Travelling Ideas and Tips for Students

Travelling Ideas and Tips for Students

It’s often said that travel broadens the mind. As a student, you have one luxury that you likely won’t have again for many years: Time. Most colleges and universities have long breaks that allow students to travel and see the work while completing their studies. If you are interested in traveling, you’re probably wondering how you can make your dreams of travel into a reality. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of the ways that students can maximize their travel experience to help turn time off during school into an unforgettable experience that will last a lifetime.

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So, before you plan your next trip, consider these tips from students who have gone before you:

Consider study abroad options

One of the easiest ways to travel during your college or university years is to utilize study abroad options from your school. When you choose to do a semester abroad, your school will make most of the arrangements and the costs will be part of your tuition. Study abroad programs are also structured, giving you a more comprehensive experience of another culture, and allowing you the time to experience it in a variety of ways while still completing course work to earn credit toward your degree.

Travel at off-peak times

Traveling abroad can be expensive if you choose to go on your own. One way to reduce the cost is to travel at off-peak times. Each location has its busy season, and that’s when prices are highest. In Europe, for example, late summer is the most expensive time, when both European and international vacationers flood tourist locations. You can save a lot of money by visiting during the off-season, when fewer people are traveling.

Make use of a student travel agency

While you can sometimes get great deals online, there are also dedicated student travel agencies that specialize in finding deals for student travelers. These agencies provide package deals for students that use the power of working with many students at the same time to secure large discounts for their clients. When you work with an STA, you can get a good deal to popular tourist locations, often at a greater discount than booking on your own online.

Secure a summer internship abroad

Many international organizations are looking for interns or employees for summer work. Interning for a charity, a non-governmental organization, or other nonprofit—or even volunteering for one—can be a great way to combine your international travel with earning credit or building your résumé. Many organizations will offer help traveling to the location or finding accommodations once you’re there. If you make arrangements through your university’s job placement office, you will also receive school support during your stay abroad.

Ask for student discounts

Don’t be shy about asking for student discounts. Many locations offer lower prices for students, as long as you have a student ID card. For example, European trains have lower fares for students. Wherever you go, show your student ID frequently and ask what special deals restaurants, hotels, and transit offer for students to help save cash while you’re traveling abroad.

Make friends with the locals

Traveling abroad isn’t just about seeing buildings and museums. It’s also about the experience of another culture. Introduce yourself to your classmates and other locals while you’re studying abroad and make friends with people in your host country. The more you integrate yourself into the community, the more you’ll gain from your experience. Learning directly from the people who live there is a great way to enhance your own cultural awareness and to discover some of the secrets about your host country that you won’t get from any tourist guide or reference book. That said, use caution: Try to check on the people you meet to make sure they are who they say they are before you go off on your own with people you don’t know. Use common sense and stay safe.

Travel by train or bus

Flying is very expensive and also skips over many of the out-of-the-way places that make up the biggest part of the travel experience. When you travel by train or by bus, you’ll save money and you’ll also have a more interesting experience stopping in smaller locations in between the major cities, places where you might discover something exciting and new. Sure, it takes longer, but you’ll see more of the country and save a lot of money compared to more expensive flight tickets—especially when many buses and trains offer discounted student fares.


Give yourself a little breathing room to enjoy your trip. Pick one expensive activity you want to do during your trip and indulge yourself so you can have a memory that lasts a lifetime.

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