Davao City - White Water Rafting, "an Exhilarating Ride of my Life"

It was a long time dream for me to experience white water rafting. So, when me and my friends planned to visit Davao City and Davao del Norte, I excitedly suggested that we should experience the white water rafting on this trip.

Upon reaching Davao City, we took a cab going to Davao Crocodile Park. This is where the Davao Wildwater Adventure Inc. (DWAI) is stationed. Since it was still early morning when we arrived, we had to wait for the organizers to start the orientation. While waiting, we changed into our swimming clothes as we expect to get really wet when we do the rafting. We also secured our belongings in the lockers they have provided us.

At around 8:30 AM, we fitted our gears - helmet and life vests. Then we had the initial rafting orientation which includes discussion of safety reminders and a video of things to expect during the rafting activity. At first we were all scared as we see rafts cap-sizing on the very "wild" Davao river. Hahaha!!! Pero syempre, kasubuan na ito... Bahala na! Go! Hahaha!!!

the jeepney that will bring us to the put in area

We hopped into the jeepney and head towards the put in area in Tamugan. It's about an hour of travel from Crocodile Park. Another orientation was given to us there. We were taught how to properly put on our life vests, some basic rafting techniques, do's and don’ts and the different rafting lingo’s that we will use through out the activity. We were also introduced to our rafting guide, Macky.

meet our raft guide, Macky

with the other rafters

We were so excited at the same time nervous as we ride the raft. The feeling got even nervy as the raft started to float on the strong current of the Davao river. As instructed, we secured our feet into the strap on the raft's floor and started to paddle. Paddle forward!!! Wahhhhhhh!!!

Davao river

into our raft

We were all screaming as we get near the rapids. Wahhhhhhh!!! It was an adrenaline pumping experience when you go through the rapids and then you feel relieved when you survived it without falling off from the raft. Hahaha!

battling it out with the rapids

a sight of relief

There's also a small cave that we got into along the river trail. It was a sight seeing almost all of the rafts fit inside the small cave.

in the cave

The adventure continued through the 13-kilometer river with several rapids more we need to conquer! Hahaha!!! At this point our nervousness has turned to excitement as we paddle our raft closer to the rapids. Go! Paddle harder!!!


high 5!!!

At some points, the river took us on a ‘washing machine’-like rapids then the raft slammed on large rocks. Another is when the raft will suddenly drop from a huge rock and just let it dive into the rapids. Wahhhhhh!!! It's really heart pounding! Hehehe!


paddle forward!!!

i stood up as we successfully braved one of the rapids

The whole rafting experience lasted for about 4 hours which started from Tamugan, down to Purok 8, Lacson.

This experience made us realize that fear is just a state of mind. It also made us face our fear and eventually overcome it.

Thanks to Davao Wildwater Adventure Inc. for this thrilling experience. We will surely treasure it for a life time. Credit also goes to our raft guide Macky for patiently assisting us kahit sobrang gulo at kulit ng group namin. Hahaha! You made us feel safe and secured in the raft. Paddle forward!!! Paddle back!!! Paddles up! High 5!!!

satisfied MBA'ers with our guide, Macky

Kudos also goes to my friends, Clarice, Joan, Marvin, Ate Ching and Ate Pinky, my MBA friends who braved all the rapids with me. It was indeed an exhilarating experience! Well done guys! =D

You want adventure? I highly recommend Davao Wildwater Adventure Inc.. You'll get true "heart pumping" white water rafting experience and I'm sure you'll also have a thrilling ride of your life!

0800 AM - Assembly at Crocodile Park
0930 AM - Departure
1030 AM - Arrival at Put In area, Tamugan
1100 AM - Start of Rafting
1200 NN - Lunch
0300 PM - Arrival at Take Out area, Purok 8, Lacson
0330 PM - Departure for Crocodile Park
0430 PM - Arrival at Crocodile Park

DWAI's packaged rate is Php 2,000/pax inclusive of:

• Transportation (From Crocodile Park to Rafting Area and back)
• Packed Lunch & Bottled Water
• Use of Gears & Equipment
• Raft guide
• Souvenir Shirt
• Documentation (2 Disc per group of 6)
• Tickets (zipline, crocodile park, etc...)

Davao Wildwater Adventure Inc.
Davao Crocodile Park Compound, Riverfront Corporate City,
Diversion Highway, Ma-a, Davao City, Philippines 8000

tel. nos. : (+6382) 221 7823 & (+6382) 286 1055
              +63920 954 6898, +63922 856 9790 - Arthur
              +63920 954 6897, +63923 658 6048 - Ruel
email : davaowildwater@yahoo.com
website : www.waterrafting.psdgroupph.com

*Photo credits to Davao Wildwater Adventure Inc.

This post is part of my adventures in Davao City and Davao Del Norte with my MBA friends last February 19-21, 2011. Thanks to Joan and Clarice for sharing some of their photos.

