7 Amazing Tips to Create a Great Travel Movie/Video

7 Amazing Tips to Create a Great Travel Movie/Video

Making travel movies is the best way to relieve trip memories and showcase your video-making skills. The urge to make travel movies motivates many video creators to travel to places they wouldn't have otherwise. The joy of shooting and editing travel videos and sharing them with the world is immaculate.

Travel videos are just as enjoyable to make as they are to watch. Such videos influence millions of people worldwide to travel more and gain new experiences they will cherish for a lifetime.

The engagement rate of travel videos on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms confirms that travel videos are loved by audiences who have different tastes and belong to different age groups.

Now, the idea of making travel videos might sound overwhelming to amateur videographers. But let's not forget that video making is an art meant to be enjoyed.

So, to make your upcoming trips more fruitful and enjoyable while you create a great travel movie or video, follow the seven excellent tips discussed below.

7 Effective Tips To Create A Great Travel Movie/Video

Watch Lots of Content Related to Travel

One can have very average videos despite having amazing video-making skills if they don't spend time exploring videos made by other creators. On the other hand, a person with basic video-making skills can create something out of the box if they spend a good amount of time watching videos by other creators to take inspiration.

Therefore, if you want to improve your skills, watch videos by other creators as much as possible. In fact, it's a terrific idea to watch videos on the location you're traveling to because this way, you get to plan your shots and spend less time on the trip looking for places to shoot.

You will find yourself taking inspiration from the previously watched content and coming up with something unique.

Prepare Your Camera for the Trip Beforehand

Let's be real; time flies faster when you are on a trip, and each moment is precious. Therefore, the time-consuming process of changing settings on your camera is the last thing you'd want to do when you're supposed to go out and enjoy yourself.

It's always recommended to do this part before your trip begins.

Visualize your outcome and make the changes accordingly to get your desired results while on the trip. This will help you later when you sit down with the footage to edit, especially during the color correction and color grading part of the process.

Shoot Wisely

It's always better to shoot more than your expectations while you're on the trip because this way, you get more footage to edit when you're back home. Always shoot more than you planned, and you'll never regret it.

But remember that there's a thin line between shooting wisely and overshooting. Avoid shooting similar clips if you don't want to waste time watching the same content over and over again.

Spending the whole trip shooting for the travel video isn't a good idea either. If you are wondering how to make a movie about the trip and not miss out on anything about the trip simultaneously, plan your day and use the time blocking system to set a specific time when you'll do nothing other than shooting for your travel movie. Several movie makers would help you create a good movie with minimal effort.

Don't forget to enjoy the trip to your heart's content when you're not shooting!

Add Narratives and Suitable Music

Travel videos with narrations are much more engaging because they contain much information about the place. You can talk about your experience during the journey to the destination, the weather, the culture, and so on.

If you're making a vlog-style travel video, talk to the camera about your experiences like you would with your friends and family. If you're talking in the video, show yourself often to make a good impression on your audience.

You can also add voice overs while editing after your trip is over. However, remembering and describing some of the experiences is often hard. Take notes as you shoot to remember key points to avoid that from happening. You can carry a journal and write down all the things you want to mention in the travel video.

Choosing suitable music for your travel movie is as important as the editing part. Music puts the video together and makes it more enjoyable for your audience. Take time to browse and listen to various kinds of music to select the one that blends well with your video, making sure that it is copyright free.

If you have a piece of specific music that you want to use in your travel video, edit the video making sure that it is in proper sync with the music.

Make Sure That Your Shots are Diverse

Making travel videos is a comparatively easy process as it does not need a proper structure or a perfect script to keep the viewers entertained. But going the extra mile to show your skills to the audience will always give you more appraisals.

So, keep on experimenting with the way you shoot your videos. For example, get some shots from a moving car, or try getting a bird's eye view for some shots. This way, your travel movie will stand out from most other travel videos on the internet.

Feature Locals

It's always necessary to make sure that the audiences stay throughout the travel video and enjoy every bit of it.

It's important to invoke human emotion to make your videos more special. Get to know the locals while traveling and feature them in your videos if they permit.

Doing this allows you and your audience to learn more about the place and its people.

Export the Video in High Quality

All your effort for the travel video can go down the drain if its quality isn't good enough. Most of your audiences will click on another video within an instance if they see that the quality of your video is low.

To avoid this, other than shooting in good lighting, remember to export the outcome in high quality.

The exportation process for high-quality videos may be a little time-consuming and take too much space in your device, but all this effort will pay off once you see the video performing as per your expectations.


Travel movies and videos on the internet play a key role in promoting tourism. The videos make the travel locations appealing to the audiences and help them learn about different places and cultures. So, record your trip and turn them into travel movies and videos to help your audiences learn new things and be entertained simultaneously.


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