Know All About Visa on Arrival Countries for Indians

Know All About Visa on Arrival Countries for Indians

Having a visa is a top priority for everyone while going abroad. People think that trip to a foreign country always means applying for a visa and patiently waiting for the formalities to complete. Well, you do not have to follow those tedious procedures if you are travelling to any of the Visa on Arrival countries for Indians.

If you are looking to travel abroad, it is essential to know about Visa on Arrival countries. There are a total of 58 Visa on Arrival countries for Indians. In this article, let understand the important things you need to know about Visa on Arrival countries for Indians.

What is Visa on Arrival Countries for Indians?

Visa is either a document or a stamp issued on passports, which is official permission given to people to enter or stay in a foreign country. Indians with passports can avail the benefit of the Visa on Arrival facility provided by many countries around the world. You can get the visa after arriving in the destination country. Under this facility, you do not need to apply for the visa beforehand and go through elaborate procedures.

It is a convenient facility offered by the Visa on Arrival countries for Indians as it reduces last minute hassles of getting the visa before embarking on an international trip. There is no waiting period before the visa is issued. Although, you must visa on arrival at the visa counter in the destinations country.

Types of Visas

International travellers must know about the different types of visas, classified as per their method of issue. Here are the three different types of visas:

  • Visa on Arrival

    This type of visa is issued after the person lands in the destination country. There are 43 Visa on Arrival countries for Indians.

  • e-Visa

    It is an electronic document issued to people going abroad. It authorizes their entry into a foreign country. There are 36 countries that offer e-Visa facilities to Indian passport holders. You can apply for it online as it does not need any stamp or label.

  • Entry Permit

    An entry permit is a document issued to the visitor to officially enter or stay in the foreign country for a specific period. For some countries like UAE and Grenadines, Indians do not need a visa. They are issued an entry permit.

Key Facts About Visa on Arrival for Indians

It is essential for travellers to know about the Visa on Arrival facility for Indians. Here are some of the must-know facts about this facility:

  • Some Visa on Arrival countries offer it only for a tourist visa and not for a work visa.
  • The period of validity of the visa may vary from country to country.
  • You must carry important documents like the passport, flight tickets, and passport-sized photographs to obtain the visa on arrival without any hassles.
  • Some countries provide a free visa on arrival, while some may levy charges for the same.

Why Buy Travel Insurance While Travelling Abroad?

While travelling to a foreign land, you expect the best travel experience. But there may come situations where immediate attention is required. It could be an injury, illness, or any other kind of inconvenience. These situations can hamper your travel budget.

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy travel insurance while embarking on a trip to any of the Visa on Arrival Countries for Indians:

  • It can be financial support for your trip. You can get suitable coverage for any emergency or risks on a foreign land far away from home.
  • It can help you get quality healthcare facilities without worrying about the finances. It can cover you against any mishaps.
  • Frequent flyers can get a multi-trip travel policy. It offers adequate protection against the uncertainties of travelling.

When travelling to any of the Visa on Arrival countries for Indians, you do not have to go through the hassles of obtaining a visa. It is advisable to buy travel insurance while travelling abroad. It can act as a safeguard against any inconveniences. You can consider buying travel insurance from Care Health Insurance. They are a trusted brand that offers travel insurance with affordable premium and comprehensive coverage.


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