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  1. We are currently residing in Davao but must fess up that we haven't done this yet.We are such wussies, I know, shame!

    Thanks for sharing your experience though, we'll live vicariously through you for the meantime.:-)

  2. Wow! I recently posted a blog about river rafting but it was not white river rafting! Yours looks so much more adventurous :) It looks like you had a great time and the photos are wonderful!


  3. kamusta rapids niyo? kakatakot or medyo madali lang? i wanna do rafting again when i go to davao. yung sa CDO kasi medyo tame yung rapids since it was summer. wala masyadong excitement.

    pero parang mahal sya per person kahit inclusive of lunch na. sila lang ba yung raft operators in davao?

  4. kakatuwa naman si Macky pala yung guide nyo... Mac was also our guide last August 2010. I still remember his power-steering paddle moves pero natawa lang kami dun sa aming video na all of us were caught unprepared sa isang rapid, muntik na kaming tumaob.

    I would really try white water rafting again if ever I will have a trip in Davao. As far as I know, kahit medyo mahal yung fee ay may kasamang freebies ito like the use of zipline sa zipcity and the use of their sister resort in Samal Island.

  5. wow! inggit! saya nman! I wanna try this din! ;)

  6. @MJ - you are not alone... I also have a friend who is from Davao, but he has never tried it... hehehe!!! try it! it's a lot of fun! Thanks for following my blog... i'll be posting more about our Davao trip in the days to come..

  7. @Nelieta - yeah, we really had a lot of fun! I'll check out your post... thanks again!

  8. @Calvin - ok naman... nakakatakot sa una, pero exciting na cya as you go along... I think standard rate yung 2k sa Davao even sa ibang raft operators... sa kanila kasi may free tickets pa sa zip city, same operators sila...

    it is higher talaga compared sa CDO... I think 1k lang sa CDO diba?

  9. @Jay - this happened last February... he's nice diba? hahaha! kami never tumaob... sayang nga eh, iba rin kc yung experience pagtumaob yung boat nyo diba?

    @Tina - hehehe!!! thanks po! try mo din if you happen to be in Davao. this activity is highly recommended!

  10. another great adventure...looks fun!!

    we will be going to Davao this July, I want to try but I'm a bit afraid if the boat flip...hahahah hindi ba mahirap?

  11. @nash - wow! be sure to experience white water rafting... sa una lang nakakatakot, pero pagkatapos ng isang rapid, nako... ok na... exciting na cya! go go go!!! =D

  12. Sounds like awesome water rapids. Done rafting twice now but that looks more challenging.

  13. wow! dapat ma try ko rin to! been wanting to do white water rafting in CDO. maconvince nga sina carla and ed when we go to Davao soon! lol

  14. GALING! happy you see you having a great time while you're in Davao. balik ka sunod, there's more to see and expereince here at my beloved city. :)

  15. @Jim - it was indeed challenging...

    @doi - yeah, try nyo yan ni Ed, for sure mag eenjoy kayo... daming adventourous activities ang pwedeng magawa sa Davao,,, gusto ko ng bumalik eh! hehehe!!!

  16. @Olanology - isa ang Davao sa mga gusto kong balikan na province... hindi nakakasawa... we really had a great time there... tour mo ko next time..hehehe!!!

  17. kaw na....ang adventurista......grabe...walang pagod....hahahaha....sana mapuntahan ko rin yan mga napuntahan mo and of course maexperience ko rin dapat....^_^

  18. hehehe...last na talaga un...magastos ang pagatas and ala pa dun ung pagaaral nila...thanks po sa invite...pasend nlng ng It nyo..lam mo naman email ko eh ^_^....inform kita kagad kung makakajoin ako...thanks po ulit...

  19. nakakatuwa naman!!!! ang galing nung video pati ako na-excite ha ha ganda nga ng ride! parang mas maganda pa toh kesa white water raft ko sa Chiang Mai!

  20. @lakwatserong tatay - wahahaha!!! thanks po... kaw nga nakapag-Palawan ka na... sa June mag Palawan ako... hehehe!!!

    cge, email ko sayu yung IT...


  21. 4 hours? Intense!
    Di pwede mag picture habang nagra raft?

  22. @Christian | Lakad Pilipinas - may break naman to have lunch... it is not advisable to bring a camera, may taga picture naman... kasama na sa package,...

  23. Nice adventure! Tanong ko lang, did you still have time to go around crocodile park, butterfly house, city zip after rafting? or bumalik nalang kyo some other day? Entrance to those other facilities are part of the package right?

    Thank you in advance. I'm the one planning kasi for our group. We're scheduled to go to Davao on June. :)

    1. we explored the park while waiting for the rafting to start... maaga kc kami dumating... di na kami nag zip line... yup, included na yun sa fee sa rafting...

  24. I hope to do this in Davao. Will go there in the next few days.

    Nice post!

  25. i want to try water rafting.. hope that i can visit davao...


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