Cool Benefits of Getting Away from the Routine on a Ski Trip to the Alps

Cool Benefits of Getting Away from the Routine on a Ski Trip to the Alps
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There are two types of people in the world; the type that digs out their fluffy blankets and prepares cups of hot chocolate at the first sign of snow, or the type that cannot control their excitement at the start of ski season.

No matter which type of winter-person you are, breaking your daily life routine to a skiing trip (or a getaway) to the Alps should be on your bucket-list this year. We’ve all been there, sitting at our desk jobs, shaking our legs in anticipation of leaving the office…Day-dreaming about sunny vacations in Spain or the winter wonderlands that are just right around the corner…We’ve thought about it over and over again and told ourselves to “get real” because we can’t just quit our job and travel.

Well, who said you have to quit anything? The start of winter in Europe brings about the most idyllic landscapes imaginable, with sweeping snow-filled terrains, and gorgeous backdrops. A quick weekend ski trip is extremely doable, and will be extremely beneficial for you and your health!

The Alps stretch over one thousands miles across five countries – Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. This means that wherever you are in Europe, the Alps are a quick plane or train ride away…We’re talking a few hours! So get off work on Friday, have your bags ready, travel to the Alps for a week, rejuvenate your soul and come back a completely changed person!

The largest mountain range in Europe offers idyllic waterfalls, alpine villages, snowy mountains, unparalleled vertical drops and great resorts. You’ll be at a place that offers the best skiing on Earth, and you’ll have over a thousand ski resorts to choose from!

Skiing itself is an incredible spot that blends the physical and mental forces in your body together, keeping you aligned and grounded. It offers dozens of benefits, and can help bring you out of your seasonal depression!

If all of this isn’t enough to convince you to hit the Alps right now, then check out this list below! Here are the top reasons you need to ditch whatever you’re doing and book a plane ticket now!

The Alps Have the Best Snow Worldwide

The snow in the Alps is some of the best in the world, and the snow season is considered longer than average. You’ll revel in the powdery, fluffy snow that blankets the entire vistas. There is usually a significant amount of snowfall, gorgeous backdrops, sweeping mountains, waterfalls, glaciers and more. The weather there is also considered mild, and not too uncomfortably cold.

Fighting Off Depression

A sad majority of the people nowadays is depressed or unhappy with their lives. It’s the sickening daily routine that sucks us in and spits out back out, exhausted and nonchalant about life. We tend to see days and months pass right in front of our days as we get sucked into the routine, and often forget to treat ourselves. Going to a spontaneous ski trip will break the daily routine, and make you feel significantly more free. You’ll be increasing serotonin and dopamine in your system, thus reducing any anxiety or depression. The mixture of beautiful scenery, adrenaline-pumping activities and the sudden break from routine will all help in refreshing you!

You’ll find that thanks to those endorphins that are released during the exercise, your mod is ten times better.

It’s Extremely Easy to Book

Back then, you had to book a week-long vacation or a fixed-time trip to the Alps, but thankfully those days are long behind us! Now, you can choose to go to the Alps for a quick weekend or a month – whatever your heart desires. There are usually hundreds of ski deals going on monthly that you can choose from, helping you have a budget-friendly trip.

It’s a great workout!

Skiing will surely give you the ultimate all-body workout where all the muscles in your body are engaged. You’ll be gliding down slopes, turning, jumping, and much more, and all your muscles will be engaged. Your core muscles will get one hell of a workout, your hamstrings will be on fire, and you’ll feel like you’ve just hit the gym! Of course, instead of hitting the gym, you’re right in the middle of the Alps!

It will also improve your cardiovascular fitness by increasing blood flow and pumping blood to your heart!

The Resorts are Otherworldly

The resorts by the Alps and the routes are diverse and come in all shapes, sizes and with different traveler needs in mind. They all exceed expectations with their services, comfort, coziness and their spas of course! I mean, who could say no to skiing in the morning and then huddling up next to a fire while a butler brings you warm delicacies? Yum!

It Will Improve Your Sleep

A ski trip in the Alps doesn’t really conjure up images of sleeping, doesn’t it? Well, it should! A lot of us suffer from impending insomnia, twisting and shuffling in our beds every day, unable to sleep. However, going to a week or weekend trip to the Alps is guaranteed to tire you out so you’ll go back home and sleep like a baby every day! Burning the excess energy will directly help you to sleep better when you’re back home….No more spending hours on your phone before sleep every day!

It Will Enhance Your Confidence

Don’t tell me you won’t end up feeling like a star as you hop, twist, turn and make it downhill like a champ! You’ll be down there all giddy and excited, and you’ll definitely end up feeling more confident and proud of yourself.

The Incredible Scenery and the Mountain Air

You’ll come with this new sense of appreciation for the incredible nature that will surround you. Being on the mountain, with beauty surrounding your every move…The ethereal fresh air…The slopes…everything will look like it came straight out of a postcard!

You Don’t have To Ski

Can’t ski? Don’t want to ski? Got a broken leg? Two broken legs? No problem! You don’t necessarily have to travel to the Alps to ski. The Alps are wonderfully exotic, and offer great photography opportunities. You’ll be nestled in snow-covered, glittering white landscapes, and spending a few days of utter relaxation amidst the ethereal snow. The diverse geography offers great opportunities of strolling around, contemplating life, or eating delicious food around camp-fires.

There are plenty of things to do – from sleigh rides, ice skating, snowshoeing, and much more. You can even get a professional massage in a spa perched amongst the white scenery!

You’ll Make New Friends

Skiing is a super social activity, and you’ll soon come to realize that skiing brings people together. I mean, you’re all probably going to be a group of people, all up at 6 am in the freezing weather to go skiing…You’ll definitely find something to talk about!

To keep your motivation going on in life, you need to break the routine every once in a while. Do something crazy every month, book a plane ticket somewhere, start a new hobby…etc. A short ski trip to the Alps combines all of this together, and allows you to have the ultimate “new start” you need. It’ll be just like pressing the Refresh button!

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