Top Things to Do in Venice, Italy

Top Things to Do in Venice

Venice, or Venezia, is famous for its elegance, canals, buildings, and art. However, there's more. This small city in the center of a lagoon has been one of the most dominant European states for centuries, giving rise to a unique culture and way of life. Venice sometimes referred to as the Serenissima after the prosperous government that ruled the city, has been the favorite city of artists and innovators for centuries. This small but incredibly significant city was the birthplace of numerous habits, words, and items that are now part of our everyday lives. There is a lot to see in Venice and this guide I will show you why your visit there will be worthwhile.

Top Things to Do in Venice

Why Is It Interesting to Visit Venice?

Venice is an incredibly popular place for tourists and one of the most interesting visits in Europe. Here is what is interesting.

Beautiful Bridges

More than 400 bridges connect the islands of Venice. The Rialto Bridge is the oldest and most well-known crossing of the Grand Canal. The Bridge of Sighs is another famous structure in Venice (Ponte dei Sospiri). It spans the Rio di Palazzo canal connecting Doge's Palace and a former prison. Inmates traveling to prison would cross the Bridge of Sighs, a symbolic and emotional farewell to Venice and their freedom.

Gondola Rides

There used to be over 10,000 gondolas in the city, but just about 400 remain. Gondolas are uniformly black. Gondolas have been used to get people through Venice's canals since the 11th century, and they're not only for visitors. To make each one stand out, you can customize the upholstery, trim, and details.

Murano Glass 

The city of Venice has been an important center for glass production since the eighth century. Colorful and ornate, Venetian glass is instantly recognizable. Murano Island is where the majority of Venetian glass is produced. The art of glassblowing is passed down through the generations using secret recipe books.

Carnival Celebrations

The celebrations of Venice's Carnival are one of the things that have helped to make the city famous. The Venetian Carnival is not complete without its signature masks. People of varying social status could interact with one another without fear of being condemned because they could hide their identities behind masks, which safeguarded both their privacy and social standing. There are approximately ten distinct types of Venetian masks, but the arlechino, gnaga, and Pantalone are the most common.

Narrow Streets

Venice is famous for its complex network of winding lanes, laneways, and narrow streets. It is almost expected of visitors to the city that they may, at some point, become disoriented within the complex street layout. Be sure to visit the Calle Varisco while you are there. This street is only 53 centimeters wide, making it the narrowest one in all of Venice. It is among the most constricted streets in Europe.

St Mark’s Square

Concerts and other performances can frequently be seen in St. Mark's Square, making it a lively and interesting site. To enjoy this beautiful space, you should get a cup of coffee, find a table outside, and take in the scenery.


"The Floating City", Venice, comprises 118 islands. These islands are connected by bridges and separated by canals. Venice is home to 177 canals. The Grand Canal, designed like an S and cuts the city in half, is the greatest of these waterways. The depth of the canals in the city is anywhere between 1.5 and 2 meters (4.9 and 6.5 feet) on average. The Grand Canal has a depth that is, on average, five meters (16.4ft). Please remember that swimming is not allowed in the canals. If you do, you risk attracting huge fines.

Top Things to Do in Venice

When Is the Best Time to Visit Venice?

The ideal time to visit Venice is between September and November when the city's population drops to a minimum. Although the temperatures, which range from the high 30s to the mid-70s, necessitate the use of layers, the reduced hotel rates and desolate canals make the trip worthwhile. Winters are cold, with temperatures in the 30s, whereas spring is Venice's most beautiful time of year. Summer is peak season, typified by expensive hotel rates, high temperatures, and many tourists. Although acqua alta can happen anytime between September and April, it is most likely to occur in November and December. If you want to travel then, bring a pair of rain boots

Top Things to Do in Venice

Which Cities/Locations Are Exciting for A Day Trip from Venice? 

Venice offers a great opportunity for day trips. Some of the top-rated day trips from Venice. A day trip to Florence is especially recommended. The city is beautiful and has a lot to offer for those interested in culture. For example, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and the Uffizi Gallery, to name just two well-known examples. The good thing about these day trip is you can use the bus or train to get there. If you want to use a train, you can book train tickets via Omio.

Top Things to Do in Venice

Which Places Should You Visit in Venice itself?

Venice has a lot to offer. Here are among the top places you should visit while there.

Venice Lido 

If you are seeking a location to unwind and escape the majority of travelers, the Lido is the place to go. The Lido is home to around 20,000 people and features numerous residential areas, shops, restaurants, and hotels. Lido is a wonderful getaway and offers a dramatic contrast to the bustling streets and canals surrounding the great canal. It has a much more tranquil, laid-back, and relaxing atmosphere.

Doges Palace

Doges Palace is one of the most iconic buildings in Venice. It is located in St. Mark's Square but faces the Grand Canal. The front facade of this opulent palace is comprised of a lovely white stone arch with a succession of diamond-shaped designs on the walls. The palace's interior is spectacular, with many exquisitely furnished chambers with original elements, furnishings, and artwork. Tours of the palace are offered, and it is recommended to spend time observing the façade and interior in great detail to catch a piece of Venice's history properly.

San Giorgio Maggiore

You'll find San Giorgio Maggiore, an ideal destination for a leisurely Vaporetto ride or luxurious water taxi just off the Venice Basin and the Grand Canal. Explore the small harbor and its assortment of moored boats, go inside the impressive cathedral and monastery, and finish up with a walk up the campanile for breathtaking views of Venice.


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