A Closer Look At The Top 4 Most Popular Fishing Destination In Australia

Australia is a country that has many beauties to offer to those who are interested in discovering it - from century-old lakes and dames to mountains and breath-taking landscapes, Australia has everything a tourist could possibly wish for. In addition to the national parks and sandy, there are several fishing destinations that are popular all over the world, destinations that attract thousands of tourists who are passionate about fishing in the middle of the nature. Here are some of the most popular areas:

1. The Rottnest Island
If you travel anywhere near the beautiful city of Perth, Australia, then you should not miss the well-known Rottnest Island, since it is less than 20 kilometers away from it. This island is like Heaven on Earth, it is an amazing location for swimmers and surfers, as well as for those who are into scuba diving and fishing. You can see shipwrecks and coral reefs everywhere, and these elements make snorkeling and scuba diving truly unforgettable. On the other hand, the Rottnest Island is also the perfect place if you want to relax and let off some steam - grab your fishing gear and head straight to the island if you are nearby, it would be a pity to miss this masterpiece of nature.

2. The Daly River
The Daly River is a very popular location for those who want to catch barramundi or to see crocodiles in their natural habitat. It can be quite dangerous if you are not careful (not only because of the crocodiles but also because of the enormous tidal range), but it is certainly a beautiful river. If you plan to sail the Daly River for fishing, then you should know that the best time do to so is during April and May - don't forget your fishing rods!

3. The Blackwood River

The Blackwood River is famous for two things: its length (it is one of the longest rivers in the entire Australia) and for the fish of impressive dimensions that live here. If you want to catch delicious trout or crayfish, then you should definitely put this river on your fishing list. One thing is for sure, though: fishing on the Blackwood River is not aimed at amateurs, it is aimed at professional fishermen only.

4. Walpole

Walpole is a great place if you like to catch flathead fish. Besides the great fishing spots, Walpole is also widely known for the popular Valley Of The Giants, which is perfect if you want to take a gentle stroll and enjoy the view. Located 5 hours away from Perth, Walpole is the perfect destination for a one-day trip, especially for those who are fond of the great outdoors.

Here you can find a wealth of picnic spots, rivers, sandy beaches, forests, national parks and places where you can fish or go kayaking or canoeing. If you are passionate about rafting or sailing, then Walpole is perfect for these two water sports as well. Grab your best fishing reels and come to Walpole, you will certainly not regret it.

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