and locals can enjoy up to 100 different shows, dance and other performances, children’s plays, and overall overjoyed Spaniards inviting you to join all the fun.

Remember that no matter where you are staying, you can easily attend San Isidro or any other festival on the list with the help of the Spain trains. It will ensure a safe and comfortable trip, and you will not have to worry too much about driving if you have one too many during celebrations!

What Are the Most Grandiose Spanish Festivals

Seville April Fair

After enjoying festivities in the capital city, jump on the Madrid to Seville train to attend one of the biggest and most important festivals in Spain.

The fair kicks off at midnight on Monday, two weeks after holy week, or Semana Santa. The city of Seville fills with festival goers from all of Spain, though the main portion of those are Andalusians.

Performers dress up in flamenco attire, engaging in dancing, singing, and playing. The party lasts for a whole week, and there is not a dull moment! The carnival is the highlight of the year for many attendees, especially Spaniards from smaller villages and towns. Hotels and Airbnbs are filled up for a whole week by people desiring to uphold the tradition.

After seven days of colors and energy, it all culminates with a stunning firework show on Sunday night. We suggest enjoying the Seville April Fair for at least a couple of days if only to see the authentic Spanish party!

What Are the Most Grandiose Spanish Festivals

Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Every February of every year, the already colorful Tenerife puts on even more color! The Carnival of Santa Cruz is a very close call to those happening in Brazil. Stunning costumes, loud music, mellow locals, and crazy dancing goes on for fifteen days, during which you will see some things you never even thought of!

Streets are no longer full of cars but rather floats, bands, and stunning Spaniard ladies dressed in impressive attire, showing off impeccable dance moves and creating a whole parade. We can guarantee great fun and lots of unforgettable moments for you to bring home.

If anything, attend to enjoy and pay tribute to the costumes - some of the most detailed ones can weigh up to 100 kilos!

What Are the Most Grandiose Spanish Festivals

San Fermi Fiestas Pamplona

Obviously, the list of Spanish fiestas cannot omit bulls. San Fermi in the city of Pamplona is by far the most popular and the riskiest festival in Spain, perfect for those looking for an adrenaline rush and unforgettable experiences!

The herd of bulls starts running from the Plaza Santo Domingo and simply goes forth, angrily exploring the ancient streets of Pamplona. Attending is quite simple - all you have to do is run with the bulls. Or, rather, from them. That is why San Fermi is so risky! You have to be extremely careful, but it gives you a fever pitch as nothing else can.

While the bull run is the highlight and the most anticipated part of the festival, the weeklong, historically rooted celebration also features a lot of folklore and tradition, displaying everything in performances and shows. San Fermi Fiestas attract over a million participants every year. You can be one of them!

What Are the Most Grandiose Spanish Festivals

Semana Santa

The most religious and probably the most solemn fiesta in Spain, Semana Santa, is held during the week leading to Easter Sunday, and the locals spend days griefing Christ and the Virgin Mary. This, however, sounds a bit too solemn than it really is!

While the celebrations mainly include church parades and brotherhood marches, there is still plenty of fun stuff to do with friends and family, and bars are still filled with people up until three or four am. It ends on Good Friday when the elaborate floats leave churches to reach their final destination.

So, if you happen to be in Spain during Easter time, you know what to do!

What Are the Most Grandiose Spanish Festivals

Are you ready for week-long parties, entertainment, and significant Spanish traditions? We definitely suggest attending at least one of them to see the best of what the country has to offer. Get lost in the sea of hyped-up locals and all the festivities, and most importantly - have fun!


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