What to Pack when Going on a Cruise?

What to pack when going on a cruise

Over 30 million people a year have taken to the high seas to soak up the many benefits of a cruise experience.

Voyages and ship sizes vary substantially, with the largest being the Wonder of the Seas, measuring 236,857 gross tonnes and 1,188 feet. However, no matter which cruise you go on, there’s one question that unites all passengers - what should I pack when going on a cruise?

Not too much!

As you’re travelling around by ship, it’s tempting to think you can take lots of clothing and as many accessories and gadgets as you want. But keep in mind you may have a flight to get to your boarding point, so luggage limits and charges will apply. Also, even the best cabins can quickly get cluttered, so only take things you will genuinely need and use.

Waterproof jacket

Even in the Caribbean, you may get rainy days, and a sea mist can make your morning or evening walk on deck a little damp. A light waterproof jacket that rolls easily into a bag is very handy to have.

Little touches for comfort

Though cabins can be lovely, you may want to take a few things from home that make your holiday more comfortable. For example, a small electric fan (and plug adaptor) to help keep your living quarters cool, a night light for reading, or a pillow that helps you sleep better. A few basic over-the-counter remedies for common ailments can be a good idea too.

Small things to add to the fun

A few small travel games you can use in a lounge or your cabin can help pass a relaxing day at sea. Also, a pair of binoculars can make your time on deck more interesting.

What to pack to help you stay organised

You will want to make the most of every minute on the ship and on land, so think of things to make your days go smoothly. A good example is a light bag that zips up for on-shore excursions, a portable charger for your phone, and a shoe organiser to hang on the back of a wardrobe door.

Zip-up plastic bags are handy to keep phones, room keys and other items protected when by the pool or lounging on a beach somewhere.

Paperwork and other important items

It’s easy to get so excited about your cruise – as well as your daily fashion choices – that crucial items become a second thought.

Not only do you need to make sure you have your passport, but you also need to tick off other essential travel ‘admin’ too. These days, a lot of your tickets and other travel documentation will be on your phone, but some people print items off too, in case of a poor internet signal. This needs to include details of cruise travel insurance, which can be crucial in an emergency.

Clothes that make you happy

Having dealt with the practicalities of what to pack when going on a cruise, the rest is up to you. Choose clothing that makes you happy, whether it’s a cosy padded coat for an Alaskan cruise or bright-coloured swimwear for sailing in the sunshine.

Don’t forget your best evening attired too, as getting dressed up for dinner is all part of the fun on a cruise!


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