THINGS TO DO IN ILOCOS NORTE: Surfing in Pagudpud's Blue Lagoon

It's time to surf at Blue Lagoon Beach in Pagudpud on our 3rd and final day of this Northern Luzon trip. We woke up a bit late as we were so tired from yesterday's trip in Apayao Province. We had breakfast in a nearby eatery and then proceeded to Kapuluan Vista Resort where I will be getting my surfing lessons. I've been to Pagudpud in 2011 but missed to surf. I just stayed at Saud Beach back then and was not able to explore this part of the town.

Good thing I've researched about it before coming here. Now I know where to go. Upon reaching the resort, we went to the reception desk and inquired about their surfing lessons. It costs 350 pesos for an hour of surfing lessons including the board rental.

I'm so excited to finally ride the waves here in Pagudpud. But since it was summer, the waves are not that strong. I'm okay with that as I'm just a "newbie" and a "surfer wannabe". Probably, this is the best time to learn riding the waves of Pagudpud. Hahaha!

My instructor was so good. Before we start the surfing lessons, he taught me some techniques on how to stand on the board. Techniques that I don't know before. Great! After that quick pre-surfing lessons, we finally went to the water.

While waiting for the waves to arrive, I told my instructor that I don't know how to spot a wave and when to stand. He told me to just listen to him. Okay, sabi mo eh... :)

I relied on my instructor's queue on when to paddle and stand on the board. Until the 1st wave came in... My instructor, shouted "paddle!"... and then "tayo! (stand up!)"... Ahahahah! I got so excited and wasn't able to control my balance on the board. Hahaha! I eventually fell off on my first try. Hahaha!

We went back and waited for the wave to come in. Since it was summer, the waves are not that frequent. It took a while before the 2nd wave came in.

And I surfed! I was able to ride the wave on my 2nd try! Woohoo!!! I repeated it, I surfed and enjoyed each ride. I did it over and over again!

Until, on one of the rides I fell off badly and hit my knees on some rocks or reef (I don't know what it was). I went to the shore to check on it. Okay, gasgas lang! It was just a shallow wound. So I rested for a while.

After about 5 minutes, I was back on the water and surfing again! Woohoo! Until I got tired and my 1-hour surfing lesson was finished.

This is my 6th surfing experience. Though I had a minor accident, it was still an awesome experience!


Manila to Laoag City
By Bus: Take a bus bound for Laoag. Travel time is 10-12 hours, so I would recommend a night trip for this. Several bus companies such as Partas, GV Florida Transport, Dominion Bus Lines, Philippine Rabbit and FariΓ±as Transit have regular trips that will take you directly to Laoag City. Check out their websites for the trip schedules.

By Plane: Take a direct flight from Manila to Laoag City. Travel time is about an hour.

Laoag City to Pagudpud
Take a bus or van bound for Claveria Cagayan, it will pass by the town of Pagudpud, which is the last town before reaching Claveria Cagayan. Tell the driver to drop you at Brgy. Balaoi. Travel time about 1.5 to 2 hours.

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This trip happened on May 28, 2012 during my 3-day trip in Northern Luzon.

  • Surfing in Pagudpud's Blue Lagoon


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  1. Merv! :) Eksakto tong post mo! I was wondering where we could go surfing in Pagudpud eh. :) Anyway, I assume that you stayed outside Kapuluan Vista Resort and just went in for the surfing lessons? May entrance ba? Ganung gagawin namin eh, sa iba mag-stay para mas mura tapos punta lang sa KVR para sa surfing lessons. :) Thanks thanks! :)

    1. yup, walang entrance... punta lang kayo sa KVR for the surfing lessons. Sa mga homestay kasi kami nag stay nun... enjoy Pagudpud! :)

    2. A rural municipality & town in northern Philippines once part of Bangui became a new separate town as Pagudpud Ilocos Norte dubbed as the "Boracay of the North" by the international media & throughout the world.

    3. Pagudpud is a resort town in the Philippines.

  2. I would love to read more articles from you, Kuya! I'm a 14 year old student and i've been searching somewhere specifically beaches para mapuntahan namin ng parents ko for the next summer vacation and thank God, i found your article! Keep writing and i would surely support you po! :)

  3. I would love to read more articles from you, Kuya! I'm a 14 year old student and i've been searching somewhere specifically beaches po para irecommend sa parents ko for our next summer vacation and thank God, i found your article! Keep writing po and i will support you! :)


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