The Most Luxurious Aspects of a Cruise Holiday

Star Cruises Supertar Virgo Cruise from Philippines to Taiwan and Hong Kong

You’ve seen it everywhere. The perfect imagery of a state of the art cruise gliding across a clear ocean as the sun sets overhead. It’s the picture of perfection, the pinnacle of travel captured in a scene that can only be described as breath-taking.

Cruises are certainly a great way to holiday, offering fun and relaxation for the whole family. However, when taking things up a notch offers can get seriously swanky. From private jets to port calls in fabulous cities, the cruise experience offers adventure all from within the enjoyable confines of luxury. Below are three reasons you should splash out on the cruise.

Instant Extravagance

You don’t even need to wait until stepping aboard to begin enjoying your time. The journey begins much sooner, with first class travel becoming more accessible than ever you can fly to your favourite harbours. Whether you prefer the Atlantic or Indian seas, nowhere is out of reach. Fly over what you will soon sail and look down on the waters you’ll roam!

After all, you needn’t await a cramped taxi, a packed bus or a turbulence prone plane full of screaming children to reach your dock. Fly Victor Limited break down the process of private plane hire, making the luxurious prospects less a distant dream and more a tangible reality. Ultimately, embarking on a stylish holiday demands you arrive in elegance.

‘The Dream Boat’

Yes, it’s not just a figurative expression and these vessels of glory really exist. Lately, some ships are tailor-made, spoiling people silly as they reap precisely what they demand. From sorting pre-cruise hotels to spa treatments, these types of deals inject the feeling of living several holidays at once.

You can even snag some butler service in your VIP cabin, making requests to your minions as you brood over the Atlantic. There will no doubt be champagne in every corner of the place and hot tubs and pools to drink it in. Ultimately, you shouldn’t be too surprised if your vessel can take on an ice berg.

Another Day, Another Place

Alongside all the top of the line innovations the cruise industry is undertaking, one simple luxury remains; waking up somewhere you weren’t yesterday or even the days before that. In just one sleep, you will be potentially looking at a new place, new scenery or even a new country!

Of course, many voyages anchor at a variety of different ports and disembark their passengers to explore. It’s undeniably a huge luxurious appeal for the cruise holiday, travelling far and wide at no effort of the traveller themselves. With every turn of the sun comes a new language and culture, something that only a cruise would have the luxury of proposing.

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