The Beach Trip Essential Checklist

What are the things to bring on a trip to the beach

The blue water, the white sand, the lovely sun, and no care in the world! Most of us wait for that part of the year when we can leave our work and busy lives behind to spend a few days of freedom on a beach.

Yet, as with any other vacation, the beach trip demands something from us! And that is packing for the trip. Some folks are pro-nomads, with their bags always packed. But for some of us, packing is an arduous task.

We feel you, people! If you have a beach vacay planned but struggle with deciding what to pack, read our beach trip essential checklist.

Swimwear or bathing suit - You will need a couple of swimwear if you are going on a short beach trip. Depending on your preference, you can go for a pair of bikinis, a one-piece swimsuit, tankini, etc. There is a wide variety to choose from, in different styles and sizes. For men, swimming trunks is a great option.

Swimsuit Coverup - These are great for quickly covering up your swimsuit-clad body when you want to, and you can easily remove them as well when you want to go for a surf or a swim, or just lay down on the beach and get tanned. They also look cute in your snaps and selfies.

Tank tops and shorts - You won’t wear your swimwear round the clock on your beach trip. Carry some other comfortable attire for your trip as well, like tank tops, shorts, skirts, etc. 

Sunscreen - While we all want to sport a healthy tan, you wouldn’t like to suffer from sunburns. Always carry your sunscreen with you to the beach, preferably one with SPF 50 or more. That will save your skin from the harmful damage that UV rays can cause.

Aqua shoes - When going on a beach trip, a pair of cute aqua shoes is a must-have. They are great protection to your feet when walking in the sand or soaking in the waters. It's better to have aqua shoes, than walk barefoot on the sand.

Leave-in conditioners - Sun, seawater, and wind make a perfect recipe for frizzy hair. If you don’t want bad hair days on your beach trip, carry easy–to–use hair care products like a leave-in conditioner.

Sunglasses - Like sunscreen protects you from the harmful ultraviolet sun rays, the sunglasses offer the same protection for your eyes. Keep it with you as you are bound to spend long hours in the sun.

Hat - A hat gives you extra sun protection. But most importantly, it completes your beach looks! Your sunglasses, your hat, and of course your swimwear are the keys to getting an Instagram-worthy shots on the beach.

Slip-on shoes - When you are not inside the water, you need shoes to protect your feet from shells and rocks hiding below the sand. Clogs that you can easily wear and remove for your time on the beach.

Towel - You will need this every time you have fun in the water and come outside.

Filtered Water Bottle - You need to stay hydrated, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors. These days, it’s easy to find a filtered water bottle from reputed brands. You can refill it any time, and its inbuilt filter will ensure that you get clean water in every sip. That’s a lot better than buying bottled water and adding to the growing problem of plastic trash.

Beach Mat - You can easily find a foldable beach mat that you can sneak into your bag. Get a beach mat that dries quickly and has pockets where you can put in your sunscreen or your phone. Now all you would need is the perfect place to spread that mat and lie down.

Cooler Bag - For those who love to enjoy snacks and beer on the beach, a cooler bag is a must. Get a cooler bag that’s rough and tough, and can hold enough cans and snacks for you and your friends.

A book - And that’s because many folks love to flip the pages of their favorite book while sprawling under the shade on a beach. It might also help you kill time on the flight. Pack in a book that you would enjoy, though!

Cell phone and Charger - While people barely forget to carry their cellphones, many of us are often guilty of leaving our chargers behind. Remember to carry it along, as cellphones are our lifelines these days. You might also want to keep plug convertors if you are going for an international beach holiday.

Water Proof phone case - You might want to snap some selfies in the waves, but what if you accidentally drop your phone into the water, or splash water on it? It’s better to be safe than sorry. That’s why you should carry a waterproof phone case with you to save your phone (and the precious pictures inside it) from any mishap.

Underwater Digital Camera - A camera that works underwater, like a Go Pro, is great for those who love to spend more time inside the sea than on the sand. With an underwater digital camera, you can capture those memories and cherish them forever.

Toiletries- Remember to put your toiletries like your face wash, toothbrush, and toothpaste, etc. as you may or may not get them in the place where you plan to stay. Also, using your stuff instead of the ones provided by the hotel is another way to cut down wastage and minimize the environmental impact of your holiday.

Medications - If you happen to be on any medication, remember not to leave it behind when you go for a holiday. It would also be advisable to keep a few first aid items handy.

Hope this list helps you out with your packing. Time spent on the beach is never enough, and we know that you have been badly looking forward to this break! Pack with care, and have a great trip!


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