Top Best Things to Do in the Czech Republic

Things to Do in the Czech Republic Travel Guide Blog

A gem of Central Europe, the Czech Republic attracts tourists with its unpolished grace, exciting history, and culture. So, going on a holiday is a great choice we applaud you for! However, while the Czech Republic is one of the best ways to get to know the authentic European vibes, it might be stressful to plan a trip here since there are many things to see. That is why we prepared a list of the very best things to do here!

Prague Castle

At number one, we have the most important monument in the country. Located at the center of the capital city Prague, the castle is famous for being home to Holy Roman Emperors, the Habsburgs, Bohemian Kings, and of course, the Czech Republic’s President. It was built in the 10th century and has undergone many dramatic changes since then. Make sure you have enough time and are in no rush - the parameter of Prague Castle is crazy expansive, and there are numerous towers, cathedrals, and halls to see and explore!

Things to Do in the Czech Republic Travel Guide Blog

Charles Bridge

Most likely, one of the most popular bridges in the world, Charles Bridge, crosses the River Vltava, and though it is not very long, only 520m in length, walking on it is like a bit of a journey in itself. You will see many fine statues along the way, and the rails are covered in locks left by tourists from all over the world - loved ones, friends, families. It connects Prague Castle and the Old Town.
For the most comfortable navigation in the country, purchase Czech train tickets and travel quickly!

Things to Do in the Czech Republic Travel Guide Blog

Cesky Krumlov Castle

You might see a pattern here, but it is what it is - the Czech Republic is covered in castles! This one, in particular, is recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site and is extremely well-preserved given its age. You can visit the Rosenberg Ballroom and Renaissance Hall, the Royal Apartments, and the Chapel of St. George. We suggest guided visits, so that you can fully enjoy the castle, knowing its history and the most interesting facts. So grab a guide or audio, and let’s explore!

Things to Do in the Czech Republic Travel Guide Blog

Kutna Hora

Located just 80 kilometers east of the capital city, Kutna Hora is one of the wealthiest towns in the Czech Republic. This is because it was once home to Europe’s leading silver mines, resulting in beautiful statues all across the town.

See St. Barbara’s Cathedral - a 14th-century gem, adorned with beautiful frescoes and stunning interior to enjoy baroque architecture.

Suppose you want to know more about Kutna Hora’s past and especially the silver. In that case, we suggest visiting the Czech Museum of Silver, where you will find impressive exhibitions and learn about the history of the mines in the city.

Keep in mind that the Czech Republic is extremely well-reachable from all around Europe. For example, check out the train from Berlin to Prague!

Things to Do in the Czech Republic Travel Guide Blog

The Bohemian Paradise

If you wish to enjoy the serenity of natural landscapes and picturesque scenery, head to the Bohemian Paradise, set in the region of Bohemia.

This is the first nature reserve in the country, and you can go there no matter what your goal is! If you are looking to spend time actively, you can hike and climb standalone hills. On the other hand, if you want to relax and just take in the untouched beauty, there are plenty of pathways designed for a walk. The results, however, will be the same. You will be surrounded by natural bridges, tall basalt columns, outcroppings, and impressive flora and fauna!

Adrspach-Teplice Rocks

The name is quite a mouthful, but the place is nothing but beauty! Also set in the region of Bohemia, the rocks are an unusual set of sandstone rock formations that are spread for over 17 kilometers! This site is popular among tourists because, of course, you can rock-climb here and boulder. You can also watch birds in this area, as it is usually quiet, and it is one of Europe’s largest breeding sites of the elusive peregrine falcon.

If none of these activities are to your liking, just take a walk up to the Adrspach-Teplice Rocks to enjoy what can be done when Mother Nature is in action!

Things to Do in the Czech Republic Travel Guide Blog

Here you go! We hope to have steered you in the right direction while planning your travels to the Czech Republic and wish you an enjoyable time there. Now pack your bags - Europe awaits!


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