TRAVEL TIPS: 8 Simple Travel Hacks for Hassle-free Trips

Travel Hacks for Hassle-free Trips

We have different reasons why we travel. For some, it is to see the world, to have an adventure of a lifetime, to find themselves, or to meet new friends. At the end of it all, I guess, we will all agree that traveling should be enjoyable, fun and hassle-free. But how? In this fast-paced world, how do we really ensure or is it really possible to have a hassle-free travel?

We may not know what could possibly happen when we travel, but at least we could minimize "unlikely" things to happen.Here are some of my simple yet very useful suggestions that can help you have a hassle-free and less stressful trips. I hope these tips would help you have have a more enjoyable travels in the future.

1. Research and plan your trip ahead

I always believe that half of the travel is done if you plan it well ahead. As they say, "be ahead of your trip." For me, research is the key for you to do that. Read blogs, ask friends or read guide books when planning your trip. That way, you could set your expectations of what to happen during your trip.

Whenever I travel, I plot the itinerary of the places I want to visit. I also contact local friends if they have any suggestions on what not to be missed in their hometown. Aside from that, I also do budget estimate so I would know how much money should I bring.

Always have a back-up plan when planning your trips. So when the time comes that the original didn't go well, I have a back-up plan.

Part of the travel planning is listing down the things that you really need on the trip, like what are the basic necessities you'll need, visa requirements (if needed), what to bring and what not to bring. Always know the priority needs like clothes, medicines, personal hygiene kit, etc.

Researching about the place you are going to is very important. Read about their culture and traditions if you're traveling abroad. Also, knowing what to wear, where to eat and where to stay are some of the very basic things you should not miss. More to that, it's better to always check the weather forecast to know what specific items to bring in addition to your basic necessities.

Always keep in mind that it best to plan and research about your trip at least a month or two, not a day before, for you not to be cramming or in a hurry that may lead you to be frustrated and travel unprepared. A well-planned trip means less hassle and inconvenience along the way.

2. Pack light

I always travel with just a backpack and a small sling bag. That way, I can easily move around. I suggest that you only pack the things you need. It's always so much easier to travel light. No matter where you plan to go, it is better if you limit your baggage to the allowable weight for hand carried luggage. That way, you won't need to check-in your bags when taking a flight.

It's always good to maintain your pack within the ideal weight that your body could carry. Traveling light will make your travel much easier rather than bringing heavy backpacks or luggage that will just make you end up exhausted and tired.

Bringing a sling bags can also be convenient to get the things that you need instantly and to save time as well. When I travel, I always bring a small cross-body bag or sling bag with lots of compartment where I put my essentials such as camera, mobile phone, power bank, iPad, passport and wallet while exploring a certain destination. I like it so much because it gives me quick access to my travel essentials, anytime I need them.

Travel Hacks for Hassle-free Trips
Tagbilaran City Airport, Bohol

3. Book everything in advance

Airfare, hotels, transport services, among others. For hassle-free travels, it is best to book all the travel essentials in advance. It’s better to get plane tickets earlier as possible, not a day before or on the day itself. It will really save you a lot on travel expenses if you book as early possible. More to that, booking online is more convenient and economical.

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Another important thing when traveling is accommodation. It is always better to have pre-booked hotel or resort accommodation before you travel. If you book your accommodation in advance, it gives you the convenience of choosing the best accommodation and the best price as well. This will also ensure that you'll have a place to stay when you arrive in your destination. It is also less stressful since you already know that you have a hotel room just waiting for your arrival, instead of wasting your time ans stressing yourself looking for a hotel when you arrive in your destination.

4. Check-in online

If you don't have luggage to check, you can save yourself an entire step at the airport by checking-in online, thus avoiding the queues and the number of people that are lining up check-in counter. This comes handy if you just check-in online without a luggage. This is also a good way if you got caught up in traffic on your way to the airport. When you're already checked-in online, you only need to be at the airport at least 1 hour before the time of departure (for local destinations).

Every airline has different process when it comes to online check-in, be sure to check the airline’s website before doing this.

Travel Hacks for Hassle-free Trips
NAIA Terminal 4, Manila

5. Choose your seat on flight

Knowing where to sit in the plane is also important. No matter how long or short your flight is, if you're a tall person, it would be best if you get a seat with a bigger leg room. You may choose your seat by using the airline’s seat selector feature when booking a flight. The seats with bigger legroom are the ones at the first row or at the emergency exit. You just need to pay a little extra for this, but you'll certainly have a more comfortable flight.

If you don’t want to pay an extra fee but you still want to choose your seat in the plane, it's better if you arrive early at the airport to check-in and use your "charm" to request for your desired seat on the flight. Yes, airline companies allow that. I always arrive early at the airport and once the check-in counter opens, I go to the check-in counter to check-in. Then I always request for a window seat near the front door or at the back. This will assure me that I would be able to be one of the first passengers to deplane when we land.

If you're the type of traveler who loves to sleep during flights, don't choose the seat in front of the emergency exit because these seats cannot be reclined.

6. Do not check-in your bags

One of the main reasons why I limit the weight of my backpack is because I don’t want to check-in my baggage. This allows me to transit easily and faster upon arrival at the airport of my destinations because I don't need to wait and claim my baggage. Also, it will make your travel less stressful since you don’t have to worry that your bag or luggage might get lost during transit. So, I highly suggest that you only bring what you need, so you won’t need to check-in your luggage and just hand carry it in the plane.

7. Always bring drinks and snacks

I always have some biscuits and a bottle of water inside my bag whenever I travel. There are times that travel time may be too long or when your flight got cancelled, having snacks and drinks in your bag will assure you that you won't end up hungry and frustrated.

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Travel Hacks for Hassle-free Trips
Taveloka Mobile App

8. Travel smoothly by using handy travel apps

I use navigation apps such as Waze and Google maps, Weather Philippines for checking the weather, Tripadvisor in reading travel reviews, XE Currency for foreign exchange, Google Translate for quickly translating day-to-day words you come across on your travels, Traveloka for booking flights, Agoda for booking hotel accommodations and Klook for tours and activities. These apps are very helpful and convenient in our generation today where you can simply get answers in just one click or tap away. All of these apps or websites can be your "friendly adviser on the go" that will surely help you on your travels.

Well there you have it, my simple yet useful tips for hassle-free travel. Whatever happens, always remember that when going on a trip, you should enjoy and have fun. It's all that matters.


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