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CAVITE ITINERARY: 30 Best CAVITE TOURIST SPOTS and Things to Do (Travel Guide Blog 2024 for First-timers)


Planning a trip to Cavite? Check out this list of top things to do in Cavite, tourist spots and best places to visit that you should include in your Cavite itinerary!

Cavite is home to many historical sites, nice beaches and coves, hotels and resorts, mountains, waterfalls and so much more! Located south of Metro Manila, it is just a few hours drive from the Philippines' capital, making it a great destination for a quick trip or a weekend getaway.

Cavite is well-known for Tagaytay City - its prime tourist destination. But there are also a lot of interesting sites to visit in Cavite aside from Tagaytay. In this Cavite Travel Guide Blog, I will share to you some of the best places to visit and things to do in Cavite, tourist spots and attractions to help you plan your Cavite trip!

CEBU TO BOHOL TO CEBU: Ferry Schedule, Fare Rates, Sample Itinerary 2024 and More!

2024 Cebu to Tagbilaran Bohol Ferry Schedule and Fare Rates Sample Itinerary

How to get to Bohol from Cebu by ferry? As well as, how to travel from Bohol to Cebu? What are the ferry schedules and how much are the fare rates?

I can still remember during my very first trip to Cebu, we also visited and explored the province of Bohol. We took a ferry from Cebu Port and arrived at Tagbilaran Port after about 2 hours. We toured around Bohol for a few days and went back to Cebu after.

If you also want to see Bohol's tourist spots and attractions as part of your trip to Cebu, one of the easiest and most convenient way to get there is to take a ferry from Cebu to Bohol. As side trip from Cebu - whether on a day trip or overnight trip - it is a great way to also enjoy the many natural wonders, beaches and islands, as well as the best resorts in Bohol. So, if you have more time, don't miss to include Bohol in your itinerary when traveling to Cebu.

10 BEST THINGS TO DO IN CORON, Tourist Spots, Itinerary & Travel Guide Blog 2024 for First-timers in Palawan

Top Things to Do in Coron, Tourist Spots and Itinerary - PALAWAN TRAVEL GUIDE BLOGS

Itching for an ultimate island adventure? Check out this Coron Travel Guide Blog 2024 with sample itinerary, list of top things to do in Coron, tourist spots, places to visit, packaged tours, recommended hotels and beach resorts, travel requirements, and useful travel tips to help you plan your trip!

When I first visited Coron in 2011, it instantly became one of my most favorite tourist destinations in the Philippines. That is why, whenever friends ask me where is the best place to travel in the Philippines, one that I always recommend is Coron, Palawan!

Coron is one of the four towns that make up the Calamianes or Calamian Group of Islands in the northern part of the huge Palawan Province. It is famous for its islands, beaches, lagoons, lakes, shipwrecks, and many natural wonders. In this comprehensive Coron Budget Travel Guide Blog, I will help you in planning your Coron Palawan adventure by providing useful and easy-to-follow information on how to get there, where to stay, transportation, top things to do in Coron, tourist spots, recommended tours, sample Coron itinerary, budget and expenses and many more!

30+ BEST THINGS TO DO IN BORACAY, Tourist Spots, Activities, Itinerary & Travel Guide Blog 2024 PHILIPPINES

THINGS TO DO IN BORACAY Travel Guide Blog Itinerary

Planning a trip to Boracay this 2024? Read on this awesome list of top things to do in Boracay, best tourist spots and places to visit that you should include in your Boracay itinerary!

Boracay is a beautiful tropical island located in Malay, Aklan in the Philippines. Awarded multiple times as one of the "Best Islands in the World", Boracay Island offers awesome and diverse things to do, amazing tourist spots and attractions, lovely hotels and beach resorts, and endless list of exciting activities to enjoy. As one of the Philippines' most popular island destinations, it is frequently visited by local travelers and foreign tourists from around the world. It doesn't just boasts of white sugary sands, idyllic beaches, and clear turquoise waters but it always makes sure that every guest will surely enjoy their time and have a memorable vacation on the island.

2024 MACAU TRAVEL GUIDE BLOG with DIY Itinerary, Things to Do, Tourist Spots, Tips and Budget for First-timers

Best Things to Do in Macau Travel Guide Blogs Tourist Spots DIY Itinerary and Budget 2024

Planning a trip to Macau this 2024? Let this first-timer's Macau travel guide blog with DIY Itinerary, things to do, tourist spots, budget and expenses help you plan your trip to Macau!

Visiting Macau, whether as a day tour or a side trip from your Hong Kong vacation, is a lot of fun and a historical experience about Macau's colonial past from the Portuguese. There are so many activities to enjoy and things to do in Macau that are worth experiencing - especially for first-timers. In this Macau Budget Travel Guide Blog, let me share to you some useful information on how to get there, visa requirements, exciting things to do, must-see tourist spots and attractions, where to stay, DIY itinerary, budget and expenses, and a lot more. I hope to will help you in planning your Macau adventure, soon!