The First Time in Malaysia: Travel Tips for Visitors

The First Time in Malaysia: Travel Tips for Visitors

Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. This country can offer a lot of amazing places to visit, from beaches and mountains to unique sights of architecture, culture and shopping opportunities. Travelers can find entertainment for every taste and budget. How to organize your first time in this country? Next, you will find some useful tips for beginners in Malaysia.

Top Tips For Those Who Decide Visit Malaysia for the First Time

The First Time in Malaysia: Travel Tips for Visitors

Malaysia is a benevolent and culturally rich country. Despite its technological capabilities, Malaysia has managed to maintain its natural beauty. Here you can plunge into a blend of Malay, Indian, Chinese, Arabic, European, and other cultures, and this picture will be complemented by many ancient temples that are adjacent to mosques and churches. Malaysia is undoubtedly one of the best holiday destinations but keep in mind the following travel tips for beginners to have the best experience in this country.

Think About Clothing

Malaysia is located near the equator and has a tropical climate. What is the best time to visit Malaysia? Most of the year, the weather is hot and humid. But it can be much cooler in the mountains. So, it is recommended to give preference to clothes made of natural fabrics. It is also better to choose loose-fitting clothes because tight-fitting clothes can make you feel uncomfortable. By the way, don’t take black clothes, as they will attract heat. Give preference to light colors of clothing.

It is also worth remembering that the country is conservative. And if you plan to visit public places, then you should give preference to clothes that will not expose the body. For example, you can take scarves made of light fabric to cover your head and shoulders.

Swim Carefully

The First Time in Malaysia: Travel Tips for Visitors

There is a lot of jellyfish that can bite in Malaysian waters. It is especially not recommended to swim during high tides and swim far. The bite of a jellyfish can spoil the rest and promise not the most pleasant sensations since jellyfish can be poisonous and even cause an allergic reaction.

By the way, to protect yourself from such cases and feel calmer during your trip, it is worth considering the right travel insurance services. Travel insurance is a must-have in any exotic country, plus some of the packages cover Covid as well.

As for one more jellyfish-protective tip, it is wise to abandon open swimsuits or choose hotels that enclose the swimming area with special nets. However, such hotels are usually more expensive.

If a jellyfish has bitten you, the best first aid is vinegar, according to locals. Also, coconut oil is very good for a bite. Never rinse the injured site with freshwater or treat the bite with alcohol! If 8 hours after the bite, the condition is bad, you feel dizzy and sick, then you need to go to the hospital and get an injection.

Learn Key Phrases

Although Malaysia is a popular tourist destination today, there is a need to learn standard phrases. Don’t expect English to help you in this country too much. Therefore, it is recommended to learn basic phrases, especially if you plan to go to distant places, and not to tourist spots. In tourist locations, you will not encounter a language barrier, but the further you move away from the tourist center, the higher the likelihood that knowledge of English may not work.

Change Money To Local Currency

For a comfortable stay in the country, it is recommended to get local currency. But, do not change the currency at the airport. Here is the most unfavorable rate that can be regarded as a real robbery. You can change a few dollars for a taxi or bus, but don't change all your money. It is better to do it in the city center.

Forget about Cards, Use Cash

It is not profitable to pay with a bank card in this country, so it is better to have cash. Banks charge a high commission when converting and often carry out transactions at a high rate, so cash is a better option in this case.

By the way, locals like dollars and yuan, and only new banknotes over 50. Old banknotes are not accepted at all, and small ones (less than 50) are changed at a low rate and not even everywhere.

It is also recommended to have pocket money for small expenses. For example, if you use local transportation, you should not expect the bus driver to give you a change.

Enjoy The Sights In The Morning

If you want to visit the most famous and popular places, it is better to do this early in the morning if you do not want to get into the crowds of tourists. For example, on the Menara at 9 am you can walk freely without queues, comfortably take pictures and walk around the site. Bus tours often arrive at 11 o'clock, taking the crowds of tourists with them. If you overslept in the morning, then perhaps you should go closer to closing time. The main thing is to know exactly what time it closes, so as not to be late. But an early wake-up in Malaysia is a guarantee to enjoy all the sights without huge crowds of tourists.

What to See in Malaysia?

If you want to get to know this country better, then you should take a look at Malaysian delicacies. The choice is huge! Along the road, you can watch a whole column of locals offering their delicacies at very competitive prices.

The highlight of this country is that Malaysia has world-famous attractions that make traveling here immeasurably exciting. If you have the opportunity to visit Kuala Lumpur (the capital of Malaysia), be sure to visit the tallest twin towers in the world. You can dive into the pristine waters of the East China Sea on the east coast at Pulau Redang island, climb Mount Kinabalu, and visit one of the most famous Cameron highlands.

Wrapping Up

Tripping to Malaysia is a great opportunity to reboot your mind and get an unforgettable travel experience. Use these tips to plan your vacation right. These easy pieces of advice will bring you a calm and comfortable travel experience in this country.


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