Planning An Amazing Road Trip From Manila To Nasugbu

Planning An Amazing Road Trip From Manila To Nasugbu

Summer is in full swing, and it's the perfect time to take a road trip to the nearest beach town. For those who live in Manila, Nasugbu is the perfect place to swim and frolic with family and friends, since this Batangas municipality is just three hours away from the metro. Blessed with beautiful beaches, incredible scenery, and various luxury residential communities, it's the ideal destination for rest and relaxation. If you're planning to make the most of your getaway, a road trip can be a fun way to start your beach holiday in Nasugbu this summer. Here's how to plan an amazing road trip from Manila to Nasugbu.

Secure your vehicle and accommodations

Preparing for a road trip means securing your vehicle and accommodations before anything else. If you're traveling with a group, it's advisable to use a van for your road trip, as it has more than enough space for five passengers and their belongings, making the drive more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. Next, reserve your accommodation, and check out Airbnb to rent a beach house for your stay. You can stay at a beach house casita in Pico de Loro, in a beachfront condo at Canyon Cove, or in a palatial home in a private community like Tali Beach. Make sure to ask the Airbnb owners about the amenities so you'll know if you need to bring cooking equipment and other necessities.

Map your route

On the day of your road trip, plan on leaving early: there's always moderate traffic on the South Super Highway during the summer months. There are two ways to get to Nasugbu: if you want to go the scenic route and not worry about traffic, take the Manila-Cavite Expressway or the CAVITEX. Here, you'll pass small towns and barangays, and see unspoiled nature views. Meanwhile, if you want to make the most of your trip, take the Santa Rosa exit, which will take you through Tagaytay and all the way to Nasugbu. Both exits will enable you to reach Nasugbu within three hours, but if you choose the Santa Rosa exit, it may take you longer to arrive, since it's not unusual to have moderate to heavy traffic in Tagaytay.

Plan your activities

Taking the CAVITEX exit is ideal if you just want to head to Nasugbu without making any stops. You can stop at a roadside eatery for lunch, then continue on towards your accommodation. Meanwhile, taking the Santa Rosa exit means you get to do more activities and see more tourist attractions in Tagaytay. You can prepare a packed lunch and have a picnic at the Tagaytay Picnic Grove Complex, and go horseback riding or ziplining before heading to Nasugbu. If you'd rather dine at a restaurant, you can have a hearty lunch of bulalo at any of the bulalo restaurants in the area. You can also go to Sky Ranch and go on fun rides such as the Sky Eye, which is the second tallest Ferris wheel in the Philippines. You may also want to buy your last-minute items from any of the grocery stores in the city before heading to Nasugbu.

Make the most of your getaway by planning a road trip from Manila to Nasugbu. Remember to plan ahead and secure your vehicle and accommodation, and map your route so you can have the best experience while you're on the road.


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