5 Exciting Day Trips Across Europe: Perfect Europe Trip Itinerary

5 Exciting Day Trips Across Europe: Perfect Europe Trip Itinerary

If you are looking for new, delightful ways to visit Europe, or you simply do not have the time for a very elaborate holiday, one-day trips should be perfect for you! You will save plenty of time but still see much of the cities, countries, and villages with the perfect itinerary. All that is needed right now is good planning, so let’s get right into it. Look through our 5 exciting day trips across Europe!

1. London to Paris

From one great giant to another! After visiting such monumental heritage sites as Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Windsor Castle, and many others hop on a train to Paris, France. The train ride itself will not be as exciting and fulfilling as you might think since the high-speed train only takes two-and-a-half hours to reach Paris and has extreme pacing. However, when you finally arrive, you can easily spend up to ten hours exploring one of the prettiest, most romantic cities in the world, be back in London by nightfall, or set off to seek another adventure!

Since your time in Paris will be limited, we suggest visiting the most important sites first and then setting aside time to simply stroll around and see as much of the authentic Parisian life as possible!

You could start by going to see Notre Dame de Paris, the gorgeous and historically significant cathedral in the heart of the city. Then, move on to visiting the Eiffel Tower while walking along the Seine river. If you have the time before the last train, grab a cup of coffee in a traditional Parisian cafe, many of which are settled to overlook the most beautiful panoramas around.

Seeing the iconic museum of the Louvre is a must while visiting Paris. However, it takes time to reach the inside since there are long queues at any time of the day. Depending on how much time it will take to move up to the entrance, we suggest setting at least a few hours aside for that!

5 Exciting Day Trips Across Europe: Perfect Europe Trip Itinerary

2. Prague to Vienna

Traveling from the Czech Republic to Austria is one of the most popular quick journeys in Europe. Spend some quality time in Prague, walking the famous Charles Bridge, discovering the beauty of the Prague Castle and the Old Town. If possible, before setting off to Austria, hop on the Prague to Brno train to see yet another lovely city of the Czech Republic! However, if the time does not allow that, leave the station on the Prague to Vienna train and settle in for a day of exploration!

The Europeans call Vienna a city of culture, music, art, and luxury. Some of the most important sites to see are St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Belvedere Museum, the Hofburg Palace, and many more! These are just the starting points to one unforgettable day of getting to know Austria. Between visiting these monuments, do not forget to simply walk around the city’s center and the streets among the historic luxury buildings all over the city.

5 Exciting Day Trips Across Europe: Perfect Europe Trip Itinerary

3. Florence to Venice

While not a border-crossing one, a trip from Florence to Venice is just as exciting! From the city of Rennaissance's beauty, art, and Italian culture, to another impressive gem of rich squares and establishments and the most thrilling roads in Europe!

After arriving in Venice, waste no time and immediately start exploring the architectural and cultural side of the city. You should begin with St. Mark’s Basilica - the beating heart of tourist attractions in Venice and the most popular place here! Decorated with Byzantine treasures, the palace is a feast for any traveler's eyes, so spend some time there! After strolling through Piazza San Marco, find your way to the Grand Canal, the main boulevard of Venice, where the gondolas and boats meet at the connection of Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, and train arrival points.

We also suggest trying out the flavors of gelato, the famous Italian ice cream, and indulging in such typical touristy activities as taking a ride in the gondolas. This really is the most excellent way to see the city from the best point of view and acknowledge the Venetian Gothic and Rennaissance facades.

5 Exciting Day Trips Across Europe: Perfect Europe Trip Itinerary

4. London to Brussels

Easily reachable not just from London (though this might be your best option, time-wise), Brussels is one of the most charming, walkable cities in Europe, not to mention of the most important ones, so to say. Home to essential establishments and headquarters of the EU, the capital city of Belgium should end up on your itinerary either way, but for now, let’s see what you can accomplish in a day’s time!

Firstly, stroll around the Grand Place, the central plaza located at the heart of the Old Town. Then, you should walk to see the Mannekin Pis, the best-known landmark usually surrounded by crowds of tourists!

Keep in mind that even though politically important, Brussels is also a place of art and culture, so you should see the Musee Magritte and Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts!

Overall, the city is one great picture of guild houses, ancient establishments, and sculptures mixed with luxurious department stores and entertainment sites.

5 Exciting Day Trips Across Europe: Perfect Europe Trip Itinerary

5. Milan to Lugano

From stunning plazas and shopping centers to art museums and architectural gems, Milan is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy to explore. But, if you have done that, it is time for your next day-trip - to Switzerland.

Only an hour-and-a-half on the train, the journey to the little town of Lugano is cheap and comfortable, and before you think of it, sights of the Swiss Alps and typical stunning scenery of greenery and snowy tops will appear beneath your window.

Being so close to Italy, Lugano adopted many features of its neighboring country, such as the designs of the streets and buildings, the same vibe of small piazzas, and colorful houses. The locals even refer to Lugano as “Little Italy,” so the impact is evident! What the Swiss did not take from Italians, however, is the laid-back attitude and the habit of being late. So, luckily, everything here works on time!

Take a cruise across Lake Lugano, visit the Museum of the writer Hermann Hesse, and see the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo in the Old Town!

5 Exciting Day Trips Across Europe: Perfect Europe Trip Itinerary

There you go, 5 stunning day trips for you to enjoy on your holidays! Try to visit and see as much as you can, file it away and come back home with the craziest stories up your sleeve. So, buy the ticket, pack a bag and wait no more; it is time for your Eurotrip!


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  1. Planning to visit Schengen area next year. What place should we start to visit? Is it possible France then to suburb countries and what are they? Thank you.


